More Stats On The Facebook Organic Reach Decline

    April 4, 2014
    Chris Crum
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There’s been a lot of discussion about the widespread drop in organic Facebook Page post reach, and this week, EdgeRank Checker put out some more data to back up the bitter reality for brands.

According to its findings (via TechCrunch), the typical Page last month say organic reach per fan of 6.51%, fan reach per fan of 6.46%, and viral reach per fan of 0.99%. For comparison, organic reach per fan was 16% in February of 2012. Last September it was 12.60%. It’s been already nearly cut in half since then.

Ogilvy recently supplied a similar picture:

A recent report from Valleywag indicates organic page reach will reach as little as one or two percent.

“Many different types of businesses are still doing very well on Facebook, even in terms of Reach. We’re starting to see that brands who naturally do well in social media are performing stronger than brands that traditionally struggle,” says EdgeRank Checker. “For example, artists/musicians/entertainers/movies are experiencing average Organic Reach well above their news feed competitors like retail/clothing/bank/appliances.”

Tell that to actor Rainn WIlson. He recently tweeted, “Turns out my @Facebook is kind of worthless. I used to post & reach most of my 200k followers, now I reach 5k & have to pay to hit more.”

“There are still brands that are leveraging Facebook quite effectively, especially by leveraging things like Shares, and encouraging people to Organically discuss/promote their content (think Old Spice),” EdgeRank Checker says. “Interestingly, Viral Reach per Fan is up to 1.10% (0.60% in Feb 2013). Facebook is giving additional exposure to content that it deems ‘Viral.’ If this number had significantly decreased, or approached 0—we would be concerned that Facebook was even further squeezing brands. However, this does not seem to be the case.”

Things might be going fine for those Pages that Facebook has deemed to be “quality” sources. As comments from Facebook News Feed manager Lars Backstrom suggest, its algorithm pretty much only looks at source when determining the quality of content.

Images via EdgerankChecker, Ogilvy

  • JW

    Facebook is making their site nearly worthless for companies and personalities that have worked to build audience. Facebook is motivating me to try to figure out Google+ once again, and to rely more on Twitter.

  • http://www.backwaterstudio.com Kathleen Johnson

    1. It was “Bait and Switch” – once it was free, now its not

    2. No where, when setting up a Business Page/Fan Page on Facebook does it explain to the “new” user that “reach” is very limited to almost nill. False advertising on the part of Facebook. Can you imagine all the very small page owners “investing”, even just one time, in those worthless business pages and the windfall that money is to the Facebook coffers? Very disingenuous, at the very least, on the part of Facebook.

    3. The Business page, for all intensive purposes, is “worthless” unless you willing to invest an exorbitant amount of money into promoting

    4. Facebook “Likes” include “on the fly” “likes” that have zero intent on following through, marginally some what interested, non interested, and non engaging fans who you are unable to identify and Facebook has zero intent of assisting you cull this “Fan” base. Its a win win for Facebook. Its a losing proposition for you the Business Page owner.

    5. Its like beating a dead horse – the Facebook business page is as worthless as tits on a bull unless your willing to invest in costly promotion If you not – move on and focus on Marketing that is working. The constant “discussion” on the poor reach because people are figuring out “pay to play” is, and was not, really working for them, in itself, is becoming annoying. Its over. Its not free. Its a fact.

  • http://www.giryagirl.com/ Adrienne Harvey

    Interesting… noticed this as well, but when I sponsor a post, BOOM… when not… its barely noticed at all out there