Nicole Kidman Compares Tom Cruise To Keith Urban

    October 9, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Nicole Kidman has been opening up to the press lately about her relationship with her husband, and about her relationship with ex Tom Cruise. Though she rarely talks about her first marriage, she now says that she was painfully shy in those days, but that new husband Keith Urban has helped her come out of her shell.

Kidman says she has always felt uncomfortable on the red carpet, especially posing awkwardly for pictures, and she leaned heavily on Cruise in the early days of their marriage.

“In those early years, it was like, ‘I’m here and I’m clutching onto your arm and it all feels a little overwhelming and really strange,” she said.

Now, she says, she has a huge support system in Urban; the couple have been married six years.

“[Keith] just gave me confidence through just being very kind to me and understanding me, opening me up to trying things, my sexuality, those sort of things.”

In a recent interview, Kidman spoke candidly about marrying so young–at 23–and being thrust into the harsh spotlight that accompanies a star as big as Tom Cruise.

“I got married really fast and really young. But I don’t regret that because it got me Bella and Connor, and I did have a fantastic marriage for a long period. Then when it didn’t work out, I had to really dig deep and find my way through depression, but I have no regrets about all of it. It was all a part of growing up.”

  • http://yahoo Renee

    I think Nicole is the best. Not only is she beautiful but she seems very kind. I so wish her the best in her marriage to Keith Urban, Good luck girl.

  • lorie snyder

    She’s a class act.glad to see her get away from Tom cruise.and Keith urban. They seem so happy together.wish them but well.

    • chatty beegood

      I have never seen a move I like with Tom Cruise. Did everyone forget he left a pregnant Nicole,. and of course she lost the baby, I admire her for being quiet so long.

  • patsy monarrez

    i am so happy for nichole and keith and respect them both very much. I am 72 years young and a total fan of keith. I see all the concerts here in colorado. and absoutely love his music and am so happy Nichole and Keith have each other. nothing but good vibes. Hats off to both of them and their babies.

  • Sharon

    I really respect her ..she have lot of class..

  • Roland

    I completely endorse the sentiments expressed in the comments above, which only encourages me more to be pedantic about the heading. Surely, Nicole Kidman compares Tom Cruise WITH Keith Urban (finding difference), rather than TO (emphasising likeness)?

  • http://yahoo jelizabeth

    Before Keith and Nicole married, you’d read about his going to Starbuck’s in the morning and reading the paper. I have a feeling now he’d rather be in private reading the morning news, never knowing what Nicole will be quoted as saying. I do think that she just strings the media along for laughs occasionally. You go, girl. I read there’s a brain-eating amoeba killing off it’s victims. The media and ladies of ‘the talk’ and ‘view’ are living proof everyone doesn’t die from this.

  • usama

    dear Nicole, I like you very much and i saw most of your works and put your picture on my laptop as a background . I like Tom too and admire him , but if you will excuse me I don’t agree with you in comparing him to your new husband because he was your husband for years and your life with him must be secret between you and him.I will still like, love and admire you and Tom.

  • http://yahoo,com Lonny Greywolf Hurlbut

    i think if a marraiage don’t work so be it why go public with it, it don’t help anyone especially the off springs. so shutup nicole an get a grip

    • michelle

      Typically, you learn how to use punctuation marks in 3rd grade….So I’m guessing your in 2nd?

      • Ben

        Look who’s talking – it is “you’re”, genius