Natalee Holloway Suspect To Be Extradited To U.S.

    April 24, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Joran Van Der Sloot, the prime suspect in the disappearance of American Natalee Holloway in Aruba in 2005, will soon be extradited to the U.S. to face charges of extortion. He is currently in Peru serving 28 years for the 2010 murder of Stephany Flores, who was stabbed to death in his hotel room. Van Der Sloot confessed to the murder as well as robbery, saying he took cash and the victim’s car in which to escape.

The 24-year old was the last person to see Natalee Holloway alive and told authorities he would lead them to her body and reveal how she died in exchange for $250,000. He was allegedly given $25,000 by Holloway’s mother, Beth, which he used to travel without revealing any of the promised information. He faces a sentence of 25 years if found guilty of extortion, and the extradition will commence within the next few months.

But some think the U.S. courts want Van Der Sloot here in the states so that a trial can be held regarding Holloway’s death, which will be difficult since her body has never been found. She has, however, been declared legally dead, and officials believe Van Der Sloot murdered Stephany Flores because she found incriminating evidence on his computer.

“The key to that is that the U.S. has jurisdiction over anybody, anywhere in the world, who kills or injures a U.S. citizen,” said Michael Griffith, senior partner for the International Legal Defense Council.

On Van Der Sloot’s future, his Peruvian attorney, Maximo Altez, said, “I think he will be extradited within the next three months. He will go to trial in the United States. Once he is sentenced, he will return to Peru to finish serving his 28 years, and then go back to the States to serve whatever sentence he gets there.”

  • http://google Annette Pearson

    They can keep him there, we don,t want him to come back to the Netherlands. If he would go on trial here they would probarly give him 3 months in jale. Law sucks here, they care about criminals not the victims…..so please keep him there.

    • heather33

      I am sure that everyone in The U.S. wants our hands on this guy, but why cant anyone in the world EVER handle their own country’s problems without THE U.S. stepping in…it’s B.S. that is has to happen and how RUDE, you can have him, we dont want him…it’s ok to murder women as long as it isnt the Netherlands…you are being very disrespectful to Ms. Holloway’s family and yeah I can say this…I believe I know how her family feels, my sister just 16 months younger than me was murdered almost 5 years ago and no one has ever been held accountable.

      • Lisa

        Heather I think what this person is saying is that the laws in the Netehrlands are LIGHT…so don’t return him there or he will go free. She was actually for him being kept in prison. She didn’t mean anything more than that and certainly not any disrespect.

        • heather33

          well thank you, not…the real point is why does THE U.S. have to handle everyone’s shit, because other countries don’t FN care…your comment to me is more disrespectful, do care about anyone that has had to go over sea’s because we have to “take care of shit”? I have and its B.S. and now we have to import assholes, we have plenty here, like the one that killed my sister when he car jacked her and shot her at point blank range which caused damage she could of never survived, a witness heard the shot, looked out her window, called 911 stat, the ambulance was there is 4 minutes, the closet hospital was 3 city blocks away, D.O.A. and still no one accountable…let him rot in Peru and keep him out of THE U.S. Have an 18 year old nephew sign up for the military after your grandfather (whom also served) dies, 2 cousins go back and forth to the sand overseas (thank god, they came back) imagine that 18 year old that you saw grow up out of pampers go fight the world’s problems and let’s see how you feel, and no I didnt serve, I couldnt, tried…born with spinea bifada…so don’t comment back, you cannot justify anything else you have to say!

          • Jamie

            Shut up already

          • Bob Jones

            He is being extradicted to the US to stand trial for extortion. Since the money was wired to him from the U.S., it is in the U.S.’s hands. We aren’t stepping in. We are bringing him here to stand trial and receive sentencing. When his sentence is up in Peru, then he will fulfill his sentence in the U.S. Read the story fully…

          • Perry

            Why don’t you take a chill pill lady! This dude killed a US citizen and should stand trial in front of the victims family!

          • A

            Wow. you should think before you jump to conclusions. The US is not cleaning up after anyone. He is serving time for another crime in another country that oh prosocuted him, then coming back here to serve his crime against an american. Each country is charging him. I am sorry for your loss, but I dont think you are understanding what people are saying. He can be punished better here than anywhere else.

          • Mark S.

            Heather you are just an goofy little bimbo with a
            head up your BUT! attitude. You don’t know anything outside your Barbie Doll world.

          • Jim

            A word of advice, give up the anger and find a cause to focus on or you will be dead in 5 years from the stress. Natalie’s parents, family, and friends, have ‘earned’ the right to see that pos face trial in the US, your selfish misdirected anger doesn’t help anyone.

          • http://yahoo aaaaaayyyy

            wow. really? allthough i feel your paid and understand what happened in your family must be devistating – have you no compassion?

          • Rick

            Heather you are a stupid Biaaaatch. Didn’t you read the article. The Us has jurisdiction over all it’s citizens all over the world. So when this asshole extorted 25,000 dollars from the holloway family he became a wanted man by the US. Not for the murder of Natalie. You stupid bitch

          • Mike

            Heather, You need to read and understand what was said. You need some serious help with your issues.
            Hope you find it.

          • Vicki


            Did you forget that Natalee Holloway was a United States citizen that was on vacation in Aruba when she unfortunately ran across this piece of shit. How is that being disrespectful to her family. I’m sure that they would like a little justice for the death of their daughter. You are not the only person that has lost a family member due to senseless crimes. You really need to learn the facts before you open your stupid fat mouth. If he commits a crime against a U.S. citizen he needs to pay for it. It doesn’t matter how they get him here to pay for his crimes, but he should be held accountable for all of his crimes, not just extortion against the mother but pay for the murder of the daughter.

          • TBray

            I think everyone needs to calm down with the bitch talk. Heather is a victim, too. She is speaking from anger and sadness for her loss and that no one has been held accountable. Everyone reacts to situations differently. The US is going to hold this guy accountable for extortion. If you guys have read older stories on this issue you would know that some of the money given to Van der Sloot was federal money. Obviously this guy was going to get away with everything if he were still in Aruba thanks to his father… who is now passed. If we can not convict him on Natalee’s death, then why not make sure that he is in prison for the rest of his life so he can murder another woman. 25 yrs in Peru and 25 more in the US… I say go for it!

          • TBray

            *So he can NOT murder any more woman. Sorry for the mistype.

          • Tony81

            Had spina bifida, or couldn’t spell spina bifida?

        • miss manners

          Lisa, I dont think Heather is understanding anything at all I wouldnt even bother trying to explain to her.I have no idea what she is talking about handling other peoples problems, the US is extraditing him to the US because he blackmailed a US citizen for 250,000 after he had killed their daughter(although its for extortion not murder). That IS our problem no one elses,I am glad we get him for awhile.
          I also agree with what Heather said you are so totally right ,at least its 28 yrs which is better than nothing which what he would have gotten in the Netherlands.
          Heather, I think maybe your anger at things that have happened in your life have either blinded you or confused you to the issues at hand.

          • Kim Phillips

            Amen Miss Manners! He deserves to be hung by his parts! Sick bastard!

          • heather33

            I appriciate what you have said and certainly you can get your thoughts down alot better than I can…I DO understand the entire situation, I cannot NOT follow these stories…it saddens me that other countries dont care about justice as we do in The USA…to me with the war that continues, the past wars, it just seems The USA has to step in because places like Aruba obviously get paid off to protect people and The Netherlands Law is weak at best. I am sad that it has taken this long for a mother to get “justice” for Ms. Holloway and what kind of justice is it really??? She wont see her daughter go to college, see her daughter persue all the dreams that she had…..in the midst of what all of us have written, I think we all need to step back and remember Ms. Holloway, pray for her family….lets remember the people we lost, not those who “took” them….I am saying lets get some peace of mind and justice for her family, but the most important is the memory of Ms. Holloway…

        • Paula

          Problem is, the Netherlands DIDN’T handle it. Nothing ever happened from it…so someone has to take care of their neglegence.

      • http://yahoo peter

        Heather, I appreciated your comments and I want to say how sorry I am for your loss. I know you have been hurt in a way that can never be completely healed. Peter

        • Julie

          Really? You appreciate her incredibly nasty, baseless rude attacks on the other people commenting on this story? You’re just as bad as her!

          • lane

            Julie, How rude of you to critize Peter for trying to reach out to Heather who clearly is in a lot of pain and mental stress. Your comments to him are a reflection of your true self. Sad :(

        • Rick

          Peter your an idiot!!!!!!!

          • hans

            Peter is being understanding and shows compassion.
            Something we seem to have lost in this country and especially on this “discussion board”
            Thank you Peter !

        • Rick

          Lane, you are and idiot also!!! Go play in traffic!!

          • Mike

            Everybody including myself are now idiots for wasting our time on here. I think I will go do something productive.

        • TBray

          I can not believe the disgusting people who get on these discussions. Peter was showing compassion for this person and that make’s him an idiot? If you want to act like assholes stick to your FB account that way your own friends and family can see what asses you are.

          • heather33

            thanks….i didnt mean to make people so angry…I am not angry anymore about my own situation, how can I read this article and not feel angry that is was so obvious that this guy killed Ms. Holloway and the only reason he is in jail because Aruba failed or was paid off…the next girl he killed…her family should sue the Aruba Police, they allowed him to go free and kill again, why doesnt anyone understand how angry that should make any of us…I dont understand…just everyone to pray for Ms. Holloway’s family.

      • Ali

        The US is stepping in because Natalee was from America..She was an American, and this is the first chance we have to be able to try him and get justice for her and that family. We don’t know if she is alive or not. This could be our chance. You make yourself sound awful and you represent Americans in a negative way. You wonder why we get involved with other countries? Start reading the news.

      • American Girl

        Had he not extorted money from Natalee’s mother(or murdered her daughter) – A U.S. citizen, the US wouldn’t have to step into this.

    • Esmi

      I must agree in the behalf of those that oppose him from coming to the States. Bringing him here would only mean that my Tax dollars will support him as far as eating and sleeping, turning on any light or watching tv. let him rot; let his mind spin let him be the fool he was brought up to be. We have enough loosers,low lives, uneducated ppl we dont need him to fill any empty bunks in America………..Keep this Amimal in his present cage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Bob Jones

        I think our tax dollars spent on this A-Hole is better than the guy who stole $1 coke at McD’s. Come on, if this family can’t get closure for their daughter’s murder, at least they can get some closure for him getting sentencing for something they can find absolute proof on. And speaking of uneducated…it is ‘loser’ not ‘loosers.’

      • miss manners

        Sorry, but if this is the least the Holloways can get out of him then god bless em at least they have this much.He will never do time for killing their Daughter but at least they will have something for the extortion.The Holloways deserve this much out of all the hell they have lived through. If he was in a US prison he would be dead already anyway.

    • Tauna

      They should keep IT in Peru. We don’t want to feed, house or give IT free medical attention here in the U.S.

    • chris f

      Well……28 years in a peruvian jail…..
      I think they will make him miss not to be put to death….peruvian jails….color LCD TVs?, movie theater? 3 meals/day?,hot showers?…yeah right.

    • john

      They should leave him in the Peruvian Prison because the USA prisons are like Holiday Inn’s compared to their cells. He’ll be on vacation if he’s here in the states. Leave him there and tag on another 25 years courtesy of the USA judicial system.

      • TBray

        What US prison have you been in that made you come to the conclusion that they are like Holiday Inn’s?? And who gives a care what the prison is like anyhow? As long as he is in it and not out murdering another woman, I could give a shit of it’s like the fricking Hilton.

    • Vince

      The US legal system unfortunately will never wake up. It will continue to harbor and release the criminals in our society based on economics and political pressures. Allowing the murderers and rapist to perpetuate their violent ways. The US legal system is far more concerned with their image projection than executing the scum in our society and letting us law abiding systems live. Start neutering solidly proven child molesters and see how quick it comes to a halt, but nobody has the balls to take this appropriate counter measure, “it would make them look cruel”. It’s all about their reputation…

    • heather33

      I dont have mental issues, maybe I cant spell…I just dont understand…if The US has jursidiction over any US Citizen than why didnt we take this out of Aruba’s hands sooner….no one should go through what Ms Holloway’s family has gone through, I sincerely pray every day for their family any family that has a loved one that goes missing without explanation, dies without any person being held accountable. I paid alot of money in ads, signage, posters, etc to try to pay anyone to come forward in my sister’s death…which I did deal with, it was ugly, I was extremely angry, but contrary to what was written by people who dont know me (never had a Barbie doll collection by the way) I am good now…I appriciate my memories and the time I spent with my sister……I didnt comment on this based on just the issue at hand, I took a bigger world effect, maybe like I commented, I am certainly not as eloquent (sorry if i spelled that wrong) as others and certainly I am not angry for what people wrote, after all…it seems the one thing everyone agrees that in America we do have the right to say and feel how ever we choose and expressing ourselves, no matter what feeling it envokes is our right….I sincerely wish that every American Citizen that is murdered here, in Aruba, the Netherlands, or where ever would get the same justice…but…I guess I have to continue to believe that everything happens for a reason and having faith in that you have to know that the reason may be something you never find out…..peace and light to y’all!

  • Cindy

    I am only sorry he didn’t get MORE time for murdering Ms. Flores. Everyone in America and most of the world KNOWS he murdered Natalee Holloway and got off scott-free thanks to the government of Aruba. I’m glad Peru did a better a job. I hope he never has a free day for the rest of his sorry life.

    • Krizt

      I’m not sure if he hadn’t killed a very influential person in Peru he would have gotten away with it?

      • http://foxfire rebecca

        I think this is true, but it took someone like her to give her life to catch this sick bastard…..she knew he was dangerous, and her family got him, ….so sad

    • sherry

      we know that he murdered Natalee Holloway, but if there is no evidence, there’s no way to prove that he did, its the same thing as the Casey Anthony case.

      • Kristy

        They have the sick little rich punk on video higher than shit confessing and bragging about killing Natilie what ever happened with that???

        • elise

          I hear ya Kristy….a lot of facts in this case just seemed to fall flat.

      • Dave

        No evidence in the Casey Anthony case? Casey Anthony got off because a pathetic jury was swayed by the the defense’s theatrics and statements. Prosecution presented the evidence to convict. The defense presented no evidence to the contrary.

  • Wendy

    He is the poster boy for sociopaths everywhere.

    • http://foxfire rebecca

      fo sho…like, death is to good for him, let him live in Hell on earth

      • elise

        Exactly, he still has that same smug attitude about him. Let him feel that same terror Natalie had to have felt. Death would only afford him a painless way out.

  • http://google carolyn lee

    give him death

    • http://N/A Fran Stellman


  • http://N/A Fran Stellman

    I hope this PUNK/ SCUMBAG gets placed in a U.S. jail with come HATEFUL cons. He deserves to be TREATED the way he treated Natalie & the other woman/ women he hurt!! Welcome to America you CREEP!!!

  • Theresa

    Just let Peru keep him. Why should the United States penalize the tax payers by clothing, sheltering, feeding and then some by providing Van der Sloot with free medical, dental, vision, free internet, TV. He would only have it made in any US prison. Let him rot in Peru.

    • heather33

      this is what I’m saying, I’m just not as eloquent.

      • TM

        The United States wants to try him before the statute of limitations are up on his extortion charge. He will serve his 28 years in a Peruvian prison, but if we do not try him now he would then go free. This way, at the end of his incarceration in Peru, he would not be released, but instead extradited to the U.S. to begin another 25 year term…
        Ideally, he gets shanked in Peru, but a possible 53 years of prison will be a consolation to his victims and their families.

        • CHRISTINE

          PERFECTLY said, “TM” !!!!!

    • American Girl

      He deserves to stand trial wherever he committs a crime.

  • bill torrey

    wherever he ends up let’s hope he spends all his trying on tube tops for big tony

    • CC

      bahaha. Just a bit of justice in that..

  • http://Yahoo.com fwkitchen@sbcglobal.net

    How certain are we that he will be returned to Peru after his trial in the United States. His trial here really serves no purpose let him stay in Peru until he finishes his sentence, then deport him to the United States. I’m sure the prisons in Peru are not as nice or as friendly ours in this country. Prehaps he will die or be killed in their prisons then it will all be a mute issue.


    • http://foxfire rebecca

      no , he needs to go to trial, when he serves his time in Peru he is done, he needs to come to the U.S. to add years on to his miserable life

    • danny


    • misbehaven

      the subject would be “moot”…not mute…

    • Mallory

      We don’t hear much from his idiot parents these days!!!

      • CC

        His dad is dead. To bad he didn’t live to see his son brought to justice.

    • heather33

      thank you…some people get it, others just dont, sad!

      • CC

        No, you don’t get it. He should pay for every crime he has committed. There are worse things our tax dollars have gone towards..

      • Rick

        shut up dummy!!!!!

  • Dahlia

    I doubt he will ever survive his visit to our country; “protective” custody isn’t always protective. If he goes to trial in Alabama…. :/

    • Robert

      Murderers are given the very highest respect in prisons.

      The Alabama girl was acting extremely wild and badly. She did not deserve to die.

      But no prisoners are going to have any interest in taking any kind of revenge agaist him.

  • http://WebProNews Betty

    Maybe somebody in the USA will get HIM !!

  • Joan

    Did someone forget she was a US citizen and entitled to justice under our legal system?

    • CC

      WELL SAID!!!!

  • butch

    I say just put him to death. He needs to NOT cost tax payers anymore money.


    I’m sure his late father would be so proud of him. Until his sudden death, he did everything to protect his son. He even went to jail for awhile. And his mother must be bursting with pride that she has an (in)famous son – known around the world. Wow! So much for being raised by a prominent family. Speaks volumes.



  • Joel

    I find it interesting that no one is mentioning that he also earned money by participating in human trafficking. It is a shame that so many people have suffered at the hands of this individual. I applaud the Peruvian legal system for moving so quickly with the case.

  • Victoria

    I’m guessing here but don’t you think part of the reason for bringing him here now (instead of after his Peruvian sentence is served) is so that Beth Holloway and her family have the best hope of finding out what happened to Natalie? They’ve never had access to him under the U.S. justice system. (I know it isn’t always “just” but it certainly is more just than Aruba’s)I think the Holloway’s just want to know what happened to their loved one. As a mother I can’t imagine not knowing – to know my child is most likely dead, but not really KNOW. I think I’d do most anything to know – as Beth has done, and her best chance of that is to get him on American soil under our system.

    • Kristy

      They have to get him here before the statute of limitations is up. Does anyone know when that is?

  • Betsy

    Oh PLEASE send him here to Birmingham, we would welcome him with open arms, LOL! That is one jury I would love to be on…..I can promise that he wouldn’t walk out like Casey Anthony!

    • heather33

      nothing about this is LOL…why dont you just worry about things concerning Birmingham…this doesnt really concern you…not sorry, now go have a biscuit with your tea.

      • elise

        Heather do you even know what your talking about? Birmingham is in Alabama…..the state where Natalie is from…..as in the US!!! I suspect you must be confusing Birmingham with Buckingham? As in the UK? Stop being so rude & obnoxious & try understanding the facts in this case.

      • shayla

        heather, she was being sarcastic..why dont u just shut up already

      • RB

        wow, are you really that ignorant Heather? not sorry

  • Liz

    So that means the USA will be paying for him to be healthy and well fed with our money in prison when he is sent back here.??? What is wrong with that picture?…His country should foot the bill.

    • heather33

      thank you!

      • Victoria

        That’s a great idea Liz & Heather! Now, how do we make that happen?

  • CC

    I would gladly contribute or have my tax dollars go towards the imprisonment of this monster. Money well spent. What would you want done if N. Hollaway was your daughter?!

  • Allen

    When you look at Van Der Sloot you are looking at the Devil.

    • Liz

      I would petition to have him serve his life in the country where he started all this mess. He does not deserve our hospitality. Our prisons and tax money are way too good for him. If I were N. Hollaway’s parents I would not want him in my country . I would want him so far away where he does not “dirty” the ground my daughter stepped on when alive.

  • Steve

    Heather bitch attitude to Lisa was unjustified.

    • Victoria

      And made no sense.

  • D

    Well the good ol’ boys in Alabama will take care of him before he gets a chance to attend his own trial…You can count on that!

    • Robert

      Murderers are given the very highest respect in prisons.

      The Alabama girl was acting extremely wild and badly. She did not deserve to die.

      There are no prisoners that are going to have any interest in taking any kind of revenge agaist him in Alabama.

  • CC

    Maybe it will send a message to people in other countries that America will not turn a blind eye to their injustice.

  • Victoria

    I understand what you are saying Heather – I don’t like paying for the upkeep of creeps that rape children or murder someone in cold blood – but we do it – it’s the way things are done here. I’d be willing to have my taxes directly pay for Van Der Sloot’s imprisonment here if meant giving the Holloway family the chance for peace. Wouldn’t you gladly pay for the imprisonment of the person who murdered your sister if they found him?

  • christine

    i can believe they havent fried this guy yet

  • Jim

    I suspect that the mother of Natalie Holloway needs another 15 minutes of fame. Very sad. Time to move on.

    • Victoria

      You’ve GOT to be kidding….

      • elise

        Speaking of someone looking for their 15 mins of fame!! Jim you are very sick…..

    • CC

      Are you saying that a mother is enjoying time in the spot light for the small price (heavy on the sarcasm) of a murdered daughter… She wants justice, this is why she keeps this in the public eye. I would fight until I took my last breath If I were in her shoes.

      • Victoria

        My thoughts exactly CC.

    • noneya

      WOW jim how can you say that the poor mom just wanted her daughters body she deserves that much…. i would do anything as well to get justice or even info about my daughters death as well you owe her an apology dont you think

    • RB

      WOW…. what a D-bag thing to say!!

  • Jerry Couch

    Joran Van Der Sloot in the United States facing charges of extortion mysteriously disappears now that would be justice. I hope he gets convicted and is sentenced to the maximum. Or better yet when he serves his time here maybe the prisoners can do what they did to Jeffery Dahmer and shove a broomstick up his A**

    • RB

      AGREED, or Bubba will tat some breasts on his back. They will just “LOVE” him in a U.S. prison. I for one do not mind my tax dollars going to fund this.

  • Cynthia

    Maybe Joran can meet up with Casey and together they can kill each other and no one would give a damm.

    • shayla

      love that..

    • Diane Suffredini

      I like this idea. Unlikely….but good idea.

    • Linda

      I agree with you. They both deserve each other!!
      Joran will never be convicted in Aruba because I believe his father had something to do with the murder. He was involved in the court system and both of them got away with murder in the death of Natalie. Unfortunately the fathers guilt got the best of him and he passed away a few years ago from a heart attack.
      The people I feel sorry for are Joran’s mother & the families of Natalie Holloway and Stephanie Flores.
      What goes around comes around and Joran will get his pat back!!

  • Kristy

    Jim some how you will pay for your comment.

    • Victoria

      Karma is a bitch.

  • Beth

    We’re not “stepping in” to fix the world’s problems. He committed a crime (extortion) against US citizens and we are holding him accountable. Once his trial is done, he’ll go back to Peru, and when his sentance is complete, he will be extradited back here to serve his time. We do this every single day – this isn’t the US playing policeman to the world, this is the US doing its duty and protecting its citizens to the best of its ability.

    • Victoria

      Best comment on this – the entire thing in a nutshell. Well said, Beth.

    • CC

      I agree, well said!!

    • elise

      Well said…too bad some still won’t get it.

  • Emma Jane Riley

    There is no real punishment in this world for those without a conscious. He will pay that debt in the next world.

  • Cherri

    What i would like to know is why hasnt anyone ever looked at his computer to see if there is anything on there? I spent 8 months working in aruba and just like any where else why would you get in a car with someone you dont even no. Just sayin

    • Robert

      Virtually every one of the girls on this trip and thousands of other groups go out late into the night, party with complete strangers, trust everyone and catch rides with anyone offering them.

      Go to just about any college or university campus and the same thing happens all the time in the U.S.

      Sadly in this case, we all believe that instead of another nice and friendly college age person, that Beth Hollaway trusted a young man that had very sinister motives or spontaniously when rejected did extremely bad things to her.

  • Joe Allen

    Someone needs to put that rabid dog down. Just like an out of control dog. Just destroy it and be done.

  • Sally Mae

    I am sure the worst US Prison is better the the best prison in Peru. He probably is looking forward it.

    • Robert

      Sadly, you are absolutely right Sally.

      Peru’s prisons are rated amoung the top 5 worst in all the world.

  • dan

    I think that Beth Hollaway deserves to see closure.I am truly sorry to hear about your loss Heather.I hope that you will seek the Lord for healing.I was heavily abused in High School by very cruel students and a couple of teachers so i understand just a little bit of the hurt you are going through.Van Der Sloot deserves everything he has coming to him tax dollars or not.He must have been spoiled badly by his parents.I still feel that their were 3 of them involved.

  • Scott

    I think what Heather objects to, and I agree, is that the Netherlands has taken the easy way out and done nothing to this murderer and it’s very frustrating for us as US citizens to be forced to be the responsible world citizen and take care of this when it’s the Netherlands responsibility.

  • Donna

    I think hang him high would be the best thing they could do.It wouldn’t cost taxpayers any money.

    • Robert

      He is only going to be tried for extortion.

      Not for Halloway’s murder!

  • DrkNLuvly54

    Ok. I totally get where everyone is coming from on this. This guy is a total SCUMBAG, DIRTBALL, A$$HOLE, LOW-LIFE PIECE OF TRASH, who was raised to respect NO ONE!!!

    What you all need to keep in mind is simply this: This creep was sentenced to 28 years in a Peruvian prison for murdering a Peruvian officials daughter. HE AIN’T GETTING OUT FOR 28 YEARS!!! WOO HOOOOO!!!! He could end up dead before the U.S. ever gets to extradite him back here to try him for extortion. My point here: either way, he ain’t getting out of that Peruvian prison for 28 longgggggg years!

    As much as I feel bad for both the Holloway’s and Flores family, justice has been served either way. To some degree. Maybe not in the fashion which we, as American’s feel but justice no less. This animal is no longer walking amongst society so that he can committ murder…AGAIN!!! Both Stephanie and Natalie lost their lives to this creep and for this most heinous act…he is and will continue to pay for a very, very long time to come. So, U.S. taxpayers, rest! Let’s worry about this when the time comes (and let’s hope that he meets his maker long before this happens) so that we don’t have to have concerns about housing this a$$hole off of our tax dollars.

    However unfortunate for poor Stephanie, she gave her life needlessly and it cost her, her life but this scum was caught as a result. God, in his infinite wisdom, is getting the glory out of this ordeal and by no means did he want Stephanie Flores to die but it happened and this low-life was caught because of it. No! I cannot explain how God works in this regard…I just know that he does! He has been caught, tried, convicted and imprisoned. Exactly where he belongs.

    Also keep in mind that because Arubuian authorities failed to do their job apprehending, questioning and detaining he and his croonies which by the way, I think also knows exactly what happened to Natalie, God made it to where he positioned himself in a place where he would be caught even if it did cost a beautiful young girl to lose her life in the process. HE IS CAUGHT, AND DONE FOR! BELIEVE IT!!! Oh yeah, last but not least…I am willing to bet that he has killed before Natalie and Stephanie. GUARANTEED!

    Rest all….

  • shayla

    exactly well said beth!

  • Julie

    Jim and Heather, you are both utter morons! (And that is the kindest word I could come up with, believe me…)
    Between Heather verbally attacking people for no good reason, and Jim making the most asinine comment in the entire thread, I’m thinking that maybe the two of you should meet up and go jump off a bridge together. You’re both disgusting and rude and reading your words is literally making my blood pressure rise.

  • DGrant

    Fine, convict him in the US but send him back to the hell hole prison in Peru for life.

  • Hank

    PLease send him to Texas. We don’t know what frying Dutch flesh smells like but would like to find out.

  • Don

    Better still–save some tax dollars, try him in absentia via the US Consolate and the State Department, and make arrangements with the Peruvian government to serve what additional time he receives there in addition to his sentence he’s currently doing. If they balk, same process, then fly him to the prison at Guantanamo, Cuba or Leavenworth upon his release in Peru.

  • Angg123

    This story incredibly horrible, how can someone do that to somebody?

  • Angg123

    Well said to everyone who is against this craziness!

  • Steve (Michigan)

    COMN’ ON MAN! Can’t we all just get along, or to agree to disagree? I will agree that the US Courts can be sometimes easy on some people, then harder on people with a lessor crime but either way that bast*** should get what’s coming to him no matter what the crime or where the crime was. I personaly think instead of twenty-eight years in Peru, he should be six feet under. I’m just saying.

  • TJ

    It’s hilarious that the comments started by this attention-starved Heather-person led to so much back-and-forth nonsense that it takes someone basically restating what the article said for people to say stuff like “best comment yet.” Really? Come on guys. This guy is a cold-blooded murderer that finally got caught. But 28 years for STABBING A GIRL TO DEATH?!? Not to mention robbery. What a joke!! We hand out longer jail sentences to armed robbers that don’t even hurt or kill anyone. He should be serving LIFE imprisonment at the least. That’s probably the best odds of him actually getting what he truly deserves; prison justice seems to work faster than the death penalty these days anyway.

  • http://www.legaldee.com legaldee

    I understand what you are saying Heather – I don’t like paying for the upkeep of creeps that rape children or murder someone in cold blood – but we do it – it’s the way things are done here. I’d be willing to have my taxes directly pay for Van Der Sloot’s imprisonment here if meant giving the Holloway family the chance for peace. Wouldn’t you gladly pay for the imprisonment of the person who murdered your sister if they found him?

    Very well said! And yes she would. Heather is in pain and rightfully so. Lots of us have lost loved ones to violence and even the ones that got caught get off easy many times. My uncle was stabbed in the heart in his mothers’ home (my grandmother) by his best friend over a boon-box . Boon boxes were popular in the 60’s for those born later..it’s not a new phenomenon. Anyhow, the murderer called my grandmother the next day and apologized and the U.S. gave “mr. murderer a total of 3 years incarceration….Justice? By the way, the murderer was upset because he couldn’t find his own box so he took it out on my uncle because in his sick mind–even though the box wasn’t his, my uncle had to be the culprit “because he was the only one with a boon box? sick mf!

    I’m angry too but it doesn’t change what must be done! If extradition is what it takes to keep his ass locked up…SO BE IT NO MATTER WHAT IT COST. We waste money everyday on “bs” politics and crooked ass politicians. Bring his ass to the USA.

  • Barbara

    What ever the sentence is will not be enough. There is no way he any feelings for a human to be able to do what he has done and then to keep the hope going for Mrs. Halloway. This is unexceptable in any book. They should never let this animal out EVER…..

  • Laura

    I agree that the US tends to get involved in other countries’ ordeals, but in this case, I think that Joran should be extradited because he needs to be held accountable for what he did to Natalee’s mother. Even if the sentencing is light, it will still be in addition to the 28 years he is serving in Peru. The point is that we don’t EVER want this guy to be released from prison. Hopefully, while he is serving time, Natalee’s body will be found OR a strong enough case can be built to try him for murder without a body. It has been done before…

  • JD

    Joran was convicted of killing Stephany and is serving 28 years in Peru per this article. THEN, “The 24-year old was the last person to see Natalee Holloway alive and told authorities he would lead them to her body and reveal how she died in exchange for $250,000.” Who knows how many more young women he has killed. I am not in favor of the death sentence but in this case there may be an exception. Why keep wasting money on trials and extradition which continue to cost taxpayers money? Either lock him up and throw away the key or let him hang so to speak. If he can show authorities where Natalee’s body is then it suggests guilt. Obviously this guy is a danger to society no matter where he lives. He confessed to one murder. If this happened to my daughter I would invite him to dinner and serve buckshot a la carte!

    • Laura

      I agree that Joran is a total waste of life and should be put away forever, but unfortunately, the US legal system does not make the process very simple. Also, if Joran was tried for Natalee’s murder now, there is a chance that he wouldn’t be convicted. It would be better if for everyone if people like Joran Van Der Sloot just did not exist.

  • Robert

    I completely understand the United States wanting to try him for the extortion before the stuate of limitations run out. But Peru’s prisons are ranked amoung the five worst in the world. Although murders are rare in their prisons for prisoners. Highly dangerous for wardens and guards.

    But he is unlikely to get more than either probation and a fine or a few years. In prison in Alabama, murderers are given the very highest respect. He will not be attacked by other inmates. Or atleast it is extremely unlikely.

    But the real danger is, that given the extremely bad prisons in Peru: That his attorneys will bring this up and demand an extradition hearing. And given that every government prison rating agency in the world has such bad rating of Peru’s prisons: Just about no country in the world extradites anyone to Peru. So, it would be extremely likely that the U. S. courts will block any attempt to return him to Peru.

    NOT GOOD!!!

  • Danny30

    Put an effin round in his head.

  • Danny30

    Put a round in his head.

  • SweetC

    IF we bring him here to face charges of extortion and wire fraud, what is the maximum sentence he can receive. Plus, will Peru take him back one he’s served that sentence or will that wash their hands of him – which would mean he would go free.

    This is absolutely ridiculous. Wasting taxpayer dollars on a scheme hatched up by Beth Holloway and her attorney.

  • Linda

    Too bad we can’t bring him to Texas; we’re really into the death penalty for losers like Joran.

  • Jennifer

    Our country is finacial ruins and we are going to bring him over here to stand trial for somthing that will probly get him tops a year in jail here…then what? I know of a lawyer here in the US that extorted over $100,000 and they couldn’t even charge him…it was a civil matter…And they think they are going to get him for the max sentence of 25 years it will never happen…that is just the way our system works…Lets just pretend he will get the max…25 years for $25,000…Now remember USA we the tax payers have to pay for this…we are talking about an approximate minimum of $250,000 to house him in a jail here for 25 years…How stupid are all involved in this extrodition??? Don’t get me wrong I do believe that the mother deserves justice for her daughter…but i think this is more about a lawyer and his 15 minutes…it is BS! They need to leave him there!

  • Joshua

    GOOD! Now Urine Van Der Poop will face some real justice!!!

  • Brandy

    I will say this – Beth Holloway is one smart, determined mother!! Extraditing him here for “extortion” also means we can subpena evidence that may support the charges IE the computer!! If poor Stephanie was killed because of something she found on it, than it may still be there. So, if in the course of prosecuting him for extortion we happen to find proof of Natalie’s murder its a twofer!! Either way, he will never make it in the American Prison system. This case was so highly publicized, and he is a “foreigner”…They will eat him alive. Hopefully Literally!

  • Shari

    I imagine the Netherlands must deal with the fallout of their laxness in their legal system each time one of these Psycho’s walk free and cause mayehm in their communities. The Holloway family deserve the same closure in the death of Natalie as Heather would want, and if it costs the taxpayers in this country to ensure that happens in any small measure, then tell me where to send my contribution! Of course it would be cheaper to send in a Seal Team than pay to put him in prison for 28 years ( really Peru?? 28 years for the cold blooded murder of a young woman…How about life??)

  • Heather

    Well, I don’t care where he is, as long as he dies in prison. I feel bad for these poor families. He is evil.

  • Mark

    He should stay in Peru. If you think the concept of Mexican Prisons is bad, the ones in Peru a worse. If they grab him he will possibly die of a sexually transmitted disease, scum like him deserves a slow painful agonizing death so that he rots in hell for the rest of his life. His father, an Aruban judge let him off in Aruba and he then killed another woman. All the extortion case will do is sell newspapers and be on the news for the next 6 months. No stay in Lima.

  • Nameless

    I wish someone would just grow the balls to end his fvcking, worthless piece of $hit life by slowly torturing him to his death. He does not deserve another breath of air!!!!!!!

    • roxanne

      Amen Nameless. Had he been in Texas and this happened, they would have found her body or evidence there of and he would be on death row right now. The bastard is going to get his anyway. He will not see daylight for almost 60 yrs. If, he lives that long in prison in Peru…………………..

  • Michael

    No one wants to view this man in public anywhere, anytime for any reasons other than being fully prosecuted and permanently locked up. My heart goes out to all of the loved ones wherever they may be.

  • Rick

    victoria and heather are still stupid bitches

  • tracy finn

    I wonder how many others he has murdered. Surely he is not batting 0 with these two girls.

  • roxanne

    Great for Beth Holloway!!!!!! This serial killer needs to be brought to justice for what he has done. Granted, he can’t be held responsible for Natalee’s “death”, but he is responsible for the extortion of her mother. He will be convicted, the FBI has it all on tape and video. So, being convicted in the U.S. for extortion and could get 25 years, and having to go back to Peru and finish his 28 yr. sentence for murder, he will have to come back here to do his time for 25 more. Almost 60 yrs. behind bars. Can’t murder anymore women or sponge off of them. If he was in Texas, Natalee’s body would have been found and he would get the death penalty. Justice, Beth!!!!!

  • Susan Shaw

    We had an American missionary stuck in a Peruvian jail for offending the Peruvian govt. regarding women’s rights. I understand her Mother had to relocate to Peru because reportedly any toiletries, food, water or other necessities had to be provided to her by “someone” or she would have nothing. Apparently, our govt. made multiple attempts to get this girl back, but at last word I never knew the final result. Anyway, by the time “this trash” does 28 years in Peru, the USA will seem like a vacation with our gyms, televisions, libraries, cafeterias, basketball courts, etc… maybe he’ll decide we can pay for him to get an education as well as take care of ALL his healthcare needs to include ALL the dental care he didn’t receive while imprisoned in Peru. One can only hope “justice” will be served over there.

  • Grits VR

    I believe the comments should be directed toward the article. I am happy “Urine” I will call him, has been charged with murder, and will come to the US for additional charges. I hope Urine rots in jail. I do feel there is not enough evidence to charge him with Holloway’s murder, even though I feel certain he should.

    Prayers for Heather’s family…I hope they reopen your cold case and find who did this to your family. No one should have to live that nightmare.

    As to the rest of the comments, you all should be ashamed of yourselves. This is what is wrong with America. We no longer are united….we are infighting over insignifcant crap. God Bless America.

  • http://yahoo Kevin

    I think 25+28 years, that is 53 in total. I don’t think that’s a sufficient punishment for this cock sucker. They should just throw him in with the rest of the Peruvian inmates and let them have fun with him and beat him to death. But, I’d feel sorry for those guys for having to share the same space with him.

  • Ealex

    The boy likes to kill…so he should experience the same

  • elmer

    opinions r like ahls every one has one!!

  • Deborah Day

    Yeah man… Were gonna bring you over here and try you for extortion. And then were put you in a small cell with a big guy who has a fascination with your nice tight buns and milky thighs. And while he’s raping you your new boyfriend is just gonna love how you scream like a girl. I hope you bleed for a long time asshole. Happy Dreams!

  • Don’t Worry

    The US is stepping in because….. AN AMERICAN WAS MURDERED! That’s why we are involved. This Heather is such and idiot

  • Don’t Worry


  • Sarah

    All I can say is….if this was your mother, sister or any family member you would want to see justice. Prayers go out to the families of the Halloway’s and everyone that is involved. As a mother myself, I would fight to the ends of the earth to see the person who took my daughter and anyone in my family.

  • bking

    I think half of you dont even know the details of this case or some of the basic laws in the U.S. he is traveling to the us to stand trial for the crimes that he committed that they CAN prove! murder not being 1 of them, no body no murder weapon no witness Good luck! He will serve time in Peru and when that finishes he’ll come to the u s to serve more time I have no problem with the tax payers fliling the bill for that. Heather your bat shit crazy & should get some help! Like Now stop reading and go!