MySpace Upgrades Global Music Offerings


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MySpace users all over the world should have a much easier time discovering music thanks to some new changes.  This afternoon, MySpace overhauled its approach to playlists, eliminating (or at least cutting back) limitations that might have affected the way people shared songs.

A key point before we get much further: this development involves all MySpace territories other than the U.S., the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand, meaning the rollout's pretty huge.

As for some specifics, Rebekah Horne, Managing Director & GM of MySpace International, explained in a statement, "MySpace users worldwide can create an unlimited amount of multi-song playlists (up to 100 songs) which they can broadcast and share on their public profiles."

Furthermore, "Each playlist a user creates will have its own page to share with friends," and users can "manage playlists using a new product called My Music and check out Public Playlists to hear playlists created by artists and other MySpace users."

These changes could do a lot to keep bands and music lovers coming back to MySpace.  If not, well, MySpace did ask for feedback and hint that more upgrades are in the works, demonstrating that it's committed to finding other solutions.