Nearly Nude Driver: DWI Issued After Crash

    January 21, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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A woman who was issued a DWI after crashing into a retaining wall and then leaving the scene was nearly nude, authorities say.

36-year old Catherine Giaquinto told police she couldn’t remember where she was going or that she had crashed in Sparta Township, New Jersey, and was wearing only an unzipped jacket when they found her. Giaquinto was allegedly told to get dressed after officers found clothing in her car, and she emerged wearing a backwards, inside out dress.

  • larry

    driving nude in the privacy of her own car???

  • peter

    Since she’s from Jersey you can bet she’s no hottie. Too bad it wasn’t a chick in Malibu or Santa Monica. THAT would have been worth pictures.

    • Dave James

      PETER…..Your name is a perfect example of what you really are!

    • antonio

      ahh, she was from New York. she was driving in New Jersey. please read first

  • Richard Saunders

    So what’s she being charged with DWI, or DUI, or DOC? Driving as Open Container?

  • Richard Saunders

    The police have to give her a field sobriety test to get a conviction for trolling with out a fishing license. Trolling; Defined as drving under 15 mph, music blaring, emergency red lights flashing, with no particular place to go.(to the tune by Chuck Berry).

  • http://newbizshop.com Derek

    I don’t live far from that township. I was at work when this happened. I miss all the good stuff while at work. :(

  • Ray Murray

    I guess Catherine didn’t have the good sense to even wear a seat belt. After the field sobriety check who put her dress on backwards? I guess it would take two men to prop her up to get her panties on, whattya think? Stockings? Bra? Shoes? I wanna see the bare facts in the police report! That poor cop having to cope with a 36 year old good lookin’ ‘nearly nude’ female literally flopping into his arms like that. Oh the shame of it all, ooohhh. Is “nearly nude” considered “naked”? Its a great headline nonetheless.

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