Natasha Richardson: Resort Where She Died Never Sent Sympathy Card

    February 28, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Natasha Richardson died five years ago in a tragic skiing accident. Husband Liam Neeson recently gave an interview where he spoke for the first time about his wife’s untimely passing. Something that bothers him to this day–in addition to the accident, of course–is that fact that the resort where she died never formally expressed their sympathy. He shared this sad tidbit of information during a recent conversation with Andy Cohen.

“The ski resort where Natasha met her death…we got hundreds—maybe a couple thousand—sympathy cards, emails and stuff from all over the world, especially America,” Neeson said to Cohen. “Not one from that ski resort. I kid you not. Not one.”

The hotel released a statement regarding Natasha Richardson’s death, but only after they heard Liam Neeson’s statement about their callousness.

“The team in place at Tremblant at the time of Mrs. Richardson’s passing contacted Mr. Neeson’s staff to extend their sincere condolences. We publicly expressed our sympathies to Mr. Neeson and Mrs. Richardson’s family and friends and, on behalf of the entire team at Tremblant, would like to reiterate them once again,” the statement read.

Publicly expressing sympathies or issuing condolences to one’s staff is a far cry from issuing heartfelt sympathies personally or in the form of a sympathy card. It really was rather heartless of the resort not to have issued such condolences when Natasha Richardson died.

Liam Neeson’s interview about Natasha Richardson’s death indicates he still hasn’t fully come to terms with his loss.

“There are periods now in our New York residence when I hear the door opening, especially the first couple of years…Any time I hear that door opening, I still think I’m going to hear her,” the actor admitted.

“It hits you. It’s like a wave. You just get this profound feeling of instability. The Earth isn’t stable anymore and then it passes and it becomes more infrequent, but I still get it sometimes.”

How sad that Liam Neeson still expects to see his wife when he hears that door open. Living with that kind of grief must be heart wrenching. Not having received proper sympathies from the resort where she died must have added a bit of insult to injury during the worst time in his life.

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  • RU4Sure

    Oh PLEASE, for gods sake, give it a rest !!! So, what is the point of this stupid story, 5 years later ???

    • C Schwartz

      Wow how heartless. A woman died at a young age, and someone is speaking out about their profound grief, a husband who lost his wife and there are children that lost their mother. You must be very fortunate to have never experienced a tragic loss of someone at an early age. Or you are just s selfish POS.

      • RU4Sure

        No, I believe you are the POS. You are judging a situation you know nothing about. The resort may have done a lot to try and save this woman. They may have contacted Neeson, just as they say they did, and expressed public sympathy and made an announcement about her death. It’s easy to want to blame someone in this tragic situation, but it is UNFAIR to do so unless you know the inside details, which YOU DO NOT, Mr./Ms. Schwartz.

        • John Wong

          Blame goes to the medical facilities available and to stupidity. There was no helicopter to airlift Ms Richardson to the nearest hospital so an ambulance was used. Where did the ambulance transport her? All the way to NY City which by the time they arrived there it was too late. Why did they not bring her to the head trauma center in Plattsburg NY which is almost on the Canadian border?

          • Anonymous

            RU4Sure – what is the point of your response? If I read C Schwartz’s post correctly, it had almost nothing to do with judging the “situation” except in a very generally — to say some basic facts about the story, e.g., early death, loss, and grief. The post was pointed directly at you, not the medical facilities. C Schwartz seems to think you are heartless because you think the story is stupid. I am not trying to stir up trouble, I just honestly don’t see how your post relates to the earlier one.

          • RU4Sure

            My original post is very simple… I asked WHAT IS THE POINT OF TRYING TO STIR UP TROUBLE 5 YEARS AFTER NATASHA RICHARDSON’S TRAGIC DEATH?? There could be many reasons for the lack of a formal sympathy card from the resort. They expressed their sympathy verbally in a private way to Neeson, and also publically.

          • RU4Sure

            Yes, I agree, John W. There were very limited resources available in this area to deal with Natasha’s accident.

    • Princess Anne

      his new movie that’s what!!!!!!!!!!

  • Meme

    OMG they are the worst people in the world! *add sarcastic eye roll* who gives a flying Eff!

  • ksiemb

    She left without paying her bill.

  • Princess Anne

    he needs some serious mental help… best get it before he goes off the deep end… dwelling doesn’t help and bitching about the resort doesn’t bring her back..

    • RU4Sure

      “Princess” — I totally agree with you.

  • Princess Anne

    all this shit is about.. IS HIS NEW MOVIE…… SICK SICK SICK SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kellie Boatwright

    do not blame the resort…..blame LAWYERS! If she died on the resort property, sending a card may be seen as “admitting guilt” to causing her death. i know…sounds stupid but this is now the “way of life” these days. the staff should have cleared it from legal and sent the card!

  • Frank D

    WHO CARES?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • emmysmom

    In the scheme of things, this is extremely petty.

  • bob stank

    wwwwhhhhaaaahhhhhhh whhhaaaahhhhh so if i die at lets say burger kings are they obligated to send my fam a card????? my balls itch