‘My Five Wives’ Dealing With Jealousy

    April 21, 2014
    Lindsay McCane
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If you ask any man, they will probably tell you that managing their relationship with their wife is hard. Now imagine having to manage relationships with five wives.

While Brady Williams seems to make it looks easy … it may not be as easy as it looks. Not only does he have five wives, he also has 24 children to tend to. Needless to say, this lifestyle could easily become overwhelming.

The wives, who refer to themselves as “sister wives,” share a special bond, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have their moments of jealousy.

During a recent interview with Radar Online, Rosemary, Brady’s third wife, opened up about her relationship with Brady and explained how she feels that she has been taken advantage of for 19 years.

It all started when Rosemary and Brady were supposed to have a private night together, but were interrupted by Paulie, his first wife. “For 19 years I’ve noticed Paulie having extra time with Brady,” Rosemary said. “And it just feels to me like it is directional. It’s my time not so much her time.”

Rosemary also admitted that she feels like her relationship with Brady may be in jeopardy. “I’m sure for Brady it’s exhausting trying to figure out how to manage all of us,” she said. “To his credit he will never side with a wife against another wife but that also creates a problem if the wife is being taken advantage of, which I feel like I have for the past 19 years.”

Rosemary isn’t the only wife that feels that she isn’t receiving fair treatment. During Sunday’s episode, Robyn, Brady’s second wife, and Rosemary had a “safe talk” with Brady where Robyn explained that she didn’t feel that she received as good of an anniversary date as the other wives.

Robyn explained, through tears, to Brady that she felt that the only reason she got a ring was because Paulie got one. She was obviously hurt, and was wanting support from her husband and fellow wives.

Time with sisterwivesis special because those bonds are important to keep strong. #myfivewives

— BradyandWives(@BradyandWives) April 14, 2014

My Five Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC. Tune in to find out how Brady tries to keep all of his relationships fair.

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  • Crimson

    I like watching this family more than the Brown family, but they’ve done nothing to make poloygamty look appealing. In fact, they’ve shown how hurtful it can be.
    It’s ultimately their choice to live like they do, but it just doesn’t work for me.
    They are a nice family and seem to truly care about each other unlike the Brown family.

    • phantasia

      the women show signs that they need counselling. He does not respect their opinions but they all have to run to him for everything. I bet he even picks out their haircuts.

  • phantasia

    Valentines was a bust. No imagination …flowers?? and he only bought what he did because he said his wives did not approve of the tattoo. He asked for their opinion and they were not sold on the vines.. then to go out and get the tree was showing how much he respects any of the wives. He is a jerk. The tree does look dead…but the wives could not hide how they really felt about it…yet they (except Rhonda) said they were okay with it. Rhonda,s cancer scare….over dramatized. It was just a test…nothing to get that worked up about…She must not have trusted her God that the family prayed to. Nost women have had to go for tests…..and you should always believe in the positive result until you do get results. Also over dramatized was the way all the wives stood over her and looked down at her when she told them. I am gld this storyline is over…like I ope the adoption is over. She only did it because she wanted to show us that although polygamy is not illegal anymore there are still obstacles. wha wha wha. she does not need anymore…. besides when she asked he was nto about having his own kids because he was not sure he could afford it…. so that tells me he thinks adopted kids are 2nd class and would not be treated like his very own. The child thing changed when Noni asked. These women looklike they stay home all day doing nothing.