Netflix Originals Viewed By 7 In 10 [Report]

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Centris Marketing Science released some research indicating that seven in ten Netflix subscribers watch the company's original programming to some extent.

The popularity of Netflix's original content has always been something of a mystery beyond the little clues Netflix has provided from time to time, and this is certainly not official, but it does suggest that there's a pretty good deal of interest in what Netflix is stamping its name on.

"Netflix is notoriously cagey when it comes to sharing viewership data for its original shows," the report says. "To shed light upon this topic, the Centris Evolution of Video Tracking Survey has been asking Netflix subscribers about their viewing of original programming since Q1 2014. Netflix’s investment in original content seems to be paying off. Most subscribers have watched at least some original programming. Social media buzz, including that around Emmy nominations and awards received, could also be having an impact; viewership of original programming overall appears to have increased over the past six months."

According to Centris, viewing of Netflix Original content has increased since Q1 to reach that seven in ten figure.

"Although Netflix originals viewership continues to be most common among Millennials, viewing is up across age groups," Centris notes. "As of Q3 2014, even in the 55+ age group, the majority have watched original programming on Netflix."

Netflix recently made an adjustment to its search feature, which enables you to search specifically for Netflix Originals.

Nielsen will soon start measuring viewing on Netflix, though this information will only be available to the content providers.

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