N.J. Girls’ Murder Video Surfaces, Charges Possible

    April 26, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Two New Jersey girls are in serious trouble after a 20-minute video surfaced online of them talking about several teachers and classmates they wanted to kill.

The 12-year old girls can be heard talking about being assassins and threatening several people after one of them read a note aloud at school that contained a “hit list” of sorts. Though they’re laughing most of the time in the video, it’s a haunting depiction of youth to the parents of those who were named.

“My daughter, she woke up about four times last night, to lock the doors. She woke up with nightmares,” said parent Angelica Marrero.

The video has been taken down off YouTube and the girls have been pulled from school as police perform an investigation, but they say they don’t believe there was ever any real threat to students or faculty. However, charges might be brought against them, and most parents believe that would be a good thing.

  • http://webpronews CATE LYNN

    Sick Bitches. They made a video of this. They are not only stupid little girls, they are on the road to more serious crimes. They need to be sent to boot camp for what they did, and probably now will have to transfer schools, they will get the shit kicked out of them by all who are aware of this.

  • skeete44

    these two little female dogs need to be scared straight to the 10th degree. there’s nothing wrong with them except evil little girls. don’t charge the parents, lock them up in juvey and they will get a taste of what bad people go throw and then they’ll cry about it. give them at least ninety days in juvey and don’t let them see the outside.

  • caitlin

    The verdict ultimately will not be based on the opinions of the people who comment on a news article unless one of you is the judge who is overseeing this case… Which is unlikely. Whether or not these girls should be charged is up to the court- so the heated comments fueled by disagreement which are being fired back at other people who have commented is really just hypocritical because it’s all hate-generated, just like this murder list was. I just can’t stand to see comments like “this is how terrorists are made” when these girls’ motives were the exact same as your motives were while you were writing your comments. Not being mean, just being real. If you’re truly anti-terrorism or anti-violence, then please support that by not using unnecessary malevolence to voice your opinions; showing neutralism and showing support for the people who need it- whether they did something wrong or not, and whether they should or should not be punished for it- will be the key to a better world. It’s not an illogical thing to ask of people; we all know we’re individually capable of it, so I guess what I’m getting at is I just do not understand why we haven’t been able to make it happen as a whole population yet.

    • J

      I sadly agree in many ways –
      Apparently we forget the years of being in school and feeling either hated or on top of the food chain and untouchable.

      There is NOTHING – Let me repeat this – NOTHING bizarre with videos or content like this when you realize that we foster it daily in other mediums.

      You have two girls ANGSTY, angry at people (REASONS?) and simply using a modern tool to yap about it just like the other hundred or say that mutter it under their breath in hallways and on the bus.
      It’s sick. It’s LAME. It’s a little creepy even, given that apparently they are at the point where they even capable of ‘thinking’ about this stuff – But honestly, ‘what lies beneath’?
      What spurred this on?
      Why feel so screwed over that you even think, let alone verbalize, killing other people? Does THAT matter?

      After reading the lyrical content of ‘Cannibal Corpse’ talk about raping women with a knife and masturbating into the unborn child’s body (or something of that nature), you’d think we would be a bit more ‘aggressive’ with what people think – Oh wait….We CAN’T censor “artists”…..How dare us?
      But we CAN censor and even JAIL kids jokingly talking about killing classmates, etc…
      What about the kids on the ball field who growl these threats with somber retribution during (and even before and after) a game?

      Let’s get a couple priorities together….
      It takes a LOT of time, money and effort for people to “artistically” describe the desire to kill and maim others….
      It takes an off the cuff comment or rant on youtube to get a a large number of people fired up.