N.Y.: 3 Feet Of Snow Blankets Northern Part Of State

    May 27, 2013
    Zach Walton
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It’s rare to see snow in May, but New York received 3 feet of snow over the Memorial Day weekend.

The AP reports that Whiteface Moutain, a ski mountain on the New York border with Vermont, was hit with 3 feet of snow over the weekend. All the snow has forced the authorities to close the highway that leads up to the mountain.

Now, 3 feet of snow is not going to break any records, but it does came very late in the season. It’s said that the 13.2 inches that fell on Sunday was the first time that more than a foot of snow has fallen this late in the season.

Once the roads clear up, Whiteface Moutain will open again to its summer activities in June. The gondola rides open on June 14.

[Image: Whiteface Moutain/flickr]

  • K

    Mother nature laughing at the global warming fools. Twenty years ago they were trying to tell us we were going into an ice age and man was causing it. When they couldn’t sell that as a money making scheme they decided to sell their global warming theory

  • D

    You don’t understand the effects of global warming. You think 3 feet of snow in late May is normal?