Natasha Leggero Not Apologizing. Uh Oh, SpaghettiOs?

    January 4, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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Natasha Leggero kicked off the New Year fighting a ton of backlash for a joke about Pearl Harbor veterans and SpaghettiOs.

It was a situation of a new controversy developing that managed to overshadow the original controversy in question. On the December 7th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the SpaghettiOs twitter asked that Americans take a moment from their holiday preparations to remember the veterans. The idea of a company whose brand one doesn’t readily associate with one of the most traumatic events in American history tweeting at people about it was bizarre on its face. SpaghettiOs message shared a picture of the brand’s mascot holding an American flag and looking just a little too happy. Needless to say, those who came across the tweet were less than impressed.


A few weeks later, the screen capture was shared on “New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly” and Leggero was asked about it.

In the aftermath of the fallout over the comment, it must be said that SpaghettiOs must be thanking its lucky stars for Leggero, who managed to both take the focus off of their questionable tweet and get the brand all sorts of free publicity. As for the embattled funny woman, she is standing firm, and refuses to say sorry.

Via her own website she writes a lengthy explanation for her behavior.

“I wish I could apologize, but do you really want another insincere apology that you know is just an attempt at damage control and not a real admission of guilt? Let me just try instead to be honest.”

In any event, Leggero joins a long line of comedians and one Megyn Kelly in the struggle to make questionable jokes without apologizing for them when they appear to go too far.

She did raise one very interesting point: How is it that many Americans find time to care about a throwaway remark on New Year’s Eve, but not enough time to care about the very real struggle to get American veterans the medical care and financial support they need?

Some will fire back that they are capable of multitasking. To this, Leggero has already responded with a pre-emptive, “Kudos”.

Image via SpagettiOs Twitter, Artie Lange

  • http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=234050094&locale=en_US&trk=tyah&trkInfo=tas%3Aalex%20karamanis%2Cidx%3A1-1-1 Alex Karamanis

    My father served in WWII and would have laughed at Leggero’s joke. People without senses of humor are disabled and deserve our sympathy but not our obedience.

    • Armyfiredawg

      Awesome comment Alex, I too am a Vet and have no qualms about laughing about something a COMIC says regarding the military. It’s satire and her job, not a reason to rip on her as if she’s done something wrong.

  • Willard Beas

    she is in the same boat as Jane Fonda, just another carpet muncher

  • straightup

    One could not possibly have expected anything less from Left Coast Leggero. Sword swallowing and wallowing in filth does not qualify you to be on tv. 2 bit trash talking skanks are a dime a dozen you are not anything special.

    • Armyfiredawg

      She’s from Chicago moron

  • fanoboss12

    You are an idiot. Your political leanings have reduced your IQ by half. What about supporting her freedom of speech ? She’s a comedienne Mr Limbaugh and you’re just angry because GOD thought it’d be funny if he took away your ability to hear your on BS. That is a Hoot.

    BTW, I’m not a dem or republican. I am, however, a conservative. ,,I,, ,,I,,

    • Armyfiredawg

      fanboss12, totally agree with you, where are the phil robertson supporters of free speech on this one?

  • Armyfiredawg

    SHE’S a COMEDIAN! It was a JOKE. She has no agenda against Pearl Harbor survivors. Her joking truthfully is much less offensive than the hateful comments that Willard and Straight post. Out of curiosity, Willard and Straight, where did you stand on the Phil Robertson statements?

  • george

    She makes jokes about the veterans and I make jokes about people from Rockford Il, the rectum of the state. Everyone knows what comes out of a rectum.

    • Armyfiredawg

      Are you comparing veterans to Rockford, and equating them to poo?

    • Armyfiredawg

      Plus, if you knew her style of comedy, you would know that she makes fun of Rockford more than anyone

  • JohnC

    I guess I don’t understand how American’s losing everything, and the disruption to their Family is the basis of “a joke”. I have way too much respect to think otherwise. That is All.

    • Armyfiredawg

      John, the joke was that the vets at pearl harbor are old…true….funny. Stop overreacting

      • JohnC

        Not trying to over react, just saying there are sailors buried under that memorial that still have ancestors living. A since of humor is a great tool, so is respect. jmho.

        • Armyfiredawg

          She’s not a respectician, she’s a comedian. This is her job, she makes people like you and I laugh for a living, well, me at least.

  • Governments Fight Wars

    Governments fight wars….. the people just try to survive them. There are honorable and dishonorable soldiers on every side of a war.

    But that is how the devil works. He gets you to believe in one system or the other and then he gets you to die for those beliefs. He works both sides.

    The devil is a bitch.

    • Armyfiredawg

      Gov, WHAT THE F*** are you talking about? She is a Comedian that made a 70+ year old joke, and you completely change the subject.

  • Davewoo

    Who the heck us she. Never even heard of the moron. Just another useless so-called “celebrity” or Court jester.

    • Armyfiredawg

      Dave, just because you have never heard of her makes her a moron? How about Howard Zinn, Octavia Butler, Louis F. Garland and everyone else you’ve never heard of? Morons?

  • Robert Hall

    Who the heck was offended by the joke? It wasn’t derisive or mean, so what’s the big deal? Don’t you guys get the joke? Craig Loyd was goofing, just to see who would be stupid enough to take offense at something that wasn’t offensive. I guess we’ve got the answer….

  • LeggeroAPig

    hey my name says it all, leggero is a stupid pig Nuff said.

    • Armyfiredawg

      Your lack of proper grammar in your name and your comment are enough to make smart people disregard anything you say.