New Yelp Metrics Improve Its Use For Business

    March 27, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Yelp is one of the better social media services for small businesses that want to track how their brand is doing out in the real world. The site has introduced some new metrics that makes the site even more attractive to small business owners.

Announced today on the Yelp blog, the new “User Views” graph displays the traffic that your unique Yelp page is generating. The new metric also allows business owners to track traffic over a period of 30 days, 12 months and 24 months. Even better, the service also shows businesses how many times they showed up in Yelp search results over the past 30 days.

Yelp Metrics Improve Its Use For Business

The new metrics also track how users are interacting with your business. Under a new section called “User Actions,” it tracks how many mobile check-ins and calls were made to your business. On top of that, it tracks how many clicks were made to your Web site from Yelp as well as how many people called your business through the Yelp app. Other tracking features include the number of user uploaded photos, how many times users got directions and the number of Yelp bookmarks.

Yelp Metrics Improve Its Use For Business

If you want to take advantage of these new features, you can sign up for a Yelp business listing. This allows your business to have a special page on Yelp that helps drive traffic to your Web site and hopefully your business itself.

  • jehova

    YELP in HELL!
    We pray to The LORD that YELP EXTORTION continues to be exposed in the media, blogs and Courts! YELP manipulation (algorithm) of reviews for a $ is extortion! Our LORD will show no mercy for all the damage and EXTORTION they have inflicted upon small business owners and the children they support. If you or your family own a small business, DO NOT PAY any extorsion fees to YELP. The word is out – In 2011, Yelp lost $16.7 million with revenue of $83.3 million. YELP and Jeremy Stoppelman are a brood of snakes and scorpions and deserve to BURN ALIVE for their lies, extortion, and slander.
    If you have been damaged by YELP – PRAY PSALMS 119 FOR THEIR DESTRUCTION! Say five times: “Archangel Gabriel destroy YELP Now!”
    YELP WILL BE BANKRUPT SOON! ALL PRAISE TO YHWH! The Righteous, Just and Almighty LORD of man and earth!

    • Andrew Shuster

      I couldn’t agree more. Yelp is a bad joke that is currently hurting hundreds of thousands of businesses across this country with their extortion. Yelp allows slanderous reviews, of which many are phony,to be placed on a particular business site and then hide any good reviews until that business pays yelp $400/month to buy their advertising.