Next Xbox To Be Unveiled In April [Rumor]

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Sony kicked off the next generation wars this week when it kind of revealed the PlayStation 4. The company certainly beat Microsoft to the punch, but will Microsoft wait until E3 to show off the next Xbox? Recent rumors suggest that the company will host its own pre-E3 unveiling.

CVG reports Microsoft will be unveiling the next Xbox in April. It would appear that this date was already set in stone before Sony even announced that it would unveiling the PS4 this week. The event reportedly “ruffled some feathers” at Microsoft so expect something big from the company in April. It can’t afford to have a lesser showing than Sony’s if it expects to kick up the hype even further as we head into the next generation of gaming platforms.

Aside from the unveiling reportedly taking place in April, the ever vigilant folks at NeoGAF have found that a Microsoft partner has registered the XboxEvent.com domain for this year. The partner, U.S. techs, worked with Microsoft on its E3 press conference from last year. As expected, there’s nothing at the URL just yet, but it does mean that Microsoft is planning something soon.

If the unveiling does happen in April, what can we expect from Microsoft? Something very similar to Sony’s press conference, but with perhaps more of a focus on the services and hardware. That includes a major focus on the next generation Kinect, which has been the subject of countless rumors thus far. As far as games, I wouldn’t expect much from Microsoft at the unveiling event.

If both platform holders show off the hardware before June, E3 2013 is going to be very interesting. The press usually assigns winners in a year of new hardware to who has the best hardware, but this year may be focused solely on the games. Sony better bring its stable of quality first-party content because Microsoft will undoubtedly have some major reveals from third parties, perhaps even including the next Call of Duty running on next generation hardware.

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Next Xbox To Be Unveiled In April [Rumor]
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  • Dr.raspberry

    this system is going to be sick i cant wait for it

  • P.Calaveras

    The controller is the only thing I care about at this point. If they don’t completely redesign the controller or at least allow a third party to do it for them, why bother buying a new console. I’m a PC and XBox gamer because half the people I know play XBox. The controllers for XBox and PS suck. I pity console players for they no not what they have never had.

  • http://www.rockinrollinvideogameparty.com/businessopportunity/ Rockin’ Rollin’ Video Game Party

    We’re looking forward to adding the new Xbox to our Mobile Video Game Theaters. Kid’s always want the latest and greatest. As long as it will still system link 16 gamers at a time on Halo 4 we will be happy.

    Dana Gainer
    Owner/Game Coach

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