Mountain Lion Is Apparently Really Popular

    August 3, 2012
    Zach Walton
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We all knew that Apple’s new OS, Mountain Lion, was going to be popular, but we didn’t know exactly how popular. With stricter system requirements, it was going to be interesting to see how well Mountain Lion performed in its first week. Turns out it performed better than anybody expected.

Apple announced that Moutain Lion had been downloaded more than three million times in only four days. Such a massive initial showing puts it as the most successful Mac OS X launch in the company’s history. Apple attributes the strong showing to the massive amount of new features that Mountain Lion introduced.

As you probably know by now, Mountain Lion contains over 200 new features. Many of these features go a long way to making Mac OS X more user friendly and more social. The built-in integration of Facebook joins the built-in integration of Twitter to make OS X the most social centric OS to date.

Apple was also quick to point out that the success of Mountain Lion can also be attributed to the Mac App Store. Many users upgraded because they wanted to take advantage of the new features in Mountain Lion with their pre-existing apps alongside new apps that are being added all the time. Couple that with synchronous gameplay across all Apple devices and you have an app heavy machine that Mac fans are going to go nuts over.

As more people buy the new MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs, it will be interesting to see how well Mountain Lion performs over the next few months. Macs are still immensely popular and Mountain Lion is going to be a must for all new Mac buyers. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple announced well over 50 million downloads of Mountain Lion before the end of the year.

  • http://www.maxmurdok.com Maxi

    Mountain Lion does indeed have a lot of GREAT features, BUT the dumbing down of Safari 6 has left a bad taste in my mouth, and I won’t be jumping in and blindly downloading ANYTHING from Apple ever again! Safari dropped its built in RSS reader, a completely bone headed move. Its how Apple went about dropping RSS from Safari not just the removal of the feature. There was NO mention of this prior to downloading Mountain Lion. Sneaky and underhanded were never words used to describe Apple.

    Apple shook one of its core foundation attributes which was trust. I am not alone, the Safari forums at Apple are lit up with others who are mad about loosing RSS in Safari and feel the same way I do.

    Yes there are 3rd party news readers, again that isn’t the point. Apple took Safari which was a great browser and dumbed it down to make it an average browser no better or worse than FireFox, Camino, Chrome etc. And they did so with no advance warning leaving a lot of us who use RSS in Safari scrambling. If it was a security issue, tell us.

    If they have no faith in RSS anymore, make it an option to either have or shut off RSS. But to say nothing prior and just nix it leaving us all to just “deal with it” gee thanx!

    Theres a bigger picture here, not just a web browser missing a feature. I believe sends a very strong message that this is in fact no longer a company driven by a visionary but just another greedy company driven by a “Ballmer”-like bean counter who could care less about their end user consumer and more about the bottom line.