Newborn Left On Beach Rescued By Passerby

    April 30, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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A newborn baby girl was found naked and crying in the sand on a beach in Honolulu on Sunday, having just been born possibly moments earlier.

The baby was discovered by a woman who had just arrived at the beach and heard screaming down by the water. As she got closer, the screaming stopped and she could hear a baby crying, but there was no one else around. The infant was taken to the hospital, where she was closely examined and declared healthy at 8 pounds, but as of now no one has come forward to claim her. According to Hawaii law, prosecution can be avoided if an infant is left in the care of a hospital or with fire/police services. Since the baby was left on the beach, officials are investigating and will prosecute if the mother is found.

If the child isn’t claimed within a week, the Department of Human Services will file a petition to ask for custody and will eventually release a photo of her in the hopes that family will come forward.

  • judy

    Whoever you are, you callous coward, keep your damned legs closed. so that you don’t do this to another helpless human being. Did you mean for the watery grave for this child? Shame on you is too easy a term to use on a potential murderer. Thank GOD for the woman who happened along to save this child.

    • Mindalina

      I agree Judy! Absolutely pathetic!

  • Jennifer

    It’s just sad, really. There are SO many people that want a child, and for whatever reason, can’t have one naturally. OR, they have been trying for years to acquire a child by adoption. Why do this when there are so many people more than willing to take care of your baby for the rest of his/her life? Makes no sense to me. Thank heaven someone found the little angel!

  • http://yahoo.com amberbanay

    How is family gonna be able to identify the baby if it was just born?? Whoever did this is selfish and I hope they don’t have another child. I love my son forever and am glad I kept him. 11 yrs old today baby!!! :)

  • Lesil

    How quick we are to judge. It was an awful thing to leave this baby on a beach. She could have left the baby at a hospital, etc. HOWEVER, what if the mother is a child herself? What if it was a woman raped and left pregnant by the rapist? What if the woman is a victim of sex trafficing and she was forced to leave her baby by her pimp? Without knowing her circumstances, we have taken the place of God and condemned her.

    • Mindalina

      None of your circumstances justify ANYONE leaving a helpless newborn child alone and abandoned on a beach!