New 'Assassin's Creed IV' Shows Off Open-World Caribbean Exploration


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Recent videos for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag have focused on the game's pirating gameplay, particularly sea battles between ships. However, one core aspect of pirating has been missing: the freedom of the wide-open sea.

Today Ubisoft released a video designed to demonstrate just how large Black Flag's West Indies setting is. Players will get to explore Cuba; segments of Florida and the Bahamas; and all of the Caribbean waters in-between. In addition to attacking and boarding ships, players will be able to hire a crew to do some rum-running, find hidden upgrade items throughout the map, and explore desolate Mayan ruins. Players can also have Edward Kenway get drunk at taverns, just like real pirates.

The video is narrated by Black Flag Game Director Ashraf Ismail, who goes over all the new features included in the game. Sea battles aren't left out completely, though, and the various weapon upgrades available for player ships are all previewed in the video.