Nanny Cam Home Invasion Suspect Caught

    June 29, 2013
    Mike Tuttle
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Millburn, New Jersey is a nice place to live. There are tree-lined streets, good schools, and the median family income is in the high $100,000 range. Last week a father on one of those streets set up a nanny cam in his home. Friday morning, his 3-year-old daughter and 18-month-old son were home with his wife. The mother and daughter were on the couch, watching television. The son slept upstairs. The nanny cam was on.

Suddenly there was a crash from the kitchen. The mother jumped up to investigate, only to see a large black man lunge toward her. She ran to the living room and he caught her at the couch, right next to her daughter. He rained punches down on her mercilessly. Over the next few minutes, he repeatedly beat her, threw her around, choked her, and finally threw her down the basement stairs. He then took several items of jewelry from the home, including her wedding ring, and fled.

And all the while, the nanny cam was running. This New Jersey home invasion was caught entirely on video. The woman and her husband decided to release the cam footage to the public, hoping that someone would recognize the man and help bring him to justice.

Today that decision paid off. It is reported now that police have arrested Shawn Custis, 42, in Inwood, Manhattan. He was charged with attempted murder, robbery, burglary and endangering the welfare of a child.

The victim’s husband said in a statement:

“We are forever grateful to the incredible team of law enforcement officers for their hard work over the past week. Thanks to these heroes, our family can now begin the next chapter of our healing. We also want to thank everyone in the Millburn community, the Millburn Workmoms, and those from across the country for the outpouring of support.”

This is the video the family released to the public, leading to the arrest of Custis. It is violent and hard to watch. It is not suitable for children, and perhaps not for work.

  • tompkins

    They need a neighborhood watch program set up.
    they need a good Samaritan like George Zimmerman
    to give this person an attitude adjustment.

    • Jerrika

      Why because the intruder was black? Oh ok.

      • Way Cool

        The color of his skin has nothing to do with it. This guy is a cold brutal human being who has no place in society.Im sick of anytime its a person of color the race card gets thrown down. Im also tired of hearing people of color crying racism when they get caught in the act on camara.
        Move his ass and any other criminal like him to the front of the line for the chair. What ever color they are.
        Like Ron White says “Other states are trying to abolish the death penalty..Texas is putting an express lane” Hell Ill pull the switch..all I need is two 15 minute breaks and half hour lunch. Clean out the prison population.

        • mitch

          When he is on camera like that it really has nothing to do with anything at all do what use to be done take him out and hang him in the street let everyone see justice I bet we would see lass crime!!!! What could someone say he’s innocent lets stop wasting are hard earned dollars supporting criminals and an education system that isn’t working lets fix the problem the old fashion way!!!!

      • Abe Lincoln

        No, scumbag criminals come in all colors.
        Neighborhood watch to watch out for the safety of your neighbors.

        Get off the racial/victim train. Not helping you.

  • jb



    Someone needs to beat the shit out of that motherfucker, AND SOON!!!!!!!!!!1

  • wideawake

    Are you friggin blind??? It wouldn’t matter if he was green with yellow polka dots, he attacked a mother of two like a vicious animal, he could have killed her and it’s all there in front of you, stop with the color cards (black or white) a crime is a crime, an animal is an animal and thank God they have the evidence and they caught this poor excuse of a human. Hope someone protects your Mom, wife, girlfriend or daughter!

  • Lib

    It’s pathetic that a young mother and her precious childten were victimized by this animal. When he goes to prison, I hope someone does the same thing to him. As far as the race card goes, I tired of that years ago. ANYONE who does such a thing is animalistic, regardless of their color.

  • Canoest

    I’m so glad that brave woman and her husband put that video out there. It could have been worse-raped or killed on video.

    This was a heinous crime by a POS who should never walk the streets again. Hope he gets the same, if not worse, beating in jail-and the guards will look the other way.

    Wouldn’t his girlfriend be considered “Aiding and Abetting”-he was found in her apt.!!!

  • Bunny Russell

    I don’t care if he was orange with purple stripes and blue polka dots, he need to have his behind beat…maybe several times a day. What an A-hole…It’s people like him that give any group of folks a bad name. Throw the book at him? Hell, they need to beat the stew out of him with it…and anything else they can lay their hands on.

  • jim

    this azzhole should be hung like the nigger he is!!!!

  • salliebelle

    Where is Al Sharpton now…he is so hell bent on punishing whites for touching any black, eg: Zimmerman..but blacks can and do kill whites all the time. Many of those crimes do not get put in the news…I have to wonder why…thank the Lord he has been caught and for the most part he will be accountable for his actions. Again, where is AL SHARPTON?

    • shey

      You sound like a racist idiot. This is not a black/white thing. This is a people/people thing.

      • http://yahoo FOKUDOME

        Hey shey , you just sound like an IDIOT , period …….

        • MichaelBlank

          Very well thought out response FOKUDOME. Thanks for skipping nap time at camp to write it.

    • Andy

      The great Al Sarpton, has this on a video loop and cheers everytime it rolls around

    • Sparky Hoffman

      It still amazes me, more than anything in the annals of history, that we freed these beasts and allow them to walk amongst us unchecked.

  • John

    This piece of shit deserves to die

  • Cee Cee Allstar

    For me, this is not a color/race issue. That animal/coward had no right or cause whatsoever to victimize and terrorize that family. I hope that worthless piece of crap gets punished to the maximum extent of the law and burns in hell for his heinous crimes. I pray that the brave family heals and I wish the family all of God’s comfort during this difficult time.

  • http://WebProNews/Life Laura Salovitch

    I was under the impression that nanny cams operated only in the baby’s nursery, not throughout the entire house. Glad to find that I’m wrong.

    • scrappy

      A nanny cam is not to watch your baby. It is to watch what someone is doing while they are babysitting your child.

  • Gouki

    He ain’t helping the blacks that don’t commit crimes
    and this is why we need to keep the second amendment.

  • Anne

    I hope they lock him up and throw away the key!! Or better yet, give the key to some of the inmates who don’t have the time or patience for scum who beat women and/or children!!! What a subhuman piece of garbage!

  • Sparky Hoffman

    A bit surprising that this crime was perpetrated by an African-American. I would not have guessed that, given their reputation as upstanding, peaceful, intelligent people.

    • Carol

      NOW WHO IS THE RACIST?? The devil has made everyone put RACE as an issue and made YOU forget that a woman has almost lost her life!!! And her kids are now suffering!!

  • Nate

    I hope this baboon gets beaten to death in prison.

  • Nat

    attempted murder is trumped up. he attempted to beat her until she stayed down and couldn’t/wouldn’t fight back. that doesn’t equal murder. he ain’t gettin’ outta prison ever again tho – attempted murder or not. but this picture is what racist white folks need to justify their racism. no matter the fact that white people are the biggest rapist, murderers and thieves this world has EVER seen. manifest destiny THAT you racist dogs. i hate you all.

    • Michael Golden

      @Nat….Thank you for confirming what I and a lot of white people have always believed, That Blacks are a lot more racist than whites…
      …You should guard against having such a hateful attitude, it will only put you in one of three places, prison the hospital or the morgue.

      • Ronald Thomas

        I won’t say that blacks are a lot ‘more’ racist than whites. The statement is too general, & really doesn’t make much sense when you think about it. Someone could say the same thing in reverse, & it may be true (or false) for both statements, depending on the experiences of the speaker.

        The POINT is – Whenever you say ‘blacks’ (or whites, or ANY of a people, for that matter) you’re WRONG & show your racism, regardless. Because no way are ‘all’ of any group of people ‘all’ guilty (or not guilty) of racism, or of being prejudicial, discriminatory, or racist. You’re WRONG any way you slice it, when you make such statements, REGARDLESS of what examples you can recall to (supposedly) support your racist views. PERIOD. You just can’t claim such views & be right. NO WAY. You can say, in your experience, & from what you’ve seen, & that ‘YOU’ have not seen, heard, or know of otherwise (what planet are you on, if that’s the case?), but to categorize ‘all’ of any people of ANYTHING is JUST PLAIN STUPID! . . & WRONG.

        That being said, I have to agree that there are black people who can be some of the most prejudice, discriminatory, & racist people in society. After all, they’ve been ‘taught’ this practice, for centuries, by people who are EXPERTS at it, & have been successful (if you want to call it that) at administering those practices.

        USMC, Ret.

      • http://youtube Kelly

        What a tool you are NAT.Ignorant to say the least.You are right about one thing and that is that all races have there share of lazy no good rotten SOB’s. That punk could have used all that energy going out and working or at least looking for an honest way to make a living instead of looking for a quick buck by stealing and brutalizing a helpless woman. Burn in hell you coward.

      • Carol

        Race has nothing to do with it. @ Nat does NOT speak for African Americans so plz STOP grouping ppl together. I AM SICK TO MY STOMACH TO WATCH ANY MAN NO MATTER RACE TO BEAT ANY WOMAN.ALL WOMEN NEEDS TO GET TOGETHER AND BEAT THIS IDIOT JUST LIKE HE BEAT THIS WOMAN!!!

      • illkratchit


    • JXRS

      All race comments aside, look at the size of him and look at the size of her. He repeatedly beat her face like a punching bag (could’ve caused bleeding in the brain), choked her (cutting off oxygen to the brain), and threw her down the stairs (broken neck, snapped spine, etc.) What do you mean that attempted murder is trumped up??? I’m a nurse. I care for people that have suffered injuries like this. This man clearly did not stop at just keeping her down!

    • david

      You are the racist and if you were here in front of me justifying his actions I would show you a old fashion ass whooping you punk

    • david

      Nat is that your given name..Like the nats bussing around the poop coming out of your mouth…Well your momma named you well

    • http://www.webpronews.com/nanny-cam-home-invasion-suspect-caught-2013-06 Nat hater


      You just said it all for your fellow bothers that have beat the shit out white and black folks. How did you get out of prison your scum bag loser?

    • gNat smasher

      I killed a gnat today.

    • mitch

      Lol you call others racist as you make racist comments that just shows the education system failed yet another! Crime’s are committed by every race in the world when you start singling out anyone race you need to look at yourself you may be a racist!

    • Dory

      You are an idiot. I hope you don’t have to experience the horror of trying to protect your children while a man is beating on you and you not know if this animal is going to rape and kill you in front of your child. Yes, he does deserve attempted murder. It only take one hard punch in the right spot or one hard push down a flight of stairs to kill a person. You sound like it is her fault for trying to fight back. What kind of animal are you to think this has to do with keeping a black man in prison on a trumped up charge and nothing to do with keeping a sociopathic animal with no regard for human life off the street?

    • http://webponews rink

      He looks like obamas son ….What about when he threw her down the stairs ??? Tryn to keep her down I guess .Where’s the WAFFEN SS when they are NEEDED?

    • Abe Lincoln

      Now, that’s some logic.

      He’s black. It’s on tape. How dare we notice.

      Scumballs come in all colors, dear.

      Have fun burning down your own neighborhood the day the Zimmerman’s verdict comes in for acquittal!

  • Newell

    This is not about race and African American History…… its about the pure evil that lives on this earth!!! Brutal crimes of this nature are committed by ALL races all the time…..I’m African American and feel that this was beyond a horrible act….He needs to be thrown in jail never to see the light of day again….This is sooooo sad and as a mother of 4 children my thoughts and prayers goes out to ALL involved…..

    • john james

      Since you capitalized the word ALL, I wonder if you can tell us who ALL you mean?
      I certainly wish the direct victims, mother and daughter, and their immediately family all the best.
      It’s just curious after your set-up why you capitalized the word ALL.

  • uman

    People like that are animals it’s not about race. it’s about a man beating a woman in front of her kids and again beating a woman for what to steal someting he didn’t work for. People always want to use the race card or their environment bull shit grown up he was a piece of shit.. that needs to be dealt with.. If you want to protect him he can move in with you and beat your a@@ a little trust me you would want him in jail too.Stop using race stop crying

  • mitch

    There are people from every race that commit crimes when you single out anyone race then you are being a racist!!!!! I always see comments that only show that the educational system is failing many people and it is a shame in todays day and age!!!

    • mitch

      If your beating someone what are you attempting to do Nat ???? You should have stayed in school not that it would have done any good ! You can hit someone once and it can be attempted murder for it takes very little intelligence to know that!!! Well Nat I hope that when someone does you wrong they let them off with a warning because you think crime is okay !!!!!

  • Todd

    Nat – If you had a home that was invaded and you were to get beaten by a black man. I doubt you would create the post you did. Or maybe your man beats you like that and thinks its ok?

    • mitch

      Lol you hit that right on the head Nat likes his man to beat him roflmao!!!!!

  • ABW

    Shawn Custis….I dont give a fuck what color you are….you’re still alive and breathing when a dirty gutter rat like you needs to be dead and floating down a sewer line in shit water with the rest of the rats. The way I see it- theres no punishment in this world that would be considered a brutal enough payback for what you did to that woman physically, mentally and emotionally and what you did to that little girl. All of the world would love to see you suffer, no doubt, but I think your sperm donor and egg carrier deserve the same punishment that you get (for the tragic mistake they made)- YOU. Your mother should have painfully aborted you

    • illkratchit

      Same way I feel about the joker faced killer and those cops that beat that woman in jasper tx…….

  • http://SetupAutoFill rashel

    All yall thats talking bout race is very closeminded individuals…all the back an forth racist shit…yall r the reason y society is the way it is…open ur heart and mind…we r all human beings…as for anyone that could do something lile that to another human bein especially in front of a innocent child needs to b locked up an the key needs to b thrown away…juss discusting…

    • http://webponews rink

      He looks like obamas son….

      • illkratchit

        and the joker-face killer looks like BUSH

  • Rex Fletcher

    In this case the Punishment should fit the crime..he needs to be made an example of..castrated publically..then hung till he is not quite dead..then his intestines need to be extracted from his abdomen..cooked in front of him..then .hungry or not he should be made to eat them…….MMM yummy

  • samuel

    Race has nothing to do with this – or the charge of attempted murder. Evil should be dealt with. He was never concerned for her life. If she had died with the first punch, there would have been no remorse from this piece of shit.

  • deana

    what needs to be done is he needs to be taken out to the public square and beat the same way that women was beat. if criminals were punished the same way they commit their crimes I bet someone mite not commit one.. and why should the AMERICA public pay billions to take care of them…..

  • chris

    No trial is needed, however we know this is the process. He might as well as plead guilty and go to the guillotine. He need a public flogging too. Hung by his toenails and hung over a pot of boiling water and very slowly deliberately dipped in. He should be ashamed of himself. I am glad he is not my family member. His action could have been any of us. I have a cam in a box in my closet. I know I will be setting mine up really soon. I am so glad he was caught red handed.

    I pray that the family heal in God’s peace and spirit and know he is there. I pray the 3 year old spirit is untouched by this incident and the family can move forward. We feel your pain