New Border Fence Planned For Arizona

    August 27, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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A legislative committee for the state of Arizona wants to go ahead with plans to build a 200-mile fence along its border with Mexico. According to a report from the Phoenix newspaper the Arizona Republic, the Joint Border-Security Advisory Committee has only raised 10% of the $2.8 million needed for the full length of the fence. Still, legislators want to begin construction sometime this year and then hope that donations begin pouring in.

The committee, which is made up of Republican legislators, county sheriffs, and state department officials, was created by the Arizona legislature in 2010. The goal of the committee was to make recommendations to the governor about border security, but it has not yet provided any recommendations. It has been fundraising for the border fence project, though, and it has raised over $273,000. The committee is speaking with construction companies about beginning the project and possibly using inmate labor.

Though the committee has not made any recommendations, it does hear testimony from border security experts and has visited the border twice, according to the Republic. The committee has also set up a rudimentary website that has a presentation on the proposed border fence, as well as a page where donations can be made. Al Melvin, Arizona state senator and co-chair of the committee, also stars in a YouTube video introduction for the committee, in which he asks for donations to the border fence fund:

  • larry

    Make sure and electrify it also.

  • freddie

    I would add several claymore mines and other mines too.

    • parsons

      Make sure it is surrounded by a ditch filled with water and HUNGRY crocodiles from the jungles of africa!

  • harold iversen

    Its one of the best ideas I have read yet,they have to add one more thing ELECTRIC.

  • DD

    i’m sure you meant to state that the proposed cost of the fence is $2.8 BILLION – with a ‘B’, not $2.8 million

    • corin

      this is just a busines for whoever will build the Fence. Whos is the winner in this project??? The builder who may be Gov relative, NO?

  • jb9494

    it’s about time–get it done!!!

  • Al

    Go for it;
    Dig the moat and fill it with the over crowded Alligators from Florida and put the excess dirt you remove from the moat in New Orleans to try to help it get above sea level.

  • http://Yahoo Stan

    It’s about time. Maybe now we will keep the wetbacks out of Arizona. Now if we can get the other border states on board the illegal problem will start to deminish….

  • ed

    what about the dom replubic,el salvador,peruvians etc etc etc etc

  • nnn

    ill be sure to invest in ladders

  • border shopper

    lol you do realize that this is free material for Mexicans right? and for claymores and explosives, wasn’t that fast and furious program enough of a freebee? why not spend that money on our homeless or our vets or schools?

  • corin

    money, money money for the Builder, who can be a relative of whoever propose the fence, money, money, money hey M.f.h.l.h.f

  • Mr. V

    The cost reported is incorrect. You can’t construct a security fence like the one stated for $2.65 per foot. Or the 200 mile quote is incorrect.

    • Anthony

      That’s because they’re going to use illegals to build it. It’s a lot cheaper that way!!!

  • les cheap

    Get er done. take the pressure of joe arpio.We got a new guy
    running for top cop in Pima county. He’ll like the good news.

  • mark

    What is wrong with this approach. Let’s see it will certainly limit criminals and drugs from Mexico coming over the border to the U.S. and will certainly reduce drug money and weapons from going from the U.S. to Mexico, that would be horrible would’nt it. Also, I recommend a fence along the entire border coupled with low flying drones flying 24/7 along the fence/border that can immediately identify anyone attempting to cross and appropriate border patrol agents can therefore be immediately be dispatched to that area. Probably would be able to cut back on thousands of border patrol agents (though that is not the intent of this recommendation) and reasonably secure our southern border with Mexico.

  • Mike Donahue

    Cheap price to pay for border security.

  • Mark

    Build a double fence with prison style guard towers every 200 yards or so right in between the 2 fences. Anything that moves in side those fences gets shot dead by the guys in the towers. With the drug traffic Gun running Illegal Immigration and the rest of the crime that goes on around the border we have to make some hard choices.

  • Katherine Jacobs

    I was born & grew up in Az, but since the “crazies” took over, i.e. Gov Jan, Joe, & the rest I’m embarrassed to admit it. Anyone who thinks a 200 mi fence is going to do any good, or who contributes money to this stupid idea is as big a fool as the people who came up with the idea. BTW the border crossings of those Mexicans who came to work in the US has gone down to practically nothing as the economy is so bad here they’re better off in Mex & they know it!

    • Doug

      You have got to be out of your mind. The illegal aliens get benefits that they have never heard of in Mexico. Do you have a Jewish professor ?

  • LMiller

    I live in NJ. How can I donate???

    • JC

      I live in Nebraska. How can I donate?

  • JC

    Can we make it an ELECTRIC FENCE?!

  • lbp

    Can you say Maginot Line?

  • Dee

    A fence is not enough considering there are already thousands of TUNNELS! Solution: Take all social services away from illegals, including medical in our ERs and hospitals, and use the monies to build not only a fence but then bring our troops home and use them to guard our borders. Include surveillance drones that can sense warm bodies going through tunnels and you have the beginnings of control.

  • Matthew

    I have a better idea! just approve the True American Law!!!! That’s where you walk up to someone and say do you have a social security card? they say yes you shake their hand and walk away. they say no habla or no or some bs bueno crap pull out your gun and blow their Fukcing head off!!!! end of illegal problem right there.

    • YeahRytt

      Idiotic, redneck racist drivel pulled out of your ignorant inbred anus won’t solve the problem, pal. Suppose they speak French? Or German? It’s funny how morons always have an infantile solution to a complex issue–usually violent— but lack the balls to carry it out.

  • El heffe

    nI live in California and what Mexican America people say to me(The 1`s who`s parents are illegal but there not) is California was apart of Mexico…yeah and you sold it ! The other thing is when you leave your country..why turn whole neighbor hoods into barrios…isn`t that one of the reasons you left? Mexicans are very ungrateful and disrespectful to the US and our ways of life our freedoms and liberties! If Mexico is so much better why not just stay there ? I`ll tell you why… cause leeching off our constitution is way easier than fighting for what you believe in !! The white man is the Mexican daddy..& Im only half white..but the facts of the matter is Mexicans (Illegals) you have NO RIGHTS..Just like a American citizen has no rights in Mexico !! The fact is so many have used our own services that the very services that were meant for Americans are now failing !! Build the wall and challenge the constitution that just because you crossed the border your children are not American !!!

    • Tu Heffe

      Dear half-breed, you need to learn to write your own language. You need to learn your own history. You need to learn your own constitution.

  • Jim

    It is a great idea. It will not solve the problem, but it is a start. I am so tired of paying into Welfare, Soc Sec, and how many other government programs and then having to fight to receive benefits for what I have paid for, then to see someone walk into the country and get everything handed to them. that is total BS. If they take 5% of the money they spend on the benefits that are provided to illegals, they could be the fence and the country would show a net gain. If your parents aren’t citizens then your not. Just being born here doesn’t make you a citizen.

  • kristen

    they should big down 2-4 mile to start the fence and it should stretch the length between Mexico and the great U.S.A!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe

    A fence and REAL border guards WILL WORK! Renenber the Berlin wall? Remember the Russian border guards? That wall and those guards were for real!

    It really puzzles me why the US border patrol has their roadblocks set up 20 to 40 miles INSIDE America???? Why is that????

    Why do we waste (yeah WASTE) people and resources that can’t, don’t, won’t do the job of stopping these intruders?

    Just build two eight foot high chain link fences along the birder, 200 feet apart and hunting platforms every 300 yards apart and man the border with some old veterans armed with whatever they can bring to the game. This old $*&$#^%* would vome to a halt in a flash!.

    Oh yeah, it’s because they “profile” those moving north. Why can’t they profile me instead of making me wait, leabe stuff at home, get zapped with penetrating whatevers …. just because I’m going to fly on an airplane?

    • buffness

      America was founded as the land of opportunity. It was fought for, built and created by immigrates. Now people come to the USA with hopes and dreams of a better life. Same as the settlers who built this country and we deny them, in the present!? Instead of being angry because the housekeeping and lawn mowing jobs are being filled. Get an education and become a computer programmer, chemist, or doctor. Let anyone in who wants to be here work and pay taxes. Let the whiners and lazy collect unemployment.