New Apple TV Could Launch As Early As Next Month [Report]


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Just yesterday, we heard reports that Apple would be pushing an Apple TV software update alongside its planned iOS 7 update on September 18. Now it appears that some new Apple TV hardware might be headed our way as well.

TechCrunch columnist MG Siegler teased on Twitter last night that Apple would have some new Apple TV hardware ready to show in October:

If he's right, Apple will probably unveil the new Apple TV hardware at the same event that it's rumored to reveal the new iPad and iPad Mini. With both devices sharing the same event, Apple could also be using it to announce some new sharing capabilities between the iPad and Apple TV.

If the report form yesterday was on the money, we already know that next week's rumored Apple TV update will add the ability to stream content to an Apple TV that's not yours via AirPlay. With the new Apple TV, the company might add even more sharing functionality between its devices.

Like always, the reports of a new Apple TV cause some to think that Apple will finally unveil a proper HDTV set. The persistent rumors show no sign of letting up, and each new Apple TV rumor just adds more fuel to the fire. If a new Apple TV is to be shown next month, however, you'd best not get your hopes up. The latest Apple HDTV rumor says that we're not getting a proper TV from the Cupertino-based company until at least the first half of 2014.

Still, a new Apple TV set top box is exciting news for those who have been waiting for a new model since the model released earlier this year was merely a minor revision to the Apple TV released in 2012. With its latest hardware update, Apple may have the power necessary to push even better content to consumers' TVs.

[Image: Apple] [h/t: 9to5Mac]