Naturally, The Westboro Baptist Church Trolls Oklahoma Tornado Victims

    May 21, 2013
    Chris Richardson
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In what may be one of the most non-surprising “news” items of the year, members of the Westboro Baptist Church, professional life trolls that they are, have blamed the Oklahoma tornado tragedy on Kevin Durant, among other things.

Well, of course they did.

I mean, why else would destructive weather carve up the Midwest of the United States, if not for Durant’s support of Jason Collins? Had the Oklahoma City Thunder’s star kept his mouth shut about “glorifying gays” or something, the tornado cells that plagued the middle of the country would not have even happened. At least, that’s the gospel according to Fred Phelps, Jr, son of Pastor Fred Phelps, as you can probably guess. I’ll let his Twitter post fill in whatever blanks you may have:

If these bastions of dignity decide to picket any of the upcoming memorial services related to the tornadoes, would anyone really be surprised? In other news, how insecure does one have to be to go to such extremes just to stay relevant? By now, it’s obvious this pleasant group does not care about perception. They only want the attention that follows their pathetic trolling attempts. Instead of getting upset by them, it’s also clear the best way to deal with such nonsense is to mercilessly mock it, much like the guy in the lead image is doing. If you’re a hacker, or know how to use hacker tools, I guess the Anonymous strategy, at least when it comes to entities they don’t like, is an option as well.

Not that we would condone anything like that.

  • Kimberly Bumpas

    These people make me sick. Luckily, my fellow Oklahomans share my feelings on the matter and I’m sure they will not be welcomed warmly here.

    • Skylar

      Oh, they’ll be welcomed warmly. By a barricade of people toting shotguns protecting the families against these moronic people.

  • Ava

    Only one can judge an in the end only he will b the one we all answer to ..,,

  • Dennissc

    STOP giving this hate group, I won’t even use their name, publicity. Publishing this story does not help anyone. It doesn’t provide helpful information to the reader. It only continues to promote this hate group and their cause.
    You print their name and story, it gets picked up by Google and Bing, and shared on Facebook and Twitter thousands of times.
    If they don’t get publicity people stop thinking about them, the public outrage goes away, their donations dry up and they go away.

    Mr. Richardson and WebProNews I request that from here on out you cease publishing stories about this hate group.

  • Stop Talking About Them

    Seriously, stop publishing news stories about these asshats and they will cease to exist. They thrive on the negative attention. The more you journalists keep referencing them, the longer they will stay in the limelight.

  • Sue Siegmund

    It seems that now that America is getting wise to the WBC, they are losing some of their edge. Now they merely threaten to picket but don’t show up. Maybe they will just fade into oblivion.

  • Reality Check

    Only a Satanist says God hates his creation.

    Ergo WCB and Fred Phelps are Satanists and someone should point this out to them in protest signs.

    “Only the Devil will try to decieve you by saying God hates you as no person gains from believing that”

    “Satan walks amoung us and his name is Fred Phelps”

    • marciagloekler@facebook.com

      Well said

  • mike

    I noticed when WBC claimed they were going to picket the funeral of Slayer’s Jeff Hanneman, quite a few fans announced that if they did, then the fans were going to “break the legs” of every member of WBC that went to picket.
    Suddenly (cowards that they are) WBC decides NOT to picket the funeral……apparently their belief in God’s power is weaker than their desire to be able to walk.

  • Ron

    This activity and most of the other news I read about only confirms my allegation that the largest group in the world is Assaholics Anonymous.

    • http://www.webpronews.com Christopher

      I am begging everyone to stop giving them Media attention. Because it is not doing any good at all. Their business is continueing because we are constantly giving them Media attention. Please do not give them anymore Interviews or anymore contact. They will lose their money if we don’t bother them anymore. They are harassing us because they are begging for money!!! Please leave them alone.

  • http://None Christopher

    Hey. If anyone in the Media business is out there. PLEASE do America a favor. Please DO NOT give this evil Family attention anymore. Because it is EXACTLY like encouraging The Devil. AKA “Satan”. If we American citizens don’t give them any Media attention. Then their business will lose more money and their business will no longer grow. They will no longer bother us or use their harassment!!!!!!! Please I’m begging everyone. Leave them alone. Don’t call them don’t bother them don’t give them attention. Please do not give them anymore interviews or any kind of contact. We Americans want them to stop and leave us alone. Please do not give them anymore Media attention. We mean it!!!!!! PLEASE leave them alone!!!!!!

  • Gill Avila

    Don’t waste your dog and cat poop. Package it and send to:
    Westboro Baptist Church C/O Fred Phelps jr
    3791 SW 12th St.
    Topeka KS 66604

  • Bill

    I think there should be laws keeping hate groups like the WBC from being within so many miles of a funeral.As far as i am concerned they can stay out of our state.Need to have the bikers rally up against these people and protect the families of the victims from this hate group.They should be automatically arested and held for 72 hours on the spot.This just makes me sick to hear stories like this,and ther media is just feeding this fire even more.Giving this hate group more attention.

    • Cat

      They do have laws in Oklahoma that say they have to stay 1000 feet away from the funeral and they can’t protest two hours before or two hours after the funeral that way the family can have some peace

  • markus

    So… what do they blame for the May 3rd tornado in ’99? It was almost an identical tornado. I don’t think we had admitted to liking gays yet back then.

  • Tom

    A person affected by a tragedy is in the midst of grief and is not be of sound mind. They are emotionally vulnerable. Someday when these nuts decide to show up, one of these grieving family members or friends is going to kill of bunch of them. Will it be wrong, sure it will. However, the argument could be made that the person was temporarily insane and not responsible. These crazy hate filled nut jobs are playing with fire. When this happens, are they going to point the finger at themselves?

  • Edie

    I can not believe that theses people are still alive! They sould thank god for that!