Mutant Mosquito Leaves Florida Keys Residents Scared

    July 16, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Mutant Mosquito: The name itself injects fear into my heart. For whatever reason, whether it be genetics or an old gypsy curse, I attract mosquitoes like nobody else. I dread summer, especially if I’m going to Florida. The mosquitoes there are huge and they might get worse if residents’ fears prove true.

A British company, Oxitec, is wanting to release a bunch of genetically modified mosquitoes into the Florida Keys to combat the spread of Dengue fever, a disease the insects carry. Residents of the Keys are combatting the release of these so-called mutant mosquitoes through a Change.org petition.

The petition says the company wants to use the Florida Keys as a testing ground for these new mosquitoes. They feel that the release of these mutant bugs may damage the fragile environment in the Florida Keys. The residents demand more testing and experimentation before they take the mosquitoes out for a test drive.

Of course, the main reason behind these new insects is to stop the spreading of Dengue fever. That’s a noble cause, right? The petition claims that the disease in question has been absent from the Keys since 2010 due to increased control methods and public education. The residents think a genetically mutated mosquito that’s resistant to Dengue fever could have a new strain of the fever evolve that’s even more dangerous.

It’s true that genetically modified plants and animals can sometimes have unintended consequences on the environment. Oxitec should definitely perform more tests and have peer reviews to show the residents of the Keys that these mosquitoes would indeed keep them safer. If not, we may end up with something like this:

[h/t: The Guardian]

  • Bruce Rubin

    I know in some parts of the world they release sterile mosquito’s and it seems to help or they say it helps. I would like more info. So far we have love bugs and killer bees in Forida as the result of genetic engineered bugs. Not a good outcome so far.

  • Robb Moffett

    I made a simple mosquito fan trap for a dollar that hooks to a cheap box fan that will eliminate all indoor mosquitoes and if left outside, will over time remove them from the neighborhood. It only costs about a dollar in raw materials if you have a fan. I put the video on how you can easily make my fan trap on youtube.

    There is no excuse for you or your family or pets to suffer from mosquitos. You can run a fan all month long for about 2 dollars worth of electricity.

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  • Bill

    I think it’s VERY dangerous to “play” God!!!

    • Bob_The_Chemist

      Man has been “playing god” ever sense we first domesticated plants and animals giving reproductive advantage to traits humans desired rather than what was selected for by nature… common read a book

    • Nick Knows

      I’ve got an idea……How about they release that “super mosquito” in their country. Let them deal with them.

  • DM

    Having Dengue fever is not a good thing. Hemoragatic has only a 50% suvival rate. Check ist out before you vote against it. You may be sentencing people you know to death if they get the bad type of Dengue. You might be fighting something that will save thousands of lives.

  • Shawn

    They are rolling a pebble down a the tallest snow covered mountain. Then they are telling you they know when will happen at the bottom…many years from now…That is BULL

  • joseph

    where is my comment, or did it get censored out?

  • joseph

    it got censored out, of course just like any other thing that brings truth to the table

  • joseph

    so here we go again, ….. the last ime something like this was done we wound up with killer bees, which fortunately for us killed those who created them, imagined if they had lived, what else would they have done that would have an adverse effect on us. so it is that oxitec is trying to kill many people as well by making the dengue fever more virulent by using resistant mosquitos. sue oxitec florida for attempted mansluaghter, because that is exactly what they plan to do!!

  • john

    sounds like a bio terrorism experiment

  • Elle

    All this genetically modified stuff is gonna drive the world crazy.

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  • Jasamine

    About a month ago one morning I was in getting my car I killed a mosquito just like this (I thought I was crazy) a black and white mosquito and so much blood came from it I had to go back in the house to wash my hands. I live in Texas…

  • g e

    Our government believes that we are all just one big petri dish at their disposal for testing their diabolical schemes that are designed for one ultimate purpose, to extract more money from our wallets!

  • GetReady

    Sounds like a perfect start for a zombie apocalypse

  • Chris

    why doesnt this British company test the new mosquito IN BRITIAN

  • MattyG

    Hey, Oxitec! Want to unleashed thousands of mutated mosquitos??? Go back to your own damn country and do it.

    • Bob Hoskins

      Because there are very few mosquitoes in Britain and there is no Dengue fever so what would be the point?

      • Katie

        So what’s the point of doing it in the Keys, Bob, when the article states there hasn’t been a case of Dengue there in years??

  • hard

    What will it do to the bat and humming bird population? Everything is dependant on the mosquito for survival. Bats eat thier own weight in mosquitos every night. Huming birds need them as a protein source….

  • http://yahoo marshall

    release them on north Korea,Somalia, or other communist country………

  • ribitty

    “Of course, the main reason behind these new insects is to stop the spreading of Dengue fever. That’s a noble cause, right?”

    check it:

    Of course, the main reason behind MEDICAL MARIJUANA is to stop the spreading of PAIN AND SUFFERING. That’s a noble cause, right?


  • http://SelfStorage.TheOkayNetwork.com Steve G

    Kind of ironic how genetically modified plants end up with years of research and testing before they’re released to the public, but when it comes to the mosquito they just want to release them into the world without a single day of testing to make sure these mutant mosquito won’t harm life on this planet. What happens if one day we look back and are facing a zombie apocalypse that all started from mutant mosquito that nobody bothered to do extensive testing in a lab first? When it comes to disease that is transmitted through insect, the best way not to be infected is insect repellant that seems to work just fine. How many cases of Dengue fever are actually reported every year that we need to genetically modify insects to be resistant to it?

  • Katie

    As a Florida resident, the last thing we need is MORE mosquitoes. This sounds like an awful idea. Especially since we have bug trucks going through the neighborhood every night spraying for, guess what? MOSQUITOES!! Wow, so lets kill all the mosquitoes and replace them with possibly more volatile ones!! That sounds like a brilliant idea!

  • James Lee

    I think types of species that aren’t relevant to that location overpopulate very easily including mutant mosquitoes.

  • Andy Oliver

    Here’s an idea Oxitec. How about trying it out somewhere in England or Britain. Hasn’t Great Britain F$%^ed up Flordia/USA enough already? (Cough……Cough…….BP Oil spill)

  • Mblake

    Dengue fever may be a bad disease, but, like any other deadly disease, why not actually find the CURE instead of releasing these “mutant” insects to counter-act it? Or perhaps do what they do with the flue, swine flue, and other diseases; make a vaccination to PREVENT the disease in the first place, rather than risking lives with this untested insect…

  • bobby d

    Just some more population control and try to make the UK look bad. Months or years from now people will be dieing from an unknown disease that was probably put into these mosquitoes. This world is going out of control.

  • http://yahoo jo

    hmmm, let’s see: When Hawaii wanted to combat rats-they imported
    the mongoose-whoops-one is awake at night-the other in the day-so now we have rats AND ferral mongoose. Then they
    imported toads to combat mosquitos-toad populations went out of control. Then African snails were brought in for food–they are
    destroying the native plants and are picked by the buckets-full-
    from yards with no end in site to their population explosion.
    Don’t mess with Mother Nature or she’ll bite back!

  • Josh

    I hate skeeters

  • Brittany

    I don’t think it’s to bad of an idea but they DEFINITLY need to do more tests and research on every possible thing they can think of with that mosquito before exposing it to people. We need,’ We’re positive’, not ‘We predict’.