Natalie Maines’ Divorce From Country Spawns Solo Album

    May 8, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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One of the Dixie Chicks has struck out on her own and released a solo album. Natalie Maines this week released Mother, a rock album that breaks from the Dixie Chicks’ country music past.

Maines told CBS in an interview this week that the album has a “harder-edge rock feel” than what the Dixie Chicks were playing. Maines told CBS that it would be hard for her to return to country music after fans lashed out in 2003 when she spoke out against the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

“It’s definitely difficult for me to go back to country music,” said Maines. “So, yes, I’m sure that 10 years ago did have an effect on where I’m at right now and the fact that I’m doing this solo album.”

The Dixie Chicks have not released an album since 2006’s Taking the Long Way. Maines stated that she has not seen her former bandmates in around one year.

Maines also appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America on Monday to promote the Album. She and Ben Harper performed her first single from the album, titled “Without You.”

Maines is also promoting her album through her various social media channels. She is currently answering questions from fans via her Twitter account using the hashtag #chatwithnat.

  • Vanessa Gonzalez

    Terrible singer! I suspect that she will do other things for her career soon: A.) Come out of the closet; B.) Bad mouth “racist” and “homophobic” country musicians; C.) Play the part of a “victim” of the Far Right given her fall from popularity.

    • BillyBob

      And when she’s really desperate for attention, she will be moving in with ellen degenerate.

  • Joseph Blowe

    If I was married to that ugly-azz bytch whore, I’d have divorced her the day after I was forced to marry her! She’s like some of the Hollywood whores, runs around with a mattress to her back and a coin changer on her belt! She only gets a quarter to do you, so she’s a true two-bit whore! I hope George W. Bush does her one of these days!

  • Anne Davis

    She is made only for country music. This sounds terrible. She needs to get over her bs and do what she was meant to do. 30 million records says it all. This won’t sell at all. I find her voice for country to be the absolute best I have ever heard. I live for it. She doesn’t have a rock n roll soul and the bad haircut just adds insult to injury. When she sings rock she sounds like a kereoke nagging mom and when she sings country it’s pure heaven for me. Deal with it Natalie. I love all kinds of music and have a great ear. This is awful as the rest of the record. Just doesn’t work.

  • Larry

    YOU STILL SOUND GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was a devoted fan before your statement on the Iraq war and i supported you after by stop listening to my local country station. I am very sorry that the Chicks didn’t come back as a group, but will support you in this endeavor. My god bless and keep you and afford you great success.

  • BillyBob

    County Music has never missed the talentless idiot, Fatalie Mange!!!

  • chicabell

    dosen’t sound very rock to me. hair has got to go.

  • Tom


    • Bobby

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  • Al

    I am ashamed she is from The US. Have not seen that name or face in a long time.

  • lucky

    An Eddie Vedder cover. Awesome!

  • http://yahoo Mike

    crap + more crap = too much crap. Give it up – you 15 minutes are long, long over.