MySpace's VP Of Corporate Communications To Leave

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Today is not likely to be remembered fondly by members of MySpace's PR department.  One of the most visible people on MySpace's payroll announced this afternoon that she is leaving, and to complicate the situation, Dani Dudeck is actually the company's vice president of corporate communications.

Dudeck's departure may be rough on MySpace's image for several reasons, starting with her destination.  Dudeck wrote on Twitter that she's headed to Zynga, and while many factors could have influenced her decision, it's hard not to infer that she thinks the social gaming company must in some way have a brighter future than MySpace.

The fact that Dudeck, and not MySpace, broke the news of her departure (and broke it with just a few days to go) is also a cause for concern.  Although to be fair, we're waiting to hear back from MySpace regarding how it views the development and whether a replacement's been lined up.

Also, in an objective sense, this shouldn't represent too huge a blow for MySpace, regardless.  Dudeck has been with the company for years, but it would've arguably been worse if MySpace were to lose an engineering genius in charge of its next big product, or a sales whiz who arranged all of its biggest ad deals.

We'll be sure to report any additional info as it becomes available.