Motorcycle Crashes At 285 MPH, Driver Dies At Hospital

    July 15, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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A motorcycle racer died from his injuries on Sunday after crashing during The Maine Event in northern Maine, where he was trying to top speeds of 300 miles per hour on just a mile of track at Loring Air Force Base.

44-year old Bill Warner of Florida reportedly lost control of his bike once he hit 285 mph and veered off the track after making it 4,000 feet; witnesses say the motorcycle was in pieces afterward. Surprisingly, Warner was conscious and responsive after the wreck, but he later succumbed to his injuries.

“He got maybe 4,000 feet or so, and where I was standing at the starting line, you could see a big dust cloud and then it got silent,” said witness Cole Theriault. “The bike, from what I heard, was demolished, just in pieces. After a minute, all you could hear was the sirens.”

Warner was a world-record holder for being the first conventional motorcyclist in history to top speeds of 300 mph, which he achieved in 2011 when he got up to 311 mph on just 1.5 miles of track, also at Loring. That same year, he survived a crash in Texas that left him with a broken scapula, four broken ribs, a punctured lung, and severe tissue damage, among other things.

Warner reportedly slid about 1,000 feet when his bike left the race track on Sunday and has said before that the hardest part of reaching such high speeds is to get the bike to stop safely.

“The big part of it, after the speed happens, is trying to stop the bike,” he said after his 2011 race. “Here at Loring Air Force Base, there is a mile shutdown to slow the vehicles down and I used every bit of it. The bike was bouncing, hopping, skipping and sliding. Needless to say, I got it stopped safely. It was a little scary.”

Image: YouTube

  • chuck

    No comment!

  • Erik

    Died trying! RIP

  • tom

    dumb ass!

    • K G

      You are seriously going to call a man who just died a dumbass? This is a valid sport, just like NASCAR. If someone died out there are you going to call them one to. What about if a football player got tackeled and tore an artery and died? Dumbass as well? You sir, are the dumbass for not having enough respect to just keep your fucking mouth shut if you are going to an ignorant heartless asshole. It may not be the smartest thing to do, but it was his thing! Respect that!

      • tom

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        • http://yahoo roger

          tom you must be a real puss and not much of a man where are your balls if you have any so people that give there life’s for our country so you can hide from all the danger in this world are dumb asses what a man you must be thank good you are not on the front line don’t think i could sleep at night i don’t know you and my feelings are not hurt much do i give a dam but i know an ass hole when i hear one if you do have kids your not much to look up to MR.TOM

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  • mikey m

    what an idiot!! — dude thought he was invincible? guess not!!

    • http://yahoo roger

      Mike just because you do not have the money to throw away like Bill did you do not have to be a hateful man more people die from drunk drivers,drugs those are idiots and waist of lives and our tax money again those kind of people are the scum of the earth Bill was neather.

  • bobby

    Like Tater salad says “YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!”

    • http://yahoo roger

      Your right BOBBy you cannot fix stupid.



  • mike reiman

    I guess some people don’t understand the passion and danger it takes to accomplish something that no-one has done before. I’m glad there are still people like Bill pushing to see what limits man and machine can accomplish.

    Calling the man an idiot for following his dreams is an insult to anyone who attempts to follow there dreams.

    I have the utmost respect for anyone who attempts anything for personal discovery and to push the rest of us off the couch to get out and explore life.

    Rest in peace Bill

  • howard

    must of been a COW A SUCKY !!

  • dirk

    There are PLENTY of other intelligent ways of living life and following your dreams – without risking the obvious death sentence. Grow up Morons…………would you also be the type to jump off a cliff?

    • http://yahoo roger

      dirk what a jerk would you give your life for your country probably not coward…..

  • steven

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  • Ernie

    Shame on all that spoke negatively of Bill. I was priviledged to meet Bill on several occasions. He was a very humble man. I never saw any ego, nor did I ever here him brag although he certainly had a lot he could have bragged about. The Land speed racing community has lost a wonderful competitor. Rest in peace Bill.

  • dave

    boo hoo!

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    Wow, cant believe the disrespect of some of the post here, what a bunch of losers…..Risky way to live life but some one has to do it…RIP Speed Demon

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  • DG

    Virtually every advancement in the world was done by people that have pushed the limits. Planes, cars, motorcycles, climbing gear, boats, submarines, medicine, the list goes on. Without the people that push the limits, we would be living in huts, with no running water. The rest of the people sit safely by and criticize. Then they jump on the “Band Wagon” when the advancement is made.
    Ride on Bill, you were showing the way.

  • http://yahoo roger

    oh Mike i miss spelled one word on purpose maybe your smart enough to know which one.

  • rob

    what a bunch of assbags get a life you fat bastards, get off your computers and try to live like this guy did!

  • Rick W

    RIDE FREE Bill say hi to Cliff Gullet. The Land Speed racing community has lost some leaders. Some dream some don’t I pray I die with a dream.

  • sweetie

    the guy died doing what he loved to do…now children…go to bed!

  • Goon

    he truly defines the meaning of living a REAL MAN and dying a REAL MAN

    • SayWhat

      stfu bro. Im sure his family doesnt feel the same way

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    its a given that would happen it was jus a matter of time is all I have to say with a side comment of what a nut.


    All u people need 2 respect the dead & stop this. Its not right whts wrong w/yall.

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    2 words come to mind – DUMB ASS!

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      I couldn’t agree more with you Harold. What a complete IDIOT!!