NFL Taunting: TD’s Could Be Taken Away For Taunting

By: Tobias Roth - November 1, 2013

Well, the league continues to strengthen the rules in a variety of ways, is this really a productive change? The NFL is considering negating touchdowns when there is a taunting penalty involved in the play before the TD is scored. NFL taunting can get aggressive at times, but usually it simply for fun, and this would easily take it too far.

Some players tend to do this as they are entering the end-zone, and other players like Cam Newton and previously Tim Tebow, became famous for the way they celebrated in the end-zone after the play had finished.

The NFL seems to still be okay with post-TD celebrations for now at least, but feel that one needs to get into the end-zone before they start celebrating.

The news to change the NFL taunting rules comes just days after a Seahawks-Rams game, in which a touchdown from Golden Tate would not have counted. On the play, Tate waved to his defender as he marched into the end-zone, and he was penalized, and later fined for the action. The NFL’s head of officiating Dean Blandino has said that he is “sure” that the committee is planning to include the new rule in order to mirror the restriction that is put on players in the NCAA.

College football negates the TD, and includes a 15-yard-penalty from the spot of where the taunting began. That seems a bit extreme for the NFL though, right? These guys are professionals, and maybe some players like Tate will get out of hand sometimes, but it doesn’t seem like the whole league and fans watching should have to suffer because it.

This new NFL taunting rule would be going overboard, after already doing so, since some people have already started calling the NFL the “No Fun League” after certain rule changes that carry penalties and fines along with them. For example, Marshawn Lynch was fined earlier this season for wearing green cleats, and Louis Delmas was fined for wearing the wrong color socks.

What do you think? Should The NFL change the taunting rule? Weigh in with your thoughts.

Most NFL players and coaches would clearly be against the new NFL taunting rule, especially those who like to score a lot of touchdowns, which should be everyone. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, and his wide receiver Golden Tate are clearly not in favor. When asked about changing the taunting rule, Carroll stated “No, I think that’s a terrible thing to do. I think it puts too much pressure on the officials to change the game like that.”

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