New Trailer Shows Remember Me Really is a Capcom Game

    January 8, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Remember Me is still more than four months away from release, but the title has already been picked apart by science fiction fans since its debut at Gamescom last year. As one of the vanguard in a coming cyberpunk video game revival, Dontnod is under a lot of pressure to deliver a fun experience that can hold up when compared with games such as 2011’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Today, a new trailer for Remember Me hit the internet. It shows a few new characters other than the protagonist, Nilin, which is nice. Also, it shows a setting that appears to be a cross between Perfect Dark and Blade Runner.

The most interesting thing about the trailer, though, is how Capcom-y it makes the game seem. Dontnod is based in Paris, so it might have been expected that Remember Me‘s s style would resemble that of other French developers, such as Ubisoft. However, Capcom games (think Resident Evil or Devil May Cry) have a certain grandiosity and silliness about them, not to mention over-the-top villains. The massive boss battle between Kid Xmas and Nilin previewed in the trailer is pure Capcom.

So, if Remember Me won’t be as serious as the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077, that’s ok – but only as long as Capcom makes sure the fighting system in the game is well-polished.

  • Andrew

    Dontnod is making the game, hopefully Capcom won’t have any hold on the game aside from where and how much are produced. I was into the battle, but generally publishers do trailers and advertisements if I am not mistaken, so maybe it was Capcom’s fault? Maybe Dontnod? I am just glad this game is taking a new idea of melee-focus and a pretty looking cyberpunk system, it really does look good and I am hoping it will bring a good return to the cyberpunk setting in gaming.