Nazi Parents: New Jersey Couple Loses Custody of Their Children

    June 1, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Nazi parents Heath and Deborah Campbell have been denied custody of their four children, all of whom have names inspired by the Nazi party and its members. Adolf Hitler Campbell, 6, Joycelynn Aryan Nation Campbell, 5, and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, 4, were taken from the couple after a local grocer refused to decorate a birthday cake with little Adolph’s name. Their fourth child, Hons Campbell, was taken by state officials shortly after the baby’s birth in November.

A spokesperson for the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services explained that “every call or investigation that DYFS initiates at the end of the day is to determine if the child is at risk or in the midst of child abuse and neglect.” According to ABC News, the couple have a history of domestic violence, and their oldest son, Adolph, has been known to threaten other children.

Deborah and Heath Campbell, the latter of whom is illiterate, are none too pleased with the ruling handed down by a Superior Court judge on Thursday. “These kids weren’t abused. Our kids weren’t taken because of abuse. I’m honest about who I am and what I am,” Heath Campbell remarked. “If I have to give up my Nazism, then so be it. I’ll do it. “[The children are] more my heart and soul and everything than anything.”

Heath reportedly has a history of domestic violence. One of his ex-wives, who moved to an Air Force base with family to escape his clutches, currently has a restraining order against him.

Due to a gag order, lawyers one both sides of the fence cannot comment on the case. The Campbells, however, plan to appeal the ruling as soon as possible.

  • ? genna

    am beting many neo nazis come here to complain. my question for you guys ser do in the 1940s? what did yourfather or grandfather do in the 1940s?

    • GlennBeckFan

      Hey my ancestors have fought and died to preserve this country with conservative values, you should respect that.

      • Domonique

        @GlennBeckFan you are a hatemonger. The reality is “People of Color” have been fighting and dying for OUR country since the American Revolution. Read a book and educate yourself on any the of MANY selfless acts “people of color” have made on behalf of the United States. And FYI the only people who can stake a true claim to this land we call America are the American Indians. Get a life and get a new perspective.

        • Spawn

          You’re correct, “people of color” have fought for this great nation throughout the centuries. I don’t condone any type of racial intolerance, but why is there a double standard among Americans? Blacks(I refuse to call them African-Americans since they’ve never been to Africa, nor were born there and moved here.) can talk about black pride, being proud of their heritage but when a white man does the same he’s labeled as racist. Can’t a person of any color be proud of their heritage and not be condemned for it?

          • GlennBeckFan

            @Spawn, I agree with you my brother, but keep in mind minorities have problems with us white folks and I’m not saying they hate us but they don’t appreciate Christian values. Also, European descendant white people are the ones that lead this country to where it is today and the minorities keep whining even though many European-American white people have helped minorities.

          • concerned citizen

            White is not a culture / heritage. Do you know where your family came from? Fine, be proud of that but honestly only a fool would claim pride in psycopathic killers. It’s like being proud to be related to Jeffrey Dahmer. Makes no sense. I’m not surprised he’s divorced, illiterate and has a history of abuse. These hate groups know who to market to. The lonely, uneducated, desperate abused ones. Easiest to make sheep out of. They use their disapointment in life or hatred of family members who abandoned /abused them around and maske them blame everyone else for their crappy lives. Pathetic.

          • Miller

            There is nothing wrong with being proud to be white(btw im not white). Last I checked, being a kkk member isn’t a crime. The issue at hand is naming your children after a person or event that caused so much suffering is just down right senseless. It would be the same thing as naming your child Charles Manson. Irregardless of your race, none of us had a choice to be here, nor did we get to select our skin color. However, the fact remains that if we want to share this horrible world in which we live we have to learn to tolerate each other in some capacity. What “proud” white people need to understand is if all the minorities join forces they will be out numbered , especially when minorities are reproducing at a much faster pace. That being said if I were white I would channel my energy into something much more positive than hate, because change is inevitable. Why the hell you think we have a black president, stay at home dads, women police officers, etc?

          • Sokoyah Ifasola

            Africa is in our blood so we are African Americans just like German Americans, etc. We didn’t move here, we were kidnapped and brought here. Whites can have whatever they want in terms of race, it is they who become uncomfortable if they say they love being white, blacks don’t really care about that as much as the superiority aspect of it. proud to be white and proud to be black, same thing; proud to be white because it makes me better than everyone else totally different.

        • Cameron

          How is he a hatemonger for saying that his ancestors fought for this country? I think YOU are the hatemonger here Domonique. You think only black people have died for this country? People of all races have fought and died in our wars.

        • tom

          consevative values? thats what they fought for? or was it freedom to be conserative or liberal,democratic or republican,you know what the rest of us call “free” not opressed into one or another mold

  • Dione Osusky

    This is a shame. The article say the guy is illiterate. A classic example of “ignorance is bliss”.
    He has no idea, of what he has done wrong, or what he is doing wrong.

    • B-rad

      If you are preaching/ speaking hatred your heart knows it. He knew hat he was doing wrong.

    • Joe

      Illiterate means you cannot read or write. It doesn’t mean you are stupid.

      • phd girl

        I disagree somewhat with your argument. Of course, being illiterate doesn’t mean you are stupid, but it means that you have probably had much less opportunity to find out about different perspectives on your topic of interest that are available in the world. It also doesn’t give you much practice with critical thinking, as it is mostly taught in the upper high school grades or higher education which require the ability to read and process larger quantities of information to discern credibility and sources of arguments. This man has probably heard only one or two theories about his Nazism from his own parents and been led to believe that those who don’t believe in it are themselves ignorant. In addition, he probably hasn’t had much exposure to textbooks, the internet, biographies, etc, which would allow him to understand the wider historical context behind these beliefs. I would venture to guess that, being illiterate, he may not have traveled much, as it is pretty difficult to do so when you can’t read (I’ve been to 11 countries, Japan was the WORST because the subway stations and signs were not in both Japanese and English. I was lost for half a day once, and have never been back since. Before you ridicule me, I can get by in French, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean, and didn’t want to learn Japanese before going there as I was still in the beginning stages of Korean.) My point about not traveling, however, is that you don’t get to experience the perceptions of people in other countries and from other cultures. In summary, I think that illiteracy does not make people stupid, but it severely limits their access to information, promoting ignorance.

        • Jo

          My grandfather didn’t know how to read or write and he was a very successful man. Owned many businesses and did it all on his own. I don’t think anything can limit what you can do. Nor can it be an excuse for what you do, in this case.

    • jya

      well, most “african american” try to identify with the africa because they’ve been told that’s where their ancestor came from, when in fact the african presence have been shown on every continent. it’s being covered up and lied about. now dna have proven that we all are from the same family tracing that gene back to an african female (sorry fellas)it was she that was here before he. now here in america if dna testing was done on many here they will find that they have other blood line in their family, no matter how dark or light your complexion or features are. and since many blacks or african american identity and history was taking away from them, they feel a need for identity, anyone would, many people are adopted but often still want to know where they came from. other races here can trace their lineage and tell you their family history, most blacks here can’t. and yes they have fought in every war this country has been in. and the red man or so called native american is not the only one that can stake claim to already being here, they dug up many african artifacts here in the americas, yes, north america too. many native tribes here were described as being the same people as the africans that showed and sailed those ships columbus had here. do your research.there’s nothing wrong with loving yourself and who you are, the problem comes in when you try to hurt others in the course of so called showing pride. people of all races have contributed to this country, those willingly and those forced. we all deserve to be treated with respect.

      • T

        You said very nicely, some people desire to be ignorant, because they do not want to be educated and learn the truth, it just all about denial.

  • http://yahoo bumonalake

    would these government thugs do the same if the children were named after ho chi minh, mao, stalin lenin, castro and other communists who make hitler look like a piker when it comes to mass murder

    • GA girl

      yes they would. You can’t name your kids after mass murderers or criminals. Why would you want to stigmatize your kids like that any way? Ridiculous.

  • John

    What a bunch of fascists…and I am not referring to the family. Will these gov’t thugs be sending these children to a “re-education” camp to instruct them in the reasons why they should fell “white shame” as opposed to “white pride”? This is outrageous.

    • paul mcneil

      you are correct. Their is such a double standard when it comes to racial/ethnic pride in america. any black person or brown person can stand up and claim pride in their color but god forbid if a white man does the same thing. He is called “dangerous” and must be jailed.

      • Erin

        It’s one thing to be proud or your race but it is another thing to spit racist diarrhea out of your mouth and then proceed to impose it on your offspring. Ignorance does not equal pride, last time I checked.

        • GlennBeckFan

          @Erin, last time I checked, white European Americans (my people) have fought and died to build this great nation of ours, the only thing minorities have brought are guacamole, chinese food, rap…and that’s about it.

    • GlennBeckFan

      I agree 100% dude!!!!! People of color must go, no offense.

      • stand up

        See now your ignorant. People of “color” do not teach hatered as would an arian or nazi.You dont see black or brown power marches. you see equality and rights marches. People of “color” are the ones being profiled and stereo typed every day. but soon that will be of the past. If you havent check lately white people are becoming the minority and with the government letting everyone in our country its not getting any better.

        • Dustin Pace

          “People of color must go. No offense.” Somebody posted down here. I usually do not comment on these damn things however that comment was dumb and priceless. What got a little guilty didja…so you had to say “No offense.” You can’t even stand by your own bigotry you spineless slug.

        • mike

          really? where did the term whitey come from and blaming everything on the white man. dont tell me that black people dont teach there kids to hate

          • jenny

            @mike…I am black and I do NOT teach my child to hate anyone because of their color. He has friends of all races, creeds, colors and religions and they get along just fine. I teach him to get to know someone by the content of their character – not by the color of their skin.I know and I teach him to know that whatever is wrong in your life is your own problem because of choices you’ve made – NOT because of the white man! It’s blanket generalizations like the ones you’ve made that keep the negative, ignorant stereotypes going. I will not, nor will anyone in my family be pigeonholed or boxed in by what society “thinks”. It’s just wrong and frankly highly offensive…

      • Trish

        Really, you should post your real name, pathetic little coward. Let me guess, you are sitting in your trailer, eating pork rinds and drinking cans of warm beer, while your wife is watching her “stories” on the TV. ICK.

  • Mara

    Before any of you start condemning the gov’t for interfering with their rights. You should read this article.


    It has neighbors testimony about the wife asking for help. And the children’s behavior as well as information from his formers wives. I believe these children will be better off elsewhere.

  • TisWhatItIs

    White people….

    • GlennBeckFan

      You got a problem with white people?…color people.

      • Trish

        @ GlennBeckfan

        After your posts Glenn Beck is officially changing his name :)

    • http://yahoo jill

      White people!!!!???? Got news for you “ignoramous” ALL COLORS AND RELIGIONS HAVE HAD THEIR SHARE OF RACISM! Nazism is disgusting -the unwarranted hatred,killing,and torture for anyone whose religion,color,sexual preference is different then what they believe “Aryan Supremacy is,that us what they stand for!! And if you chose to just say “white peoplw” you r just as illiterate and bigoted as this couple is.

      • Spawn

        Jill, I hate to inform you but Nazism isn’t based on color or religion. It’s a mindset based on what Mein Kampf stated. It was something brought about by a European, not an American. The only true Americans are people of color, the Native American. Everyone else is derived from whatever European ancestory they are derived from. According to what point you’re trying to get across (I think anyway), is that racial intolerance should not be tolerated which I happen to agree with seeing as I’m one of those “Native Americans”. But being juvenile and resorting to name calling only proves the point that you’re not as educated or mature as you’d like people to think. Debate is good, but name calling isn’t. As you may be able to tell I’m not illiterate or a bigot, so why not do my people a favor and get the hell out of my country? (LOL, I was joking).
        Naming a child whatever you wish is a right we exercise as a people. Blacks tend to use variations of names to show individuality or heritage as it relates to their ancestors. Native Americans still do the same, as well. So, if someone wishes to name their child a name which others find offensive, who are we to judge? I wouldn’t name my child Adolph Hitler Surname, but that’s my preference and right to do as I wish. But in all honesty, I wouldn’t name a daughter, “Jill” either. I don’t find your name offensive, it’s not just my way to do so.
        We need to be more tolerant of others in this day and age. Unless it’s suddenly against the law to what you name your child, I don’t see why the state would interfere with this particular family. The way a person is raised doesn’t necessarily mean they will retain that into their adult years. So, the government needs to back off from the family unit imo. They’re not in place to police our every move, unless it constitutes a threat to society.

    • richard howell

      Well Jenny you may teach your kids that but the “leaders” of the black community do not. JJ and AS are always on the stump preaching it is not the fault of the black it due to the prejuditice of the white man that has kept them down. Those two were real quick to show up in Florida for Trayvon Martin who was originally shot by a white. Where are they when it is black on black crime? I find it funny that Trayvon Martin was supposedly shot by a white in the original reports, but when they found out that Zimmerman was latio, he was reported as being a white latino. The black youth and the black community are being vitimized by those that claim they have their best interest in mind. They are never told it is their own actions that keep them for suceeding but the actions of others that keep them down. Yet you have a poor black child reared by poor share cropper parents works hard and acheives the ultimate job in his field. A seat on the US Supreme Court, instead of holding him up as an example of what you can do in America, he is villified as an Uncle Tom.

  • Kc

    i’m not in any way into the nazi thing but this is america and how can they tell you what not to name your kids?? i totally know those kids will have a serious hard time growing up like that BUT that’s on the parents. they can bring up their children to believe what they believe? it’s stupid i know but that’s what freedom’s about isn’t it? being allowed to be stupid in the name of freedom if we so choose? I really don’t see how it’s any of the government’s business. now that all being said… those parents are complete morons.

    • paul mcneil

      I agree with you one hundred percent. It is none of the governments business what people name their children.

      • GlennBeckFan

        I agree but I don’t believe the parents are morons, the socialist liberal media run by jews and the aclu is destroying america. Look at Obama and his fake birth certificate, what a joke. Pretty soon this country will be run by communists. Who cares what the parents do to their children, it’s none of anyone’s business. I think it’s cute they named they’re kids with nazi names.

        • chaim

          another bigot out of the closet.

      • joe

        Those kids will have just as hard a time finding a job as ones named “Shaquita” or “Lashaun”
        Let them name them whatever and then pay for it later in life…Very selfish parents

  • Jack

    We have freedom as long as we have the courts approval.

  • Brenna

    This goes a bit beyond just pride in your race. It’s one thing to be poud of who you are, and quite another to HATE an entire race because of a few or just because they are a different race and then raise your kids to HATE. That’s the issue here, not that he’s proud of his skin color.

  • tyler jade

    i really do not see how him being illiterate has any thing to do with this?? i think his racism is the issue here!

  • Leslie

    Amen! And please kick the psychotic parents out of the United States and plant them in a home within 2 feet of the Japanese nuclear power plant!

    • GlennBeckFan

      The parents are not psychotic, remember, this is a free country. The elected politicians (particularly obama and his administration) are the ones who are psychotic considering obama may not have been born here in the U.S.

      • sanjosemom

        Only a moron would defend a moron. Glenn you sound uneducated in uncompassionate.

        • GlennBeckFan

          @sanjosemom, I don’t appreciate you’re bullying. In America, you should be allowed to do whatever you want as long as you’re not breaking any laws. Let’s have real justice and not just for for minorities but for all americans!

          • Cat

            “I agree 100% dude!!!!! People of color must go, no offense.”

            “Let’s have real justice and not just for for minorities but for all americans!”

            Glenn, would you care to let us know which of these comments you’d like to stand by?

    • Dustin Pace

      Leslie how in the fuck do you sleep at night. Or how do you even make heads or tails of what you posted. Do you just pull shit out of the ether and call it good? Holocaust denier, bigot, and simpleton. How did Obama get a FREE PASS. He spanked that bitch Palin and McCain, for being outta touch with America and for simply being stupid like you. 22% of any people will believe anything they are told with their own research and will die believing in this information even when they discover themselves that said information is false or by finding out somewhere else. It appears you fall in the 22% category. My grandpa is right “You cannot polish a piece of shit.”

  • gianna

    this is a free country but that name means more than any normal name it represents a cruel disgusting man why would you want to name your child after that???? imagine how bad kids are going to make fun of him at school! stop being selfish! how bout u go parading that name to the familys of people who died in the holocaust see how they like it?!

    • GlennBeckFan

      Gianna we are not living during holocaust time, and I personally believe the deaths of jews were not in the millions even Hitler had some Jewish friends . I don’t understand people like you, this is a free country where everyone has his or her say and live anyway they want as long as no one is getting hurt. The stupid democrats and the liberal media run by Jewish business people are destroying conservative values that everyone once use to cherish, now it’s slowly disappearing. I also feel Obama is a wuss that got a free pass in the white house with his fake birth certificate and also likes asexual effeminate men like the lama lama!

      • sanjosemom

        I teach American History and we just talked about you glenn. You are one of the “those folks” who don’t believe the holocaust was as bad as it was. Sit and look at some pictures. REALLY study it and then you will see how ignorant you are. Maybe those pictures were just staged. Had the Americans knew what Hitler was really up to we would have been involved sooner. Go live in Germany or the South you moron.

        • Realist

          sanjosemom – Normally I don’t criticize the incorrect grammar and spelling on these boards (which is rampant), except that you assert that you are a teacher. Obviously, not an English teacher. And normally, I wouldn’t have any response when you’re rebutting someone with as brazenly ignorant views as GlennBeckFan, who clearly needs to wake up and do some actual research into the Holocaust instead of believing what his moron half-breed uncle has been telling him. Except that you have to end your statement by implying, for some reason, that he would have lots of sympathy in the South. I have lived in the Triangle area of NC for the past 23 years after growing up in the Midwest. Maybe it’s in part because this area has more PhDs than anywhere else in the country, but I don’t actually even know anyone who espouses the retarded opinion that the Holocaust is overblown. There are smart and stupid people, enlightened and prejudiced people everywhere you go – and I encountered more prejudice where I grew up than I ever have in NC. Please don’t respond to stereotypes with more stereotypes. I hope this isn’t what you’re teaching your students.

  • I just live here

    Sorry people who think “Freedom is Free”, because freedom isn’t FREE!!!!!!

  • Justin

    I am jewish and I think this is crap that there kids are being taken away. Citizens of the U.S. have a fundamental right to family and family relations and an individual having a specific view, though unpopular, should not infringe on their right to raise their children how they seem fit.

    • Troy Miller

      Well said Justin, what rights will they come after next & they will. Wait until they start to arrest us for worshiping God.

      • Lori

        Are we already in hot water globally for worshiping GOD. Iran just executed a Pastor, and that is the norm in China.

  • Troy Miller

    I don’t agree that Nazis should live, but thats my personal opinion. Now to take someones kids because they don’t believe live you do is not what this country is built on. Just wait until the popular opinion is against God & Church. They will come & take your children, the day is coming.

  • kimosabe34

    If you are naming your kids after the third reich .then that means you have love for Third Reich ( Nazi Germany) yeah .. I would say you are unfit to be parents.

  • Carol

    I’m sure there’s more to this story than meets the eye. Of course they’re not going to take a child away because of what the parents named them. The story says they have a violent past, so I would assume that there may be some abuse involved? Maybe when the grocery refused to write the name “Adolph” on the cake the father got violent? Maybe they had to call the police. Maybe it was just one call too many on that family and they took the children for their safety. There are a lot of assumptions being made on here.

    • josh

      Thank you carol, this board was starting to get out of hand.

  • Stacey

    I don’t see anything wrong with what they are doing. So? they name their children after Nazi party members. Where is the crime in that? People aren’t reading this article right. Nothing was done wrong, except for the domestic violence.

    • Ann Marie

      Nothing except domestic violence???? Seriously?

    • Jennifer

      This article scares me because it sounds like this couple’s civil rights have been violated. Don’t get me wrong. As others have mentioned, a lot of details about why they lost their kids are missing here, I’m sure. While being members of the Nazi party, identifying with mass murderers and naming their kids after them is atrocious and shun-worthy, the constitution of this country protects their rights to do so. Having said that, these people also have to realize that they have aligned themselves with a way of thinking that promotes racism and hatred. I can’t think of a single symbol that’s emerged in the last one hundred years that will evoke more of an emotional response from Americans than a Nazi flag. As soon as I saw it with this article the first thing that I thought of was the pits full of emaciated bodies. Social workers are people too and when faced with all these symbols of pure hatred, had to ask themselves what these people were doing to their childen. This couple HAS to know that they way they’ve chosen to live their life is a big red flag to the authorities.

    • joshua_t

      Wow, nothing except domestic violence – which can easily turn deadly and influence children in that type of enviroment, of which in this case has influenced his older son. Chain reaction?

  • fagley dork

    the constitution provides that this taking of custody is unlawful.

    custody should be given to the biological parents immediately.

  • Realist

    Obviously the government didn’t take the kids because of what they were named – that’s merely the reason this story made the news vs every other dysfunctional family whose kids are taken away without any inflammatory side stories.

    The kids were taken away after an investigation into the family. Why would they have needed an investigation if it was based solely on the kids’ names? I do believe it would violate privacy laws for the government agency to publicize the actual reasons(s) why they removed the children from the home, so we will not get to hear those reasons.

    Let’s all use some common sense, people!

  • Wendy

    Those are some pretty complicated names for an illiterate father. With names like that, those poor kids will never have a normal life–even after being rescued from a violent father.

    • Jennifer

      If the children are able to undo any indoctrination that may have occurred, they will DEFINATLY change their names.



  • d

    As a black female and mother, these parents should not be denied custody of their kids because of their political beliefs. This is insane and a violation of their civil rights. In no way do I agree with their Nazi beliefs, but I believe in fairness. If these people were not affiliated with the Nzai party, they would still have custody of their kids.

  • JohnnyCanuck

    Political beliefs and previous incidents with the law aside, what is the issue here? The article like most written in this country doesn’t get all of the facts and leaves everyone to make their own opinion. I am under the assumption that their is more to the story and that there may be a valid reason for removing the children. However, previous incidents with the law (even domestic violence) doesn’t necessarily mean that someone should lose their children.
    I personally wouldn’t name my children for anyone involved with the Third Reich. Having beliefs in Nazism is within their rights,just as people that believe in Islam have the same. When you cross over the line and try to force your beliefs on someone, or persecute someone for having theirs, that is when you are no longer within your rights.
    As with anything in the media, we need to use common sense and not believe everything or think that we are getting the full story. Those that follow every word of the media are sheep. Learn to think for yourselves

  • Jellybean

    hahahahahahahahahaaaaahahahahahahahah seriously???????/ “nazi parents”, “holland township” this can’t be real fuck you i dont believe this…this is a joke

  • Jessica

    I hope their kids are taken and a good, loving Jewish family adopts them and teaches them about love and compassion.

  • Holly

    These people don’t deserve to be parents! Nazis stand for hatred and intolerance and children should not raised that way. Give them to a family who will teach love and respect for everyone. I honestly can’t believe how many wonderful couples are out there who would be great parents, and can’t have any children, and these horrible monsters have four.

  • lea9128

    The children werent taken because of their names. The only reason this made it on the internet IS because of their names. Dont confuse the two. Please read the article. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, the dad has a restraining order against him and apparently other reasons to think the children are not in a good home. Kids named John, Josh, Amanda, etc are taken from their homes everyday , too. We just dont hear about it. The govt oversteps its bounds many times. But removing kids from a neglectful and/or abusive and/or violent doesnt seem overstepping.
    White pride shouldnt bother people. Be proud to be Irish (no one calls St Patricks Day a racist event), German, Dutch, or whatever. Ive never heard people of color complain when whites celebrate and take pride in their heritage. It only becomes problematic when the superiotity factor comes in. And yes, when blacks preach superiority like Black Panthers and those who preached Exodus back to Africa for blacks, they are absolutely viewed as a threat and shut down. So its not a one way street. Its not a double standard.
    Not even worth responding to the extremists. I laugh at your foolishness. funny how they say blacks, mexicans, other people of color are always blaming other people for their problems and need handouts. But really arent extremists blaming others for their problems (nazis blamed Jews, eastern Europens, gays, handicapped) and wanting privelege just because of who they are without really earning it. im just saying.

  • equal

    no matter what anyone here thinks, we are all equal regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation or anything else for that matter….

  • Starin

    I feel no kid should be taken away from their parents, but in this case I think its ok….why? they are kids, they shouldnt grow up in that kind of environment….their parents are not given a choice to them, they are making them racist…..thats abuse…..

    The parents think its ok what Hitler did, if they have this mentality…..omg….

  • liberalknowitall

    You are truly the biggest douche to speak so far. I don’t care about this stupid “debate”. I care more about your attempt to “call” people on their use or grammar. A PhD recipient, you should be able to start a sentence without using, AND I, as you did twice. As a PhD recipient you should also stay away from a word like “retarded”. I bet you love John Stewart and Bill Mahr, I will pray for you and your kin. When the end comes, if your diet of couch grass and pot keeps you alive, you can thank me then.

    • Realist

      liberalknowitall – You are right to call me on using the word retarded in that way. I shouldn’t have done that and I apologize. BTW, I did not say I was a PhD recipient – I am not. I only have my Master’s Degree. I don’t actually love either John Stewart or Bill Maher. I am a conservative leaning libertarian. Thank you for praying for me.

      • Odie

        Really? You’re sorry for using the word Retard? You just made my point! If you’re RETARDED then you are! No politically correct term is gonna change that fact! I can hear a mentally challenged child or a parent of say…. God Bless you sir for calling me Mentally Challenged and not Retarded. I feel so much better now! Come On!

        • Realist

          Odie – I was not referring to a literally mentally challenged person. I was referring to the idiotic, Holocaust-denying opinions which GlennBeckFan has been promoting on this board. Although it is plausible that his IQ could fall within the range that is considered mentally challenged, that was not my assumption when I used that word. To address your comment, I think you and I would both agree that US citizens enjoy the basic right of freedom of speech. Each of us must be guided by our own consciences. If I decide that I made an insensitive comment and want to apologize for it, that is my right. And whether the recipient of my insult or my apology would recognize either one doesn’t really matter to me. I have to live with my words and actions – not that person. I do not believe in being politically correct for the sake of promoting PC-ism. I do believe in deciding about people based on their individual actions and character, not on stereotypes or generalizations or racism. I have worked very hard for the life that I have. I have also been tremendously blessed. Not everyone has shared the same opportunities and good fortune that I have. Rather than hating people in that category and pointing fingers and acting like I would be so much better if I were in their shoes, I prefer to give the less fortunate the benefit of the doubt, and to work to both promote personal responsibility while also trying to ensure that little-by-little, everyone in the US is entitled to the same benefits. There has to be balance. People who are too far to the left or right are living in denial of facts, one way or another.

  • Odie

    Why is it the Constitution of these United States has become a shield for “People of Color”? If your 17 a THUG and get the crap kicked out of ya it’s news. If your NOT of Color and get beat up on a school bus by 5 Persons of Color it’s just kids being kids.
    People. We have lost site of what Our Country is because we spend too much time worrying about someone else’s feelings! If this guy wants to name his kids Adolf, Malcom X, David Duke, Abe “I snowed all y’all while I had black folk cooking my meals” Lincoln or Fidel Castro thats his Right! If you don’t like it MOVE to Pakistan!

    • JOSE


  • dean

    I hope those kids grow up to be flaming kum-bay-ya liberals with interacial babies and lots of gay immigrant friends.

  • Anne

    Does anyone else read the comments and have a strong urge to make snide remarks about grammar and spell check? I can’t take anyone making an argument seriously when they are damn near illiterate themselves.

  • AB

    If you watch the video, it says the kids were taken away because of allegations of violence in the home– not because of the names of the children.

  • http://yahoo.com juney ivey

    this whole race thing is stupid how could you be proud of something you have no control over its like saying i was molested when i was younger now im proud of it no matter what color you should be proud of your self as a person not what color skin you have i love the fact we have different cultures in this country so what if someone is gay even if im not it doesnt affect me thats their sexual preference or if they come from another country who cares racism it self is ignorance

  • http://yahoo.com juney ivey

    anne people are stating their opinions not taking a test must you be the meat in a nerd sandwich

  • Shaun

    You know, I find this all funny reading how each of you comment. In my opinion all the hatred towards others due to color is pathetic. Who you should be hating is yourselves and anyone else that is destroying any chance of this planet being inhabitable for our future children. Oh, and to correct what most of you actually believe when you want to speak about your ancestors being abducted from their homes and forced into slavery. People of every race, culture and religion have been forced into slavery.

  • cole

    When I was born, I was black.
    When I grow up, I’m black.
    When I’m ill, I’m black.
    When I go out in the sun, I’m black.
    When I’m cold, I’m black.
    When I die, I’m black.

    But you –

    When you’re born, you’re pink.
    When you grow up, you’re white.
    When you’re ill, you’re green.
    When you go out in the sun, you go red.
    When you’re cold, you go blue.
    When you die, you’re purple.

    And you have the nerve to call me coloured?

  • John

    Well there are many parents in this country with a history of domestic violence who do not have all of their children removed from the home.
    These are not the brightest bulbs in the box, no doubt. But new Jersey is an ultra-leftist state—especially regarding their gun laws but that’s
    another story— and no one can tell me that these children were not removed because of the parents beliefs, especially since there are plenty of black and brown parents in Newark and Patterson and elsewhere who are far worse than these, yet retain their children.

  • Frank

    As Shakespear wrote. What’s in a name? Name’s and labels do not make a person. I had an uncle whom served in WWII, his middle name ‘Adolf”, killed many Japanese, 26 years navy man….

    Give them their children back. Let them deal with their decision.

  • Janet Tillmore

    Is either the mother or father still in NJ? I see different accounts of this — that he is in Georgia or something. Was she a Nazi before they met? I would wager that she might have an easier time getting supervised visitation of another form of NJ child custody http://www.weinbergerlawgroup.com/Child-and-Parenting-Issues/Child-Custody-Parenting-and-Visitation/Child-Custody.html than he would. But bottomline, I feel really, really sorry for those kids!

  • Just Saying

    You don’t take away children of Nation of Islam, Why? They teach racial hatred far more virulent than Hitler. You don’t take away the children of the Black Panthers even when they issue a Fatwa against an innocent man (Zimmerman) calling for his head. You don’t take the children of Rev. Wright even though he preaches racial hatred, instead you make the father President of the United States. You don’t take away the children of blacks who beat White kids on the bus or play the “Knock Out game” or “Polar Bear Hunting” or “Beat Whitey Night”. Yet these people, who have the Constitutional right to believe as they wish and who have harmed no one, they are the focus of rage.


    Yet these people, who have the right to raise