Mother Singing Moves Baby To Tears

    October 29, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Music has long had the power to move our emotions; it can pump us up when we need a kickstart, it can help us get over being dumped, it can touch a chord when we’re feeling particularly low and leave us a sobbing heap on the floor (Radiohead, I’m talking to you). But all those things usually come later in life, after we’ve gone through an array of good and bad and have memories to associate with song. Rarely does it come before we’ve learned to walk.

But one baby–10-month old Mary Lynne Leroux–can’t listen to her mom sing “My Heart Can’t Tell You No” without crying, and we’re not talking a baby’s wail. We’re talking big, silent tears that come with a smile, as though she’s listening to the best saddest song ever. It’s adorable, it’s heartbreaking, it’s gone viral–almost 400,000 views since October 18–and I dare you to watch it without crying.

Image: YouTube

  • Really?

    Just further proof that women condition themselves to be sad. A 10 month old baby has no idea what that song is about yet she is crying because her mom sings a sad song.

    Although, I wonder what would have happened if the mom had put on Bob Marley singing “three little birds”. That song makes me happy all the time.

  • Stupid People Tricks

    I agree with the person down below — put 3 Little Birds on and that kid will cheer up. You could even put on “Everlasting Love” and get a smile out of her. Heck, the 80s is full of upbeat songs.

    I noticed this about women though. They wallow in sadness. This is how Sinead O’Conner made all her money. On depressing hit after another. No wonder women can’t get past things.

    In life, if you listen to depressing songs you are going to cry. If you listen to uplifting songs, you are going to smile.

  • Baba lay

    To the two comments prior to mine. Yea were they male induced comments which hath led this babbling, emotional grandma to man up and tell you a fart time story. Fifty years later into the game of my life, I find myself once again, without prunes and seated upon my white, porcelain throne. Upon one of my knees, my six month old grandson promptly watches as grandma strains with such great might, allowing not so much as one straining wrinkle to give in to this mighty battle of the bulge. (Please note: I did manage to keep one eye squinting at him as he focused on my face as well.) I guess it was about the time my face was turning blue, this quick thinking, six month old swiftly slapped me back into consciousness. Actually, three slaps to my cheek, was the count. So real was his reaction, he should have shouted, “Breathe granny! Breath!” But instead, he watched me, reverently. His tiny little face eased as so did mine. The battle was won. Be it coinsidence, truth, or simply a blessing bestowed, I can’I help but believe this slap was the first he had given and it was meant for the right reason. I sure hope you two babbling baboons before me never meet my heroic grandson on a bad night in a dark alley. And to the dear, precious damsel who blessed our hearts with her diamond tears, grace be with you from this day forth and by good fortune may my grandson be so blessed that he and she may one day cross paths. Yes, I believe the soul enters upon conception just as faithfully as I believe there are Angels amongst us. My vote? Her tears were of truth! Good day USA. Bless be he or she for BaBa done come and gone again.