NFL Fan Falls To Death Sliding Down Escalator

    August 31, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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An NFL fan, identified as 25-year old Jonathan Kelly, fell five stories to his death last night in Houston during the third quarter of the Texans/Vikings game. Witnesses said he was sliding down the rail of one of the outdoor escalators when he lost his balance.

Officials say Kelly was intoxicated at the time, and some are wondering if there is anything that can be done about the tragic number of falls which occur all too often at sports events. In the past ten years, nine accidents have occurred on sports escalators, and four deaths can be blamed on the victim trying to sit on or slide down a railing. In the wake of some incidents, many ballparks have raised railings for the safety of their patrons, but what can be done about fan behavior? There are no answers forthcoming, but park officials say they are doing what they can to ensure the safety of everyone who visits.

“We make sure they’re not overloaded and we try to operate them in the safest possible manner,” Mark Miller, General Manager of SMG Reliant Park, said of the escalators.

Park officials say they are investigating whether or not any further safety procedures need to be taken.

“We have our procedures in place, the league has a whole comprehensive set of best practices relative to fan behavior and stadium security,” Texans President Jamey Rootes said. “We’ve always been rated at the very highest level … I don’t know that anything changes.”

  • Philco

    We will always have drunks. At least he only killed himself. Should we feel sorry for him? I don’t know.

    • Jake

      Just because he was drunk doesn’t make him a drunk, someone died and that’s sad, you should feel sorry for his family and the people that his death affects

  • Bill

    Some people just can’t drink responsibly. But how do the sports arena’s determine who they are. It’s sad to see such a young person loose there life, because they had to many beers.

  • TJ

    I really need to know if he was a Vikings fan or a Texans fan before I make a conclusion about thinning out the gene pool…..I think these teams should put a limit on how many 12 ounce $9.00 beers one person can consume….or coat the escalator railings with glue so that it would deter would be sliders from trying to beat others to the bottom first…sounds like he won the bet though…..BEATCHA! I’m down first.

  • carl mosconi

    Typical Texan!

    • Roberta

      No, I doubt you’ll be going to hell because you made a correct statement.

      • Roberta

        Sorry, wrong comment to wrong guy.

    • Gary

      What ignorant state due you live in and help drop their IQ?

      • Gary

        that question is for carl mosconi

  • Josh

    Natural Selection. You can only make this world so safe.
    1000 ways to die #539. See you esca-later.

    Now, I’m going to hell.

    • Roberta

      No, I doubt you’ll be going to hell because you made a correct statement.

  • Nathan Fair

    Or maybe instead of changing anything we just accept the fact that stupid behavior is going to end at times in stupid deaths…..

  • Roberta

    Guess we should be happy he wasn’t on the streets driving a car.

  • d

    BOOZE. It’s What’s For Dinner.

  • shaniqua

    Natural selection

  • S Brown

    This is amazing. Don’t get me wrong I truely hate that this happened, this person has a family and friends that will greatly miss him. But he was 25 years old, an “adult”. We try to protect our children from themselves and from doing “stupid”, dangerous things, but there comes a time to accept consequences. Fences and guard rails should not have to be put up everywhere due to a few Not being able to use equipment properly.

  • chelero

    Comments are hilarious! Unfortunately very accurate. Thanks for making my day.

  • Todd

    Clearly this guy was a moron and I have no sympathy for him. Having said that my condolences go out to his family for. There loss and. For there failure to raise their child not to be a dumbass!

    • wolfpride

      Don’t blame the parents for a 25 year old’s irresponsible behavior. There are consequences to EVERY action, every moment of every day. The parents are not responsible for this. The deceased made a mistake that cost him his life. Consequence. End of story.

    • Gary

      Perhaps your parents failed by not instilling a sense of compassion within their son. Not to mention poor punctuation and spelling skills. I really hope that you are a young man and develop a sense of compassion for others even when they did something really stupid.

  • Michael Venning

    Darwinism at its finest. I don’t care what laws you pass or how “safe” you make anything, stupidity and alcohol will overcome them both.

  • andie bsse

    ok quit playing monday morning quarterback!!!! I know smart asses its friday but hopefully you get my point

    • Vinman

      you are all idiots!
      The guy is dead so he paid the full price for a moment in being an idiot. How do you all know he wasn’t an idiot before he was intoxicated for those who think the stadium needs to monitor the $9 beers? None of you know him and you all make these assumptions like you know what is best for this poor bastard. Tell me none of you have never done somthing that was stupid enough were injury or even death could have been a result.
      – driving while texting or speaking on he phone
      – texting while walking in NY
      – getting a BJ while driving or giving a BJ while driving.
      Leave the guy alone, he may have been one of the nicest guy and had a moment of stupidity

  • insgenie

    Oh and I’m positive that his family will sue regardless of whether their son is a DUMBASS

  • Anonymous

    Just another death due to alcohol, I wonder how many that is this year?

  • brandon

    what can be done?? why should anything be done. you can’t fix stupid and that is what these people are in these situations. purely stupid people looking for a laugh or to look cool and irresponsible to others. Ignorance shines when it’s layered with Alcohol.

    • Lori

      Exactly what I was thinking. He may have been a perfectly good, reasonable guy when he was sober, but you add alcohol to the mix and you are going to get bad results. I hope his family does not try to sue Reliant Stadium!

    • http://yahoo jane smith

      A lot of you people are a bunch of cold hearted jerks! Like any of you never did anything stupid! You just happen to luck out and live through it. My heart goes out to this young man’s family.

  • Greg Allen

    More people than that fall in the tub and drown! Really! You have 32 teams paying 16 games with an average of 50,000 in attendance over a period of 10 years and that’s not counting the playoffs. That’s over 250 million people and you have 9 accidents with 4 deaths? The stadiums should be praised for such a track record!

    • Kristine Spindel

      I agree totally on this statement and that is just Football games. They stated at all sporting events which makes the odds even better. And how many of those 9 were intoxicated? I am betting that most if not all were.

  • cool

    I really think they ought to limit the number of beers sold per person and maybe this wouldn’t have happened

    • marc

      no way of inforcing that…most stadiums say two beer limit but you can always just go to anthoer beer stand so its bogus

      • Josh

        I think that a person should be able to regulate how many beers they drink or they deserve what happens to them.

    • John

      That’s b.s. It goes back to the adage “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” Why should you limit other people’s fun when it’s just one idiot who killed himself? There’s nothing to be done. Just don’t be a dumb@$$.

      • http://yahoo jane smith

        You’re Mean!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sure you have never done anything “dumb” in your life, right???? NOT!

        • Jerry

          Jane… STFU!!

  • Fred

    In natural selection, negative selection or purifying selection is the selective removal of alleles that are deleterious. This can result in stabilizing selection through the purging of deleterious variations that arise.

    • mt

      Cut Fred off…..hes had too many!

  • Laura D.

    Darwin – Survival of the fittest.

  • Fred

    What is the saying , Stupid is as Stupid does ?

  • Tron

    That’s why you only slide down an escalator that is one floor high.

  • Mick70

    There will be a lawsuit and someone will get millions. It is the American way.

  • Kenny

    Now the liberals will kick off a campaign to outlaw escalators,stairs are next!

  • sammy

    at least game i can get a ticket with one less fan there

  • http://yahoo Bart

    Whatever happened to being a responible adult,I’ve been to many a sports function and had too many beers but was still responible for my actions ( though many times made an ass of myself ) never hurt myself or anyone else. It’s truly a sad situation.

  • Robert

    first and formost My heart goes out to the family.
    secondly,,theres no way to stop stupid behavor short of not haveing fans at the games.

  • Debbie

    HOW ABOUT PROHIBITING THE SALE OF BEER OR LIQUOR AT ALL MAJOR LEAGUE SPORTING EVENTS !! Children attend these events and these drunk people could very well be driving with these children in thier vehicle !! I know I would not enjoy any event that a bunch of drunk people were acting stupid and crazy !! How could anyone have a good time with drunk people around them carrying on like FOOLS !
    I know about every major beer or liquor manufacturer aare sponsers of major league teams but does that set a good example for our children !

    • ruserious?

      Hey Debbie, how about we bring back prohibition?!? Millions of people drink at sporting events every year with no incidents. How many people die each year in car accidents that don’t involve alcohol? Why don’t we just ban driving?

  • Debbie


    • Bob smith

      That’s right. You can’t possibly protect people from their own stupidity! This is called evolution. He was just weeded out of the gene pool. I hope the fun he was having was worth it.

  • Kevin Simms

    I’d rather have the idiot die on the escalator, then get into his truck and kill an innocent person on the road.

    • Richard_FL

      I agree 100%………although the sad fact is there are those in our society that will continue to fault the facility, the management and everyone and everything other than where the true fault should fall……

      And that is with the moron who put his life at risk by HIS actions………he took the risk and lost……end of discussion.

      People need to learn to be responsible for their actions and not continually look for someone else or something to point to and deflect blame.

  • http://webpronewsletter Ann

    There are people of every age acting like this….they must realize that there are consequences for all behaviors, especially when drinking. Is not age specific !! Poor family and friends.

  • david

    In a nutshell don’t drink and slide.

  • Kristie

    If you’re going to be stupid, you have to be tough!

  • mike

    Sucks for his family. But damn come on why does the NFL have to figure out if anything can be done to prevent accidents like this? It is common sense not to do stupid shit like that.

  • Kelly Mathews

    Another case of not be responsible when drinking. I feel sorry for the guy, his family and friends. Thankfully no one else has hurt. The scary part of the whole thing is that other intoxicated people made it to their vehicles and endangered eveyone on the road, by thinking that they could drive just like he thought he can slide down the railing. I fail to understand why people have to use and abuse others with their comments.

  • wiffy

    Reminds me of Ron White. You can’t teach stupid. Sorry about the death but ……
    I was at a Braves game one year. A fan inexplicably jumped a retaining wall, fell 50 feet to the freeway below. Nice way to end it. Didn’t know what hit him.

    • billy bob

      It’s “you can’t fix stupid”.

      • karl

        Death fixes stupid permanently. but please don’t tell stupid cuz stupid is as stupid does lmao

  • David

    Whenever you go out drinking, you should always have a designated slider.

  • Schultzy0511

    Thinning of the herd.

    • john doe

      He was 25, It may have been too late

  • mikey

    do what they do to stop skateboarders from sliding down the rails. But some speed bumps on the hand rails. Try sliding over one of those and your boys will be singing the blues…………..

  • YourBest

    Don’t worry…..everyone dies eventually.

  • Chuck

    Listen.. you can’t make everything 100% safe from stupid people who do stupid things. Don’t change anything.

  • http://www.webpronews.com odin rossin

    dumb ass

  • john doe

    No beer was abused or wasted in the making of this story

    • Pat

      Well, maybe wasted, not injured. This clown already had stupid working for him, it wasn’t the alcohol’s fault!

  • fishioslady

    It is very simple. the best thing to do is to STOP SELLING Alcohol!!!!! If You don’t want peaople to drink and drive stop selling it at sports events..But then again we know your not going to do that because that is where you get the most of your money..

    • jeff shorey

      It’S not a matter of them selling alcohol or not. It’s a matter of personal responsibility. No one made him drink the alcohol or forced it down his throat. And that’s even if he had bought it inside the stadium. Many, many people drink before hand, sneak alcohol in or just participate in other things before the game. When involving over 50,000 people you can not stop all of them. The NFL and Teams do their best to stop this but you can’t stop it all. I feel unbalanced sliding down an escalator rail that’s only 1 story high, it’s his own stupidity for doing it while intoxicated. I feel sorry for the family and their loss and my sympathy goes out to them but you can’t stop running a business or ruin others enjoyment because of an unfortunate situation

  • D Green

    Man, yeah there is something you can do to make things safer.. stop stupid people from coming to the game…Sorry about anyone getting killed but you just can’t put yourself in that kind of danger.. wow, I scared of heights so that kind of accident I would never get hurt doing…

  • john doe

    Got a song in my head,and i can’t remember it all,
    or who sang it-
    “i’m free, free falling”

    • Heather

      Tom Petty

      • LaZrtx

        Yep, another doper.

      • john doe

        thanx Heather

  • Pablo

    Great; guy earns a Darwin Award and the focus of the article is protecting people from themselves.

    Screw that………….quit sheltering stupid people and we’ll clean up the gene pool.

  • LaZrtx

    More than that die right outside the stadium every night. He wasn’t a season ticket holder anyway.

  • CW

    How ridiculious to think that the statium would need to take any other saftey precations! Adults should not need baby proofing!!

  • Leigh

    Unfortunately, you will have reckless behavior at events regardless of the rules and precautions that may be in place.

  • http://webpronews tom

    My prayers go out to the family. But why is it that we need to protect everyone from hurting themselves. ya can’t fix stupid.

  • wendell

    Hang a safety net on the out side of the escalator

  • Mario

    I think it is so dumb. Why would we need to change the way the stadiums are. Maybe people shouldn’t get drunk to the point of stupidity and try to slide down a rail 5 stories up. I mean, some of the falls were on accident. But this just proves that people are as dumb as they can be. It is irrelevant that the stadium be blamed for this. No one could be there holding his hand the whole entire time. I mean, I am sorry that he died, and my condolences go out to his family. But if he cared more about himself, maybe he would still be here.

    • DJ

      I totally agree with you. Why do we have to further protect those who are doing things they logically should not be doing? If you are going to horseplay on a 40 ft escalator, and the reason you do it is because your judgement is clouded by booze, then no is at fault but the person. Tragic but alcoholism and drugging is a tragedy for this exact reason. people do crazy things and do things that put their life and others in danger.

  • Rob

    Of course, the guy could just have been depressed from having to watch the Vikings in the first place. As a Packer fan, I can understand completely. They’re actually thinking of making the new Vikings stadium one floor only so this doesn’t happen more often. >:)

    • Ben

      You’re so stupid! You damn idiot this happened at the Texans’ stadium. Learn to read you a@$!! LOL

  • zizzled

    I hate drunks. They ALWAYS ruin the party. There seems to be an “Eve” at every party. Eat the apple, the rules change. Get drunk, act stupid, the rules change. Why do drunks always think they are the life of the party. People don’t laugh @drunks b’cuz they are funny, they laugh @the stupidity. My advice: If you wanna get drunk, stay home and get drunk watching the game on tv. You might save a life or two, maybe even your own.

    • slim

      As a patron of Texan games and a tall guy 6’5 escalators and railings are definitely not catored to taller people and i think they should b raised anyways. Not because some folks cant control their alcohol consumption. The rails and escalators come way below my waste and if a drunk bumps into me id have a high chance of being tipped over. Tiiimmmmbbbeeerrr.

  • Debra

    I saw this escalator “sliding” one night on you tube. This guy that got killed probably watched the video and thought he could do it. It doesnt make it right by any means, what a waste of a life.

  • Shannon

    why don’t we promote self-control instead of constantly blaming everyone else. While his death is tragic and didn’t have to happen, he was intoxicated and he made the decision to behave the way he did. At some point, we will need to let people govern themselves and their own common sense rather than continuously blaming everyone around us. He made himself a victim. I wish it hadn’t happened but until common sense becomes a must and we get past these pathetic victim mentality these tragic and unnecessary events will continue. It’s called human nature.

    • Dennis

      Well said Shannon… I’m so tired of the rest of us who do act responsibly having to pay more and even being inconvenienced because of a foolish act of someone else. Sad as his senseless death is and my thoughts go out to his family, I just hope lessons are learned!!!

      • John B.

        I call it thinning the heard. That was an idiot! He did us all a favor, by not making to his car, and killing some inocent people on his way to where stupid people like him hang out!!!

  • Michael

    Perfect! Removed from the Gene Pool!

    • Ginger

      You rock Michael! How about you and I collide together in that Gene Pool?

  • http://ms1.gotdns.com jonny rocket

    I LIKE PIE!1!!

  • sallie

    WHat a stupid trick to play – this might teach others NOT to try it!

  • Rhiana

    ‘com on guys stop calling this guy names and make sarcastic comments, think about his family, drunk or not accidents happens, I’m sure you all have a family, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, etc. and no body is perfect. When is their time, is their time and don’t have to go to the stadium and look for the accident. Accidents can happen anytime/anywhere. Unfortunately it happened. To his family sorry about their lost. Just remember; we’re all here temporally.

    • Priscilla

      He died because of his own drunken stupidity. I feel so sorry for his family and it will not make their hurt any better to say that when it is your time, it is your time.

  • J. E. Crawford

    It is difficult to protect the public from their own stupidity. Should we even try? I think not. No matter what protection is initiated someone will devise a way to overcome it. The escalator is a safe devise when used responsibly. Alchohol is safe when used responsibly. Abuse either and trouble ensues. People ARE responsible for their actions. If the person does not think about the impact of their stunts on their families why should we get all teary eyed about it? Do your best to act responsibly.

    • Priscilla


      • Matt

        Well said. If only people would agree that this same sensibility applies to marijuana I think they could start selling joints at the games instead of brews and there would be fewer fatalities.

    • Belinda Andrews

      WHY should I be denied a nice cold beer at a sporting event because some kid can’t control himself, and does stupid crap…most stupid deaths involve alcohol and some stupid guy (almost always a young male) saying something like “Watch this!” I like beer. I don’t get drunk. You’re probably one of those people who want to outlaw pain killers because people abuse them, resulting in cancer patients having to suffer because they can’t get their medication. It’s called MODERATION. Your reaction is as extreme in one direction as the abuse in the other direction.

      • d reynolds


  • Richard

    I have an idea. Quit over-serving or serving alcoholic beverages at all!

  • nancy

    NO MORE DRINKING AT GAMES IF YOU Have to drink stay home

    • ron

      u r stupid

  • Rob W

    the obvious answer is: Outlaw railings. DUH.

  • Common Sense

    Stupid is as stupid does. Another winning candidate for a Darwin Award.

  • Tuesdae

    I wonder did anyone think of not serving alcohol at the ball games? That might help!

  • Forcemaster2000

    How about not serving alcohol to their patrons? Oh no, that will never happen, that would cut into their huge profit margins!

  • Johnny

    I can’t believe no one thought about putting a wall up instead, how do you go from “He fell to his death” to LETS OUTLAW DRINKING.

    In 10 years, 9 accidents have happened, in which 4 people died. This is not happening daily.

  • A

    i think that they are right about survival of the fittest dont expect ppl to feel bad. is always a young white boy doing some stupid shit that leads to his untimely death. ppl need to raise their children to make wise decisions and be intelligent not ignorant and reckless. and i know cause i see it everyday. its not about race its just the truth

  • http://RealNiggaTalk Nookie nugg

    Moma always say if you gone get drunk do it at home. Not in the streets.

  • sarah

    I know the family personally and think everyone that doesn’t have anything nice to say about Johnathon should just keep their mouths shut. Everyone at some point in life likes to have fun and do crazy stuff. That doesn’t make that person stupid.