Natalie Wood: Death Certificate Changed from Accident to Undetermined

    July 9, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Natalie Wood’s death certificate was recently changed from “accident” to “undetermined”, according to the folks at TMZ. On Friday, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department says that an investigation in the actress’ death is currently “open and ongoing”. The bruises found on Wood’s body were reportedly inconsistent with those generally associated with drowning victims. As such, investigators currently cannot say whether or not the actress’ death was just an accident.

“We have received many calls from the news media today asking about the status of the Natalie Wood death investigation case,” the department said in a statement. “It remains an open and ongoing investigation. There are no further details.” The coroner’s department, meanwhile, said that the case is currently on “security hold”.

Natalie Wood drowned while vacationing off the coast of Southern California on November 29th, 1981, following a heated argument with her husband Robert Wagner. Wood, who had reportedly downed quite a few classes of wine before the incident, is thought to have attempted to depart from the boat via a rubber dingy. At some point, Wood tumbled into the water and drowned, though neither Wagner nor friend Christopher Walken were aware that she had fallen into the water.

Last November, yacht captain Dennis Davern released “Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour”, a tell-all book which recounted that fateful evening’s mysterious events. Although the sheriff’s department reopened their investigation into Wood’s death around the same time, authorities claim that Davern’s book had little to no impact on their decision to revisit the case.

Although the investigation is ongoing, TMZ has learned that Wagner is not a suspect.

  • Johnny DoNothing

    What kind of wood don’t float……Natalie

    • Me

      Johnny, maybe you need more to do…..

      • K

        And maybe an English lesson…

  • Herbie J Pilato

    That’s CERTIFICATE! Spellcheck, please.

    • Shanna

      And proofread. Unless of course she took wine classes on the boat, then I redact my comment.

  • http://www.meetmyownmate.com Dave

    I think someone pushed her or she fell off and hit her head..

  • monster69

    Another unsolved Hollywood death and subject of a movie.

    • http://TimeWarner Geronimo

      There should NOT be a movie, until this death is CLOSED.

  • Unknown

    Why didn’t Natalie shower on the boat … she wanted to wash up on shore

  • Kevin

    Wood, who had reportedly downed quite a few classes of wine before the incident, is thought to have attempted to depart from the boat via a rubber dingy.

    MMM nothing like a CLASS of wine.

  • Kevin

    Wood, who had reportedly downed quite a few classes of wine before the incident, is thought to have attempted to depart from the boat via a rubber dingy.

    MMM nothing like a CLASS of wine. Ha

    • Sully

      Exactly. Why don’t these dopes proof-read their article, before posting?

  • http://WebProNews Jeffrey

    How many “classes” of wine is too much?

  • Uno

    We will never know, unless someone confesses.

  • Michelle

    It has been widely publicized that not only was alcohol in the picture, but Ms. Wood and Mr. Walken were also taking Quaaludes on the evening of her disappearance. Not sure why this is being reinvestigated after all this time – perhaps to bring about closure to family members?

  • Ron

    If there is a reason to re-open the case go ahead.
    However that would take a significant amount of new
    evidence. So Many times we try to character assassinate
    and convict by innuendo and supposition. Did Robert
    Wagner kill his wife, WHo knows. and actually at this
    place in time the cost to reopen and do exhaustive
    testing is not permissable in the LA County Budget.

  • rick

    Of course Robert is innocent, he dresses nice and wears a suit. In a society like ours thats all it takes. The Republicans mass murder numbers are unreal but hey they have on suits and ties how bad can they be?

  • Mr Amazing Jr

    Mr Wagner is almost assuredly somewhat responsible for her death. Was it murder? My guess is no, maybe involuntary manslaughter.

  • Sully

    One of my fav actresses, of all time! Her last movie, “Brainstorm”, is a classic! She was so beautiful…
    I wish they would just leave this alone. There was no foul play. The poor thing had too much to drink, couldn’t swim, and drowned. Period.

  • Carri Evans

    Every summer same old story.

    • Sheri

      If it was murder, then it should never be “put to rest.” People should not be allowed to “get away with murder.” Justice speaks volumes. I would say that if you are “tired of reading about Natalie Wood”, then read something else.

  • louise

    Enough already – let her rest in peace. If someone other than Natalie is responsible – if they have a conscience (spelling ??) maybe on their death bed (if still alive) will confess.

    Put this story to rest already. More important things to discuss

    • Capnsaveemm

      Easy for you to say “enough already”, it wasn’t your loved one who died.

  • http://Facebook Jay

    Undetermined?…That is another word for “murdered”….only in this country can the rich and famous get away with this. I hope that she is haunting their every move. Christopher Walken sure looks like he has seen a ghost for plenty of years!

  • geraldo

    All the people in the wine classes, including the teacher/s, should be suspect.

  • Michael

    Robert Wagner is most obviously not without fault. He may not have actually knocked her unconscious or pushed her off the boat, but he certainly didn’t do everything possible to keep her from harms way. I suspect he’s guilty as hell.

    • shannon

      your right!

  • shannon

    I believe her death was not accidental. And I am glad they have reopened the case. It’s like Princess Diana’s death, no accident there. But people who kill others get what is coming either here or on judgement day when they stand before the one who created all life.

    • http://WebProNews.com Stacey Greb

      Very well put, Shannon :)
      I agree.

      • Ree

        Shannon, you hit the nail straight on it’s head. I have always said, I will go to my grave believing Diana was intentionally killed. Was the monarchy going to allow a past playboy (Dodi El) to be the step-father to a future king…Oh, I don’t think so! As you said, they will eventually pay!

        • joe

          I think you guys are in the wrong hemisphere and decade!!

  • Laurie in Dallas

    I think this whole thing comes up every summer because some reporter needs money again for his vacation. It’s all about the presss making another dollar off a movie star – over and over again. There ought to be a law against the paparazzi!!!!!!

  • Capnsaveemm

    Well if she downed a few wine “classes” then of course she went down like a rock. How many people are in a wine class typically? Even if it was only a few per class, that is a lot of people for her to have eaten before getting in a rubber dingy.

  • http://n/a jeffrey kicia

    I have suspected this for a while that the Death of this actress/victim was questionable when it occurred. This death was covered up very expeditiously and the alleged investigation was substandard and grossly incompetent by the local authorities. My personal criminal feelings are it was unduly influenced by big money to sweep this under the judicial corrupt system rug and keep it low profile. I was alive and vividly recall this “accidental drowning” and felt very strongly about its demise and provocation on the concrete grounds of criminal intent to commit MURDER of the second degree with indifference. Mr. Wagner’s jealous rage was never adequately investigated nor was Mr. Walker. The heavy drinking was a known FACT, but also her FEAR of water was prevalent.

  • Haywood Jablowme

    maybe someday, someone will print the truth…..this isn’t it.

  • Nelli

    We’ll never know the truth. I find it hard to believe there was any intent on the part of the two men on that boat but … who knows? None of us will ever know, that’s for sure. Always loved Natalie.

  • http://yahoo Bj

    well, I was just wondering if three people on board, and Robert Wagner not a suspect, then who’s left? so funny And with today’s technology do like Cold Case Files (love that show). Never too late. Seems like we could now solve many mysteries of the past.

  • marianne

    She was murdered by her producer Clive just before Valentines day because her voice was declining & she was worth more dead than alive, then they could make millions her love songs all over again.

  • Peter H

    What about the guy that brutally raped her?? I read a gruesome story about how she was beaten and raped by a famous actor. Initials…KD. Is he off the hook?? And how did he get away with that one? Last I heard, rape is NOT a good thing!!!

    • John Nicoletti

      They never really talk about the bruises on Natalie’s body. What type of bruises, and what was the location.? Face,back, arms, where.? Seems to me , that the location of the bruises should tell a seasoned investigators plenty. As usual, money talks, and bull shit walks.

  • lash

    Seems to me that after 30 years and that there are no witnesses, it is time to stop rehashing the event, tragic as it was. The bruises may have been the result of her hitting the side of the boat or some other object when she slipped . . . though we will never know. Moreover, after thirty years of media coverage and books on the subject, the tragedy has started to move from an unfortunate accident to a mixed account of fact and fiction.

  • http://Yahoo Philip Stigers

    Once again, the conspiracy nuts come out. LET IT GO … I had a crush on N.W. for years. S— happens.

  • patticassidy82@yahoo.com

    As young as I was, loved her movies, especially the one she made with Seve McQueen, never thought it was an accident, maybe they should get Walken and Wagner in the same room and find out what really happened

  • crybaby

    I believe her death was not accidental. And I am glad they have reopened the case. It’s like Princess Diana’s death, no accident there. But people who kill others get what is coming either here or on goofball day

  • Raymond Agopetah Bert

    i love this woman, i hope the truth comes out, i know that r. wagner and c. plummer had something going between them and natalie found out and the 2 men had to put her away, to not to end their careers if the public found out.

  • joe

    Always had a ‘woodie’ for Natalie!!!!!

  • brian k

    nice way to spend more money, cripes she has been dead forever, just let the past be the past. What can be gained by this waste of time, resources and money?

  • Karen

    Does anyone else see the resemblance of this man Dennis Davern to Tom Selig? He’s sort of scruffy, but believable. I think she was murdered, I’ve known a lot of drunks in my life and it is very difficult dealing with them while intoxicated. The moral to the story, Don’t go boating with a bunch of folks drinking alcohol, it’s a dangerous combination.

  • http://WebProNews Diane

    What the heck do they mean Robert Wagner is not a suspect? He’s the only suspect! I’ve been Natalie’s biggest fan for all my life and I’ll never forget the morning I heard of her death. The first and only words out of my mouth were “Oh my God, he killed her”! He’s been walking around free all of these years ~ I so detest that pompous azz. It would be so nice if he were found guilty and spent the rest of his ailing, elderly years behind bars like he so deserves. That’s my feelings on this subject and all of us are entitled to those feelings. Thank you.

  • TR

    The guy in the interview, either is lying about some of it, or is not telling the whole story. Other info. I have seen & hard many times in the past, that the cap. said to Wagner, lets pull her in, while Wagenr said no leave her there & teach her a lesson. So obviously they both knew she was in the water, & chose to do nothing about it. Why suggest calling the coast guard, when Wagner won’t even turn on the search light. In the interview the man said they couldn’t figure if she was in the water or not, when he was told by Wagner to let her stay in the water, knowing she is deathly afraid of the water. And something I don’t think anyone has mentioned lately, is, wouldn’t someone who is deathly afraid of water, scream to the top of their lungs for help? Which anyone on that boat would have heard? Especially since sound carries accross the water so easly? The police have witnesses on shore that heard her screaming, but dismissed it as partying going on, on that boat. So why didn’t anyone on that boat hear Natalie screame. How much more evidence do they need to do something about it,? It needs to be done now & stop fooling around. No there no smoking gun as they say. Nobody saw, or would admit drowning her. But it is obvious, floul play is very evident.

  • H.Davis

    That business woman who was in her boat along with her husband heard Natalie cry out and someone a male who sounded drunk say they would get her,etc.,is credible in my view.They shined their boat’s light and saw nothing.
    I think Wagner was drunk (the male voice heard that night)and was not able to get to her or get her out and the worst case scenario left her on her own not knowing she was going to drown.Of course the other side is terrible,that is he was so resentful and jealous of her that night that he allowed her to drown.Being drunk or worse on drugs too was in a frame of mind to let it happen thinking that he would never be charged(and his great status in society) as she ‘went out on her own’ the story would go and ‘she accidently drowned,’etc.If so to this day he was right.No charges to face. There is a final Judgment some day and that’s when the truth will come out.

    • http://hotmail Tom Johnson

      You know Ol bob done her in!!

  • Stephen Bass

    1. Why was this information not made available in 1981?
    2. Why is this information coming out now, 30 years later?
    3. Were the police incompetents 30 years ago?
    4. How, after being buried for 30 years, do they expect to find any additional evidence on Natalie’s body?

    This whole thing is ghoulish.

  • http://mockingbirdlaw@yahoo.com Rick Friedling

    Aaaaahhhhhhhhh, nooooooooo . . . she’s still dead. And playing bridge with Francisco Franco.

  • http://myfarrahfawcett.com Melissa Fawcett Houston

    Though I am glad that Natalie Wood’s family received a new ruling for their loved one I want to know when Whitney Houston’s death certificate will be changed from Accidental to Homicide. Whitney Houston has BRUISES & Abrasions on her body where she fought for her life from her murderers! Whitney has more BRUISES & Abrasions on her body as shown in her final autopsy report than Natalie Wood.

  • Liz Short

    I am perturbed they haven’t yet answered the question on everyone’s mind, “Why didn’t Natalie Wood take a shower on the yacht?”



  • tamarahope

    1st I don’t understand what her taking a shower on the yahyt,has anything to do with her dealth,if someone could explain I thank you.My problem with this case was Natalie was terified of water even drinking I do not beleive she tried to get in the dingy alone,don’t buy it.These days cops have less to go on and the husband is always looked at sometimes convicted on less.(not that I’m saying he did it)just saying 30 yrs ago someone dropped the ball.I can’t beleive that she had bruising not consentant with drowning 30 yrs. ago and there just now looking at that?Something stunk 30yrs.ago and it stinks even more now.I hope the thurth finally comes out and if it was a crime then whom ever did it is put in prison where they belong.I also don’t see how late at night it gets very quite on the water,you hear waves but I know you would be able if she fell in to hear her scream she would have been very scared and loud.

  • http://hotmail Tom Johnson

    You all know Ol Bob Done her in !!

  • mike

    Thank you for this news. I can finally get some real sleep knowing that the cause of death is undetermined.

    • http://Yahoo David Sackolwitz

      Wagner threw her over end of story – Natalie Wood was a beautiful girl and to think Wagner has been free all these years Sad