NASCAR Corpse: Woman Just Wanted Someone to Hang Out With

    July 14, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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NASCAR corpse: The next time your partner dies and you’re left with no one to watch the races with, it’s still probably a good idea to tell someone about the body. Otherwise, they’re just going to think you’re a macabre weirdo who doesn’t have a lot of friends or family to speak of. And while I’m definitely not passing judgment on the poor Michigan woman who left her deceased partner in his chair for 18 months, reporting dead bodies is just a good rule of thumb to live by.

72 year-old Linda Chase kept Charles Zigler’s body in her house so she wouldn’t be lonely, according to the Associated Press. In order to maintain some level of normalcy, Chase would clean and dress Zigler’s corpse on a regular basis. When it came time to watch NASCAR, Chase would sit in her living room and converse with the dead guy about the events transpiring on the television. Usually this sort of story amuses me, though, to be perfectly honest, this one is actually kind of depressing. I really feel bad for the woman.

Authorities believe Charles died sometime in December of 2010, with the cause of death likely natural. Although Chase won’t be charged for keeping a dead body in her home, she is currently being investigated for financial fraud since she cashed Zigler’s benefit checks following his death. That, apparently, is a no-no.

Police were alerted to the issue when Zigler’s son couldn’t reach his father. Whenever he tried to stop by the house, Chase would refuse to let him inside. “That wasn’t right to leave him lay like that,” the man’s son explained.

Chase, meanwhile, claims that she didn’t mean any harm. “It’s not that I’m heartless. I didn’t want to be alone. He was the only guy who was ever nice to me,” she said. “I’m probably going to prison. “I told them the truth. I didn’t lie about that.”

  • Michael Lenyo

    The man died because he was waiting for Dale Earnhardt Jr to break his winless streak.

    • Rock Kickass

      The best comment, hands down!!!

    • Joe

      not bad, actually!

    • rocky bullwinkle

      Dale Earnhardt Jr. won Michigan a few weeks ago.

    • John

      You’re absolutly right on that one!!

  • woody

    So after 18 freaken months the son gets curious about his dad?

    • Roxanne Schrock

      I’m with you Woody. A real son does NOT wait 18 months to talk to his father! Some son. I talk to my GROWN kids daily.

      • Danny

        And I bet every time their phone rings, they think “not again”.

  • John Ryzek

    I heard Her say “Im going to Prison for spending His SSI!” I think She needs to go somewhere else ( Happy Farm ). This Lady needs SERIOUS Help.

  • Courtney Crewe

    Wow…what an absolutely sad story; however I can completely emphathize with the poor Dear! I too lost my husband of 30-years (victim of a horrible medical “mistake”!) I was (and still am!) devastated! I lost my best friend, life companion and my will to live! I can only thank GOD for giving me the strength to NOT take my own life just so I could be with my Beloved Husband! I truly hope that the Court will take pity on her mental and emotional state and not come down hard on her! And the money aspect…what do they expect??! She is a senior citizen trying to survive in this rat’s nest of a country and she is doing it by any and every way she knows how!! If our society treated our senior citizens with the RESPECT they deserve and EXPECT (and rightly so!), she would not have felt compelled to cash those checks! She probably worked hard all of her life (and her beloved Husband!; got up every day with the mindset to do the right thing; and now feels utterly mortified and (possibly indignant) that her life and everything she knew was being obliterated right before her very eyes! And probably through no fault of her own! I will definitely say a prayer to the Good Lord to spare her any further humiliation and degradation and give the LADY a break!!!

  • NoTo Nascar

    Nascar is now down to 23 fans remaining.

    • Frank

      You either need glasses or have a horable time with math

    • Jay

      I’ will happily make it 24…lol…

    • Harold

      Only an idiot would make a comment like that.Nascar is down to 23 fans? Try again fool Nascar is the most watched sport in the world.

      • MKX

        “The most watched sport in the world”

        hahahaha. LOL, LMFAO,

        What world do you live in???????????

        • Danny

          A normal one. Unlike you…moron.

    • me

      nascar is the biggest spectator sport in america,so no to nascar,u cant read #s or info,u must be a little slow!

      • MKX

        Being called “a little Slow” by a Nascar Fan is not that insulting. A bit funny actually.

        • Danny

          Keep posting idiot. We’re enjoying your making a total @ss of yourself.

    • rocky bullwinkle

      But only three teeth remaining

      • davey lew

        Your grammer tells us all that You are a true Nascar fan. Redneck.

        • Cerebus

          It’s spelled GRAMMAR, smart guy.

  • http://Yahoo Philip Dickey

    who is she kidding, if her husband died, she would not have been left alone, for his family and hers would have been at her side…believe me I had a mother in law, who was and still is money hungry..case in point, when her husband told her if he didn’t make it out of his surgery, there was a $50,000 insurance policy in her name, and when he made it through?, she was pissed!!

  • larry julien

    If she was cashing his checks, she knew what she was doing.

  • Joe

    Dying is about the only way I could sit through one of those races.

  • http://Facebook Bud Miller

    As a comment here , just how do you sit in the living room with a dead body for 18 mos . They start to seriuosly decay in the first 5 days without refridgerating . Maybe she took a course in embalming 101 in high school chemestry .I`m old too & a lot older than she , but you have to look out for #1 in any way you can . Would I donate a few bucks to help her , yep !!. Seems like his son might chip in too !!!

  • Iron Mike

    a million fans from sixteen families

  • butter bean

    Drive by the house everyday on my way to work…would never guess it was happening…Jackson mi….right next to Michigan International Speedway..

  • GWBickford

    Nascar is getting to be to big, It’s a tough business, what bothers me the most is what drivers we have coming up that will be veterans 10 yrs from now. I can’t stand any of them now let alone 10yrs from now!!

  • GWBickford

    Did the Son think it funny he hasn’t spoke to his father in 18 months?

    • Danny

      Did the son say he thought it was funny, or do anything to make you believe that? Moron…

  • roguesmoker

    1. Football
    2. Baseball
    3. NASCAR
    4. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
    5. Basketball
    6. Hockey
    7. Soccer
    8. Horse Racing
    9. Golf
    10. Tennis
    WWE wrestling is not a sport but a show.

  • Butchboy

    I guess to implicate NASCAR into this story is to say that wasting time watching all the little cars go round and round and round (ad infinum…) in circles while waiting for one to finally crash WILL send one over the edge mentally, as it clearly did this woman. Norman Bates hasn’t got sh!t on this looney bird… Oh wait, HE was fictitious…

  • http://n/a TC

    18 months?! I cannot believe he said what she did was wrong. He was really bad off to think it strange to wait so long before he told someone?.

  • Gregg

    Ok am i the only one who’s curious about how she dealt with the smell and decomposing body in her house ???

    • cindy combs

      I was wondering the same thing also….and why wasn’t that mentioned in the article? The place had to reek of decomposition!

  • pyro

    It never said they were married, just said “partner”. And what else is there to do in Michigan besides sit and watch Nascar & people decay? The son should be charged for not checking on his dad.

  • el stinko

    I’m a Paramedic, so a long story short, I’ve seen 100’s of bodies in various forms of decay. I honestly do not understand how she was able to stay in that house with all of the smells, flies, and bodily fluids that go along with the decaying process. I also do not believe the son ever stopped by the house at all, I have smelled dead bodies from the end of the street, before I could even see the house!!!

  • pyro

    So that explains why the local auto parts store was always out of those little green tree air fresheners !!! She must have taken an online course in body mummification 101.

  • Michael

    Ah, shades of William Faulkner’s great short story, “A Rose for Emily.”

  • http://yahoo.com gary spencer

    thats such a sad story. i hope im not ever that lonely. i guess the good side is she cleaned and dressed the guy.

  • Steffie

    This article is poorly written. Geez…. No mention of a decomposing body smell? Poorly researched and reported.

    • Danny

      So who care what you think about the article? Are you an editor?

  • TIGGER57

    This article IS poorly written. I didn’t see anywhere in the article which driver they were supporting (JR…..WOO HOOO!) :^)


    When I was a kid, I ran service calls with my dad, to fix appliances, to various customer’s homes. I was in the kitchen of a very nice house, while dad inspected the refrigerator of a seemingly normal elderly woman. I peeked into her dining room, while standing there, and I saw what I first thought was a huge hutch or cabinet that the lady was standing in front of. As my eyes became accustomed to the dim light, I saw her meticulously washing the body of her dead husband, as he (it) lay in a coffin in the dining room. I asked my dad what the hell was “going on in there”. Seeing what I saw, he said, “Be quiet. he must’ve just died, and they had a wake.”

    After we expressed to the woman our sympathy for her recently deceased husband, she replied, ” oh, he’s been dead about a year and a half now “. She had kept him, at home, because his last wish was to never leave the house.

    We never went back to that house.

  • WTF?

    What do you expect from a person who watches or attends a NASCAR race? These people have an average IQ of 70 – anyone more intelligent finds watching a bunch of cars turning left boring as hell.

    • Karl Childers

      The only thing worse are people with an IQ of 30 whose only life exists in going online and making comments about people they don’t know. LOL

  • Rick Friedling

    . . .and that, children, is why God invented Formula 1.

  • apollo01

    Sounds like “Weekend at Bernie’s 3″

  • Marty

    I wonder who his driver was,Mayfield?

  • Rick

    Now that’s a true “diehard” Nascar fan.

  • Don Olish

    This old lady is “all set.” She gets all his money and he’s been “hard” for quite some time.

    • http://webpronews.com Carole Drennan

      First of all, thank God this didn’t happen in Texas. The heat and drouth are all we need to contend with just now. Secondly, did this poor woman not have a friend or relative who might have noticed a dead man in the room? Or a neighbor who might have gotten a whiff of the problem? If someone was supposed to be checking in from time to time, I’d say he/she needs to be replaced. Immediately. Even sooner than that.

  • Sandra

    You’re an idiot. Rigor Mortis goes away after 24-36 hours, and doesn’t affect soft tissue ever. It’s the joints that stiffen.

    This woman deserves our pity, not our condemnation.

  • Captain Sweatpants

    You might be a Redneck…….

  • Hampton Prescott

    18 months is a sheer amount of time to have a corpse in your house, I’m supprised she didn’t rid it sooner. But I guess theres always taxadermy.