Nicole Kidman Provided Much-Needed Moral Support for Katie Holmes

    July 11, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Nicole Kidman knowns a thing or two about Tom Cruise. The couple met in 1989 on the set of director Tony Scott’s action/drama “Days of Thunder”, and were married about a year later. However, in February of 2001, a spokesperson for the couple announced their separation, a decision which was finalized in August of that year. Following the split, Kidman famously took to the Late Show with David Letterman, where she announced to everyone with a bendable ear that she could finally wear high heels again. Ouch. Wicked burn.

Kidman has plenty of experience with the ins and outs of being married to someone like Cruise, so it would only make sense that Katie Holmes would look to the actor’s ex-wife for a little moral support. According to celebrity gossip website Hollywood Life, Holmes often turned to Kidman for advice and support throughout their marriage. If anybody has insight into just how crazy and ridiculous Cruise can be, it’s certainly Kidman.

“They’ve spoken over the last few weeks. Nicole has been supportive, saying she’s been through it too and to hang in there,” an anonymous source explained to US Weekly. “They spoke when Nicole called the kids. She knows what it’s like in that freaky house.”

According to reports, the Church of Scientology repeatedly told Kidman’s children that she was a “sociopath”, a fate which Holmes felt would befall Suri. In order to prevent that from happening, she decided to make her escape. Who did she turn to for advice? Nicole Kidman.

“Nicole offered her support and help since she’s been there. She has been a private friend not many people know about. She told Katie her life is great and now she has no regrets,” the source said. Whether there’s any truth to this story remains to be seen.

  • saoud

    She should write a sequel to ‘The Art of War II’ or ‘The Prince II’. If she really did what has been reported she even should run of the presidency, at least she would have a strategy with achievable targets and goals. Definitely better than tweedle dee and tweedle dum (i.e. Romney and Obama)

    • Sigh

      @saoud Every story does not require some reply that includes politics. Geesh. Stay on task please and thank you.

  • http://yahoo liz

    I hope this is just rumor. I’d hate to think Nicole got involved in this mess. She has a new life and loving family. Why get mixed up in this finished business? Isabella is a grown woman now, and Connor is attached to his father and is old enough to have made his decision regarding Scientology. Say it isn’t so, Nic.

    • jay

      If this happened, Nicole was right and should get involved especially if there is/could be mental abuse going on like in a cult (especially to a child). Plus, Katie had to of asked Nicole because Nicole wouldnt intrude like that. There would be too much risk that Katie would tell Tom (if everything was going ok with them). Both ladies are nice and its unfortunate that men try to control women all the time even in this country. Luckly, they were both strong enough to leave and had money. It’s hard to fight back with no money in these situations. Girl Power!!!!!!!

      • Billy Pilgram

        Funny how men are always the bad ones. Women never are controlling, never abuse men, never lie, never cheat, never yell. When in a 12 yr relationship with a woman I found that to be the exact opposite. Maybe I found the one woman in existance that was the exception to every other woman in the world.

        • Brian

          I agree with Billy– and I had the same experience with a horrible, abusive, alcoholic and controlling woman. Funny thing is the female coalition was totally on her side– regardless of the evidence of abuse and lying and adultery on her part. I stayed with it for the children. Anytime I hear a woman go out of her way to bash her soon to be ex I know she’s lying or at least transferring her behavior to him to get validation from other women. Go Tom Go!

          • Jules

            And as for you Brian, staying because of the kids is a crappy excuse, you should have left because of the kids and taken them with you if your home life was so bad – how sad and demoralizing for your kids to be brought up in an unhappy environment – Katie Holmes has not bashed Tom Cruise, just didn’t want her daughter brought up with Scientology. You appear to be second guessing things here and assuming an awful lot as not much has been said against Tom by Katie except, as mentioned, she does not want her daughter brought up in Scientology which would be a valid concern for a lot of people, male or female. Too bad you have such a chip on your shoulder and it seems to have twisted your view of the world to the point where you are misinterpreting so much of what happened.

        • Jules

          Well, Billy it’s unfortunate you were in such a rotten relationship, the point of the story is NOT how men are always the bad ones, in this case, all three of Tom Cruise’s wives have left him, so perhaps it is the problem with this ONE man, not all men. I hope you have chosen better in any other relationship you’ve had since the one you spoke of ended but what took you so long to leave?

  • wondering

    I have always been a fan of Tom Cruise. But after reading articles about him/sciencetoloy, I’m not a fan anymore. Seems his “religion” dictates as to who he is. Very sad that a mother has to “lawyer up” to protect herself and child.

  • http://naturalhandcraftedsoap.com Natural Soaps

    I wont think is true that one!

  • http://yahoo Robbie

    T Thumbs up for both of you because I’ve been through this with my ex-husband! You never know what a person is really like til you marry them! I think it is awesome that Nicole helped Kate….Good Job! Robbie

  • Gloria

    Nicole’s rep has already sent out a complete denial about this story. I can’t even imagine Nicole would get in this mess. She’s a classy lady and has never even bad mouthed TC even though he did her pretty bad. I also know that the above video was just Nicole being funny or at least that’s how I took it. If’s that’s the worse thing she said…good for her. Nothing about this story is true.

  • JoeThePimpernel

    When the current wife colludes with the ex-wife you are truly- and well-screwed.

  • http://yahoo SID

    The story may be be true but I don’t believe it. Most ex’s wouldn’t get involved.

  • Gern

    “Hell hath no fury like a woman scourned”. Tom,Tommy,Tom-tom take a look at the score card it is 2 against 1 (not ON).

  • Kevin

    Katie, Nicole and Mimi all know Tom’s secrets. Scientology is a dangerous cult that needs to be stopped, this is the first step. The IRS needs to audit them and the FBI needs to investigate them for abuse and fraud.

  • Kerry

    Has anyone ever read up on Scientology? It’s the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard. They make people believe that they will not find true happiness unless they donate thousands of dollars to the Church of Scientology. Yes, Scientology needs to be gotten rid of, but Tom Cruise needs a serious slap in the face as well. And anyone else who has fallen into their trap.

  • Kevin

    Katie helped Isabella start talking with Nicole again, Nicole was thankful. Is that so hard to believe? I find it more believable then an Alien religion.

  • Toni

    If Nicole gave Katie a wee bit of advice I say, good for her! It would have been a relief to have someone to confide in while in the intolerable situation Katie was in. Certainly a bit of advice from Nicole (who was blindsided by Tom and the Scientologists) would have been reassuring to Kate. After seeing how Nicole lost custody of her kids, and knowing full well how controlling the Scientology “church” is, Katie needed to know how best to protect herself and Suri. It is a very dangerous cult and I’m proud of her getting her daughter and herself outta there!!! I’ve almost forgiven her for letting Suri run all around town with those stupid “high-heels” for little girls which are so bad for growing little feet and bones!

  • ann

    katie knew who tom cruise was when she meet him and still choose to marry him and have a kid with him, she knew about his (crazy)religion. i don’t feel sorry for here just the child

    • jay

      How would she have known what a wacko Tom is? Is she phychic? Is she supposed to go by what the media said and believe them over what a nice guy Tom was being at the beginning of their relationship? Men are always fake like that in the beginning so it’s really hard to tell until you get married and then they show their true selves. Don’t be so harsh to judge on such small amounts of information because no one really knows anyway so why be so mean to Katie for her bad situation? Women need to stick together more like men do instead of always tearing and putting each other down. No respect for own sex and this is good example of that.

  • brian koch

    Great way to approach marriage, go to the ex-wife for advice and counsel….someone who has already had a falling out, and anomosity, and anger, and pain, and resentment toward the husband/exhusband. Find a friend who can give you honest 3rd party support, compassionate and unblemished by their own crap. A marriage where this exists is definitely doomed.

    • Leigh

      Apparently, any marriage that exists with Tom Cruise in it appears to be doomed!

    • Barb

      It is a great way to approach a divoce, she knows that it is about and she came through that horrible marriage to creepy Tom Cruise beautifully. Today Nicole has the best man in the world, a wonderful family and is happy…..so she is perfect to give advise to Katie. And why would they not be friends, Nicole still has kids that live with Tom, so communication is obvious! And by the way, Nicole is far from angry about Tom, she is more relieved!!! So unless you have met the woman (as I have) dont judge what you do not know Brian.

    • Barb

      PS Brian, listen to Keith Urban’s music, the proof of Nicoles’ heart is submerged into every song that he writes. Are you into to the physco religion of Sientology too?

  • http://yahoo Evelyn Little

    I don’t think Tom Cruise is capable of making anybody happy. He’s too worried about himself.

    • Barb

      I agree, he is certifiable!

  • Donna

    I used to love Tom Cruise. After he took off on several people (Brook Shields and Matt Lauer) with ALL his knowledge and religion, I don’t think much of him any longer. Glad Katie got away and hasn’t ruined her life. Tom needs to hang it up in the marrage dept and not try to put his religion on everyone else.

    • Deborah

      u know soooooooo much. puke on u!

  • Darryl Richarde

    such bull crap !!!! these people have teflon brains and skin , they just move on to the next asshole , man or woman and start the same idiot bs all over again …. just feel sorry for the kids involved !!!!

  • Rob

    o.k. Katie is not an actress and looks completely goofy in everything Ive seen her in. Tom is successful and has millions. So? Who they gonna give their little freak to? The lame Mommie of course! Thats the biggest mistake in the world. Holmes has always been an idiot and she proved that by marrying Cruise. And now Kidman is supporting her? One of the last things Kidman complained about was Toms height? Why is she still with that gay little short peckerless pretty boy drunk fag Keith Urban? Shows you how bright that dumb bit*& is too…. Why is this even news? Theyre going to give the little POS to the MOM, no questions asked. I hope Cruise reams Holmes (Olive Oyl..)

    • vwo

      you’re an indiot…

    • Leslie

      Wow! You sure put a lot of effort into your thoughts and comments on this. Maybe it is bigger news to you than you think. It will be ok. Don’t waste your anger on something that will never be a direct impact on your personal life.

  • Joanne

    Thats not religion. Thats Satin when you sign a contract to join a church. All about the money and power.

    • http://yahoo Marye

      You’re correct. It’s not a church, even a religion. They have had peop;e killed who would talk against them. They recruit thesem “celebs” to make themselves seem legit. Unfortunately, these people do not have much sense of self after being in the limelight for so long so they are easy marks. My girlfriend was one of Ron Hubbard’s wives, and he was totally nuts.

  • GodHasYourBack

    My only question is where do I sign up to provide moral support for Nicole. I want to be there to pick up the pieces of her broken little heart. Signed your average red blooded American Man.

  • http://yahoo Marye

    I knew one of Ron Hubbard’s wives. And, yes, he was “nuts”, too. Why these “celebs” get taken up in this is a mystery. They must not really know themselves to start with. Who, in their right mind would allow themselves or their families to be manipulated like this?