Netflix Changes Account Management Page

    August 24, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Netflix announced an update to its account management page for customers in the U.S. The change, the company says, will make it easier to individually manage your streaming and DVD plan choices.

Don’t worry. There’s no Qwickster-like madness coming with the change.

“Outside of the Your Account page, the Netflix experience is unchanged, with prices for both streaming and DVD plans remaining the same,” says Netflix Senior Manager, Product Innovation, Eddy Wu. “All Netflix members, whether they have streaming and/or DVD service, will continue to have one website, one email and password, and one destination for managing their account.”

You will only see a change to your bill if you currently have a streaming-only plan or a DVD-only plan and later add the other service. At that point, you’ll see separate charges for the two plans.

Netflix says you’ll start to see the change over the next month, though on a support page, it says the new Account Management page went live on Thursday. I guess it will take some time to roll out to everyone.

Further details of what has actually changed are kind of sketchy. Here’s the support page Netflix references.

  • http://www.well.com/user/edelsont/ Tom Edelson

    I had a problem this morning which, I suspect, is related to this change. I’m a Netflix DVD-only customer, and this morning, I found that I couldn’t log in to my Netflix account. I got an error page from Firefox which said something like “Firefox has detected that the server is trying to redirect this request in a way which will never complete.”

    Something else that may be relevant: Netflix is the one site where I usually close the page without signing off (only on my home computer, of course).

    The problem went away when I told Firefox to clear cookies left by Netflix. After that I saw the behavior I’m used to.

    This may be a one-time problem currently being faced by all Netflix DVD-only customers. That is, it may be that each such person will have to clear cookies once, and after that things will be normal.

    At least until Netflix really fixes the problem at their end ….

  • Theresa Walsh

    Help…I cannot get into my account queue since this change???

  • http://Netflix Elva Ferrari

    I can’t get into my account. Get message saying : safari cannot open page because too many redirects occurred.

  • atanu saha

    change my password

  • jacsiris@yahoo.com