Netflix Tattoo Scores Guy Free 1-Year Subscription

    March 8, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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How much would it take for you to get a Netflix tattoo? Would you do it for a free year’s worth of the service?

If you think you love Netflix and their selection of streaming offerings, you don’t. Unless you’ve permanently inked the name “Netflix” on your body, you don’t really love Netflix. Yes, I know you watched all of House of Cards in three days. You still don’t really love Netflix.

Twitter user @TheRealMyron does. He loves Netflix a lot. TheRealMyron got a Netflix tattoo, and for his troubles received a free year of Netflix.

In case you were wondering, Netflix didn’t ask this guy to get a tatto in order to receive a free year. He just did it to show his love, tweeted the photo @Netflix and they responded with the offer. Social media done right? I guess?

Netflix’s streaming-only plan is $7.99 a month – so that means that TheRealMyron was awarded a prize worth $95.88 for his troubles. If Netflix decided to throw in unlimited DVDs too, that’s $191.76. And if they bumped him up to the Blu-Ray option, it means that his tattoo netted him $215.76

Worth it!

  • Devlant

    $100-200 to get a company’s logo as a tattoo? Given the fact that I’d be stuck with the tattoo for the rest of my life (or worse, have to pay to have it removed), I don’t think it’s worth it at all. Even raising the number by adding a couple of 0s to the end seems like a waste.

  • http://thepanelvan.blogspot.com X

    That is dumb. A tattoo would cost a significant amount, mind you. It is not as if he got it for free. This is obviously a marketing ploy in one fashion. On one end. It is obvious that he likely a marketing or business major, given his attempt for employment. Lets say things how they are, ladies and gentlemen.

    • Ash

      He could’ve had a friend do the tat, my brother did one of mine for free.

    • http://zynga clay

      would be willing to bet it was free. whoever did it did a horrible job. as a guy with tattoos that one is horrible

  • seth

    he could have just done 12 free trials for free… just keep canceling your debt card and get another free trial

  • I, J

    “Netflix Tattoo Scores Guy Free 1-Year Subscription”

    That’s it?

  • Andrew

    That is so foolish. You never know what can happend years down the road to a buisness. Ask the man who got a BlockBuster Tattoo.

    • King

      or the guy with the Enron tattoo lol

  • darkk3nn

    Dude got one year of netflix for a tattoo he will have forever…. Seems logical.

  • Cameronius

    I offered to get a music equipment company’s logo tattooed on me for a partial sponsorship (a box of free instrument cables) – they didn’t even respond.

  • alan

    Nice. Netfix is about $8 dollars a month. Multiply that by 12 months. His Stupidity is worth $96…..

    • alan


      • cesar

        and his tattoo was worth about $200

  • ben dover

    what an ass. ink forever….one year free. netflix must be jews,

  • alan


    • Dan

      I agree should be lifetime sub until it is removed.

  • Captain Hindsight

    Tattoos in general are bad ideas. They’re a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.

    • john

      u r outta ur fucking mind…how dare you say that the art on our body is a temp bad feeling….most tattoos remind people of the good things in life…like when i tattooed the dates of my brothers birth an death on my back….or when i served this beloved country in the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS…..protecting ur single minded ass…..how dare you…..

      • Dan

        He sad Tattoos in general are a bad idea. He did not say tattoos are bad just a bad idea. It is permanent and it is a feeling you get mentally that makes you get one. Your body is not aching in pain wanting one. I have one and regret getting it years later.

  • Julie

    This is great. I LUV Netflix.

  • anndri

    A year free subscriber? He could always coup and sower getting it removed. 10 years and maintenance payouts is more like it

  • David R

    Should be a lifetime subscription to put that stupid shit on your body. LOL

  • http://zynga clay

    It looks like it was done in a college dorm room. looks horrible. ink is really light colored. hope he did not pay for it

  • Allan

    I subscribe to netflix and I am disappointed with how slow it works and it keeps showing me what I have already watched and very little updating I have watched near all the available listings and get very few if any updates when I run out of things to watch I will most likely quit / unsubscribe from netflix.

    • Josh

      Then quit and upgrade your internet/router so it works faster then stop bitching about it on the internet

      • Dave

        Josh is right. My Netflix works perfectly fine. Stop blaming companies for your shitty internet service. You don’t like it, switch to something faster. It’s not rocket science. Slow internet = slow service. But I guess it’s always the company’s fault for your inability to get fast, reliable internet service.

  • http://YAHOO TROY


  • Billy

    @TheRealMyron that should be changed to @ARealMoron.

  • Les Moore

    It’s kinda hard to tell…is that tattoo on his face or his rear end?