New Mars Photos Coming Later This Week; Bigger, and in Color

    August 6, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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UPDATE: NASA has released the first video of the descent.

Since the Curiosity rover landed safely on the surface of Mars earlier today, we’ve only been treated to a few black and white photos from the rover’s rear Hazcam. Of course, “only” kind of sells it short, and simply is relative to what’s coming. The few images that we’ve received up to this point are amazing in their own right, but NASA says that bigger, better photos are on the way.

The Curiosity rover is equipped to transmit better quality images – just as soon as the rover’s mast is deployed (it contains the high-res cameras). The official Twitter account of the rover says that later this week, we’ll start seeing “bigger, color pictures” from the surface of the Red Planet.

But for now, here are some of the images that the Curiosity rover has sent back to an awestruck public:

“The cameras are looking directly into the sun, so the top of the image is saturated. Looking straight into the sun does not harm the cameras. The lines across the top are an artifact called “blooming” that occurs in the camera’s detector because of the saturation,” says the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL).

The rover’s shadow:

And be sure to check out the amazing photo snapped by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter of the rover descending via parachute.

The journey to Mars for the 1,982-pound Curiosity rover took nine months. Its two-year mission involves investigation through image captures and the analysis of soil, rock, and atmospheric samples.

  • Bill

    This is very exciting!
    Rove on Curiosity!!!

  • randyf

    The ingeinuity and courage of science never ceases to amaze me. Mars? I want to go to there!

  • http://AudreySchulzHorses.com Audrey Schulz

    What a great achievement! The NASA team can take pride in a splendid accomplishmnert! One can only imagine their feelings of suspense while their efforts were yet unfolding. The world will now follow Curiosity’s movements and pictures for sometime. The novelty of it will diminish for most, but we can count on our NASA people to work hard in order to learn the maximum possible from this exciting exploration. Thank you all.

  • Dick

    These are going to be some expensive pictures. I don’t see how it worth 2 Billion when we are cutting back so much and people are losing their jobs and those that are out of work. I guess Obama and the other politicians thinks it OK. After all, they have already has become a millionaires since going to Washington.

    • CLOWN

      Dick’s a dick

    • mace

      Uh Dick. Not sure where you got 2 billion but you’re way high. And maybe if we all quit whining and worked as efficiently as these NASA scientists and engineers do, our problems would go away. Take control of your life, pal.

      • Colonel Klink

        I believe it was 2 1/2 billion.
        This was money well spend for it gave people jobs so they could spent money, perpetuate education for their children, put new technology at our doorsteps, give pride to American technology and also some French input which helped with cameras,laser technology, etc.

        BTW Dick, why don’t don’t you complain about the fact that we are forced to put ethanol in our car tanks which ruins the motors, seals and drops performance– giving less mpg. Now that corn will go up in price after the horrid weather, we will compete with animal fodder and super markets for food too. In the men time the lobbyists and farmers are crying all the way to the bank. This you should complain about.

    • sees

      good thing you don’t make the decisions…

  • http://TheMoon yadawg11

    “We Landed on the moon!” – Lloyd Christmas

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/josh-wolford Josh Wolford




  • D Lancaster

    Putting the rover on Mars is not nearly expensive as Michelle Obama’s
    trips on Air Force One. After Nov. she will be flying commercial.

    • willenium

      haha amen!

    • tom lilly

      That dried out look of Mars as of 6Aug2012,is the way planet earth will look to a Martian at the end of Romney’s first term

    • Colonel Klink

      Silly boy…

      • Glenn

        It already looks like that, now, near the end of Obama’s last term.
        Oh Boy American Messed-up Again.

  • Braggart

    Hope you all realize there was no “real footage” of any landing shown. these are all pre created CGI images of what a landing “could” possibly look like, all you saw was a room full people wearing blue shirts, the rest was a cartoon. Feels like a Hoax so far, it did not happen.


      BRAGGART, You need therapy.

      • Tim

        It is so sad that these ignorant conspiracy people are allowed to post their “thoughts”…I guess every village needs or has an idiot…

        • Braggart

          TIM…Im selling property on the moon, you seem like a quailified buyer and good candidate for this great opportunity.

          • Seems Legit

            You genuinely believe the nonsense you are spewing here? Of course the footage of the landing was a CGI interpretation, that part was supposedly obvious. These photos, however, are not fake.

          • Kuryus

            So you have 2 black and white photos of what exactly? what indicators in these pictures make you feel they came from Mars lol?

          • Braggart

            Ha ha ha Sheep!… just use a little objectivity and it will be clear that NASA has not presented anything to the public. Yet, you already believe so strongly, Sheep…snap out of it and think before you just follow the herd.

      • Braggart

        Doug… the simulation video is not a secret, here is the link to NASAs mars landing simulation.


    • Jo Anne Roberts

      I was on 4loot and clicked on the first link posted there about curiosity. It showed the landing. it was the very first pic. Curiosity took. It showed the heat shield blowing off as it landed and lasted about 40 sec. Oh.. it’s real alright!

    • Jo Anne Roberts

      new Mars photo

  • http://imapweather.com/ Wayne

    There’s a new shadow on Mars.

    • Braggart

      looks like a shopping cart in a dirt parking lot.

  • scott

    I hope they let congresswoman sheila jackson lee know about this. She’ll want to see if they’ll take pictures of the flag the astronauts planted when they went to mars.

    • Glenn

      Didn’t I see you working at McDonald’s?

  • http://NASA.GOV Charles Darwin

    i worked on this project @ NASA, this is a fake landing. so sad ppl cant, or rather wont, noticed the obvious fakery done within this and most, if not all pictures of any moon/mars landing…..social webinar is CARAZY!

    • Seems Legit

      You sir, are the worst ‘troll’ ever.

  • bobcarazy26

    Life DOES exist there. This rover will porve it. May our New Martian Overloards have Mercy on our souls.

  • Martin

    “analyzation”? surely the noun from “analyze” is “analysis”.

  • ron c

    I don’t care IF there was/is live on Mars, I whish to know IF live can live on Mars, NOW. Today. Can it be mined ? Can we use it as a stepping stone to the other planets ? What resources are there to be had. The science is COOL ,but the commercial value is what will unlock/set the stage for more exploration.IMHO Mars makes more sense than asteroid mining.

  • Alex NYC

    if this is the final quantity and quality of pictures from the 3 billion dollar project, I will support any “conspiracy” or alternative deep analysis theory there is.

    • Kyran

      Please learn to read. The article clearly states that Curiosity had been equipped with high-res cameras which are not yet in use. The photos shown are form the ‘HazCam’.

      • Kyran



  • Seems Legit

    I can see why so many conspiracy fanatics have swarmed here, it is simply mind-blowing. I think I speak for many others when I say I am anxiously awaiting the high-resolution photos to come.

  • Bklyn5

    To D Lancaster: Why do people always tie the President and his wife to every new story? We should launch you people to Mars so that you all can hate amongst yourselves. You people are crazy…