Nicki Minaj Leaving American Idol [RUMOR]

    May 16, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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One week ago, veteran American Idol judge Randy Jackson announced that he will not be returning for the 13th season of the hit network TV show. Jackson was the last remaining of the original three judges on the show, which also included Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell.

Now, it appears that another current judge will not be returning for another year of American Idol.

According to an Us Weekly report, pop star Nicki Minaj will not be returning as a judge in the next season of the show. The report cites an unnamed “insider” as saying Minaj will instead be cutting another album, touring, and accepting endorsements. It was also stated that she had only expected to judge on one season of American Idol.

Minaj’s stint on American Idol has been tinged with scandal. The singer has had a not-so-secret feud with fellow judge Mariah Carey and Minaj last month taunted one of the contestants that had been recently voted off the show via Twitter.

  • Wolfieyes

    really? that is one ugly ass woman who can’t really sing. she got hyped by real singers and got in…but otherwise she should go…the show sucks too…

    • Lance

      I’d still like to have a weekend with her! She’s Bitch’n Hot!

      • Adam

        are you blind or just plain desperate?

    • willy

      going to miss that whiny voice and the fake hair, I am sure she is ready for autotune to help that flat voice.

  • Anonymous

    GOOD! I hope she leaves. I refuse to watch AI while she is a judge.

    • Alicia

      I absolutely refused to watch it because of Mariah (she used to could sing but it sure didn’t make her a good judge on this show. Good ridden to all of them. Now maybe (if they are still on for another season) I’ll watch their final season. The show itself has outlived their time on television. All “good” things must come to an end. N E X T…..

      • willy

        bring back Simon

  • Randy

    That’s no great loss! The only thing she can talk about while giving comments to the contestants is “look at your legs, they’re great”, or “girrl you’re looking good”.
    She is a joke!

  • http://yahoo Madeline


    • Adam

      are you unaware that April Fool’s day has long since passed?

  • Mike

    When I read the title, I was hoping she was just leaving in general. Like leaving Earth and going back to her planet.

  • blen

    talentless waste.

  • Quint

    Glad she is leaving. She is SOOOOO overrated. I bet the viewers return after she leaves.

  • PDR

    Nikki is too damn Ghetto to be on a professional judging people. It’s apparent that she has LOW SELF ESTEEM. Without makeup, she is a very ugly chic & with makeup she’s a 3. She’s a joke and doesn’t deserve a professional spotlight. Grow up Nikki because you’re not Mature enough for a Gig like this.

  • Adam

    THANK GOD! ratchet ignorant hood rat should NEVER have been on the show in the first place! Simon and Paula please come back!

  • pb

    A blessing for all!

  • Jon

    Any judge who does not smile, makes rude comments, does not have the common cortesy to acknowlege her fans deserves to be dumped long before she decides to leave. Good bye. Good Luck. And don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you.

  • cliff

    I hope the rumor is true. She fights with judges and insults contestants. Goodbye Nicki Man-ass.

  • http://Yahoo Tom

    Oh dear Lord. Let us pray that this is true!!!

  • surfcitysocal

    The time she was tardy for the show was when she was done. Unprofessionalism is a career killer.

  • http://yahoo duke

    What a nasty no talent, ghetto, she/man how the F$%K did she/he ever get on any label with that screeching noise that comes out of her big hole under her nose. What is that behind her? Can someone carry that much ass and be able to walk? Rhino!!! That’s a Big Bitch!!!

  • tamica

    Wow,really all u hater can go to hell its barbie bitches and always will be hate all you want but it really wont make a differ becuz we still get money how does it feel to hate and not be on my level hahahaha

  • http://mstrendy.com MsTendy

    Nicki Minaj did bring a lot of drama. I doubt she get invited back.