Nazis Planned to Kill Churchill with Exploding Chocolate

    July 19, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Nazis planned to kill Churchill with exploding chocolate? Apparently so. Although I’d like to think that some talented individual out there could make up a fictional scenario as ridiculous as this, I highly doubt it. According to secret papers exchanged between MI5 officials during World War II, Hitler and his regime intended to end Sir Winston Chuchill’s life by appealing directly to his sweet tooth. That’s one way to do it.

Here’s the setup: German bomb makers would cover explosive devices with a thin layer of chocolate in an attempt to conceal their nefarious plans, which would then be packaged in black and gold paper. Using their cabal of secret agents, the Nazis intended to place these delicious candies among other “luxury items” in the dining room utilized by the War Cabinet during this area. If the scheme had gone off without a hitch, the ensuing explosions would have killed Winston Chuchill and anyone else who happened to be dining with him that evening. Scary stuff.

However, before the plan could be properly executed, British spies were tipped off to the plot, and were able to warn folks about the potentially lethal and seemingly harmless bars of Peter’s Chocolate. Honestly, this sounds like something John Steed and Emma Peel would have tackled during their tenure as “The Avengers”. It sounds pretty far-fetched.

In order to help spread the word about this potential threat, Lord Victor Rothschild sent a letter to an illustrator, instructing him to draw poster-size images of the chocolate in-question. The letter, which was addressed to Laurence Fish, was penned on May 4, 1943.

Here’s what Lord Rothschild had to say on the matter:

Dear Fish, I wonder if you could do a drawing for me of an explosive slab of chocolate. We have received information that the enemy are using pound slabs of chocolate which are made of steel with a very thin covering of real chocolate. Inside there is high explosive and some form of delay mechanism. When you break off a piece of chocolate at one end in the normal way, instead of it falling away, a piece of canvas is revealed stuck into the middle of the piece which has been broken off and a ticking into the middle of the remainder of the slab. When the piece of chocolate is pulled sharply, the canvas is also pulled and this initiates the mechanism. I enclose a very poor sketch done by somebody who has seen one of these. It is wrapped in the usual sort of black paper with gold lettering, the variety being PETERS. Would it be possible for you to do a drawing of this, one possibly with the paper half taken off revealing one end and another with the piece broken off showing the canvas. The text should indicate that this piece together with the attached canvas is pulled out sharply and that after a delay of seven seconds the bomb goes off.

The letter was unearthed by Fish’s wife while sifting through his possessions after his passing in 2009. For history buffs, that’s an amazing find.

[h/t: The Daily Mail]
  • Charles Trew

    Read the book “Special Tasks” by Sudoplatov. When he was with the Soviet NKVD he infiltrated a Ukranian nationalist group. After befriending one of it’s leaders he gave him a real-life explosive box of chocolates and killed him. The hit took place in Rottterdam, Holland. So this story isn’t silly, people really did such things.

    • Todd Rigney

      Thanks for the recommendation! I’m definitely going to search it out.

      • Alex

        Have you heard of the exploding cigar plan to kill Fidel Castro?

  • EF

    This sounds like what the Democrats would do.

    • Romney2012

      Wow. Your moronic comment doesn’t even make sense. Lets try and pretend our party has intelligent people in it.

  • David Dailey

    Why not just poison the chocolate?

    • ikihi

      because then someone else would die and everyone would know it was poisoned. if a bomb goes from just one chocolate, it kills everyone.

  • Juergen Mueller

    Rush Limbaugh is a genius. He has made millions telling people what they wish to hear. Josef Goebbels did the same in Germany for the Third Reich. There is a saying in German: “Was man wünscht, glaubt man gern.” What you would like to hear, you believe. Fortunately for us, Limbaugh, being a grossly undisciplined person, lacks the hateful charisma of Goebbels.

    • Colonel Klink

      Gott sei Dank…aber Limbaugh ist fuer den almaechtigen Dollar, das ist alles.

  • Bill

    “Far-fetched”, “ridiculous”, why Todd? why make light of this in any way? This is history, lethal attempts to snuff out the life of one of the world’s great leaders. What are you, 14 years old?

  • MRTexas

    Folks will be against anything just so they can divide and reveal their political stupidity…they are what is wrong with our nation!

  • Bill

    This explosive chocolate could have been a realistic Nazi plot. However, has anybody troubled to examine the German spy success (more accurately, lack of same) in the British Isles in WW2? Every German agent landed in the UK was “turned”. German agents landing in the UK were quickly caught, every one. They were given two choices-work for the Brits, or be immediately shot. So the Sixty Four Dollar Question about this chocolate is > > > HOW would the stuff have been gotten to Churchill??? Things seem awfully inconsistent in this story!


    • http://www.wcfchess.org Stan Vaughan

      There is nothing surprising here. The Soviet NKVD had already used exploding chocolate to assassinate Ukrainian independence leader Konstantin Konovalents in Netherlands in 1938.

  • Bill

    One other thing to consider about this Nazi chocolate and Churchill story. When German plotters sought to kill Hitler (Operation Valkyrie), the plotters like Col Graf von Stauffenburg couldn’t use German fuses for their bombs. They had to use British fuses!! The German ones spluttered and flamed, noisy and easy to see. The British silent fuses were crush a glass with acid, then put the bomb wherever, and in 5 to 10 minutes, the acid ate away a wire which, once released, “loosed” a firing pin into the detonator which in turn “blew” the bomb! The Brits seem to have been ahead of German technology in this area.


  • Kafleen the donkey

    Although I’d like to think that some talented individual out there could make up a fictional scenario as ridiculous as this, I highly doubt it.

    Mel Brooks did. Blazing Saddles.

  • http://www.moolollybar.com.au/ Spencer

    That gives Death by Chocolate a whole different meaning!

  • http://www.quicklinklist.com Alex

    Fail ‘Wunderwaffe’.