Nexus One May Launch In UK Next Week


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More than 15 weeks after the Nexus One launched in the US, it looks like our friends in the UK may finally get an opportunity to buy the Android smartphone.  Late yesterday, a "coming soon" page set up by Vodafone briefly changed to describe the release window as April.

Nexus OneCredit goes to EuroDroid's Gary Cutlack for catching the change, and assuming the update wasn't incorrect, it pretty much guarantees that Nexus One sales will begin sometime in the next week (since April of 2011 is an unlikely release date for a cutting-edge device).

Offering the Nexus One to consumers in the UK would be a big step for Google, too, since it hasn't yet tested its online-only sales model anywhere outside the US.

It might be wise not to expect a whole lot to occur as a result of this development, though, considering how Nexus One sales have disappointed analysts so far.  Also, Google admitted Wednesday that it was more or less giving up on improving the Nexus One's 3G performance, and that won't help move the product.

We'll see what happens.  At least it won't take too long to see how the situation turns out.