Monster Drinks Investigated For Targeting Children

    January 15, 2014
    Jasmine Allen
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Monster Beverage Corp. is coming under attack in an investigation by a New York state attorney general and a San Francisco city attorney general.

Amidst all the death reports cause by energy drinks, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has confirmed that there is no solid evidence that the beverages have caused them.

Yet in October, WebMD reported that a Maryland couple filed a lawsuit against Monster in the death of their 14-year-old daughter who drank two cans within one day from each other but then collapsed and was placed into an induced coma.

Doctors declared that her heart had stopped following the consumption of the second 24-ounce drink.

According to health experts, caffeinated Monster drinks contain on average 240 mg, but the daily recommended caffeine-intake for minors is 100 mg.

The parents’ lawsuit claimed that the product’s ingredients are dangerous and shouldn’t be marketed towards young children and/or teenagers.

Some have accused the company for not being completely transparent about the ingredients and even then the possible health risks the drink may expose to its consumers.

It looks like other lawmakers couldn’t agree more.

San Francisco attorney Dennis Herrera filed a lawsuit on the basis that Monster is intentionally marketing their products to minors.

Monster responded to the lawsuit with their on lawsuit requesting to stop the investigation, but a California judge threw out the corporation’s case.

However, the California-based company isn’t the only energy drink coming under scrutiny.

New York attorney General Eric Schneiderman is also attacking the company along with others for marketing their products to children.

The FDA doesn’t see the drink as a problem per se, but views the high concentration of caffeine as the reason for major health concerns.

“FDA continues to evaluate the emerging science on a variety of ingredients, including caffeine,” a spokeswoman for the agency previously told WebMD.

Monster Beverage Corp. has yet to make a statement on the investigations.

UPDATE 1/15/13 2:06 p.m. 

Here is a statement sent in by Monster Beverage’s PR:

“The sale and consumption of more than 10 billion Monster energy drinks worldwide over more than 11 years has shown that our products are safe.  Contrary to allegations, they are not “highly caffeinated” and they are not marketed to children. In fact, a 16-ounce Monster Energy drink contains less than half the caffeine of a 16-oz (medium) size cup of Starbucks brewed coffee.  Monster’s labels state: “Consume responsibly:  Not recommended for children, people sensitive to caffeine, pregnant women or women who are nursing.” “

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  • Ned Morlef

    the gov’t and it’s enforcers have done more damage to children than any drink,smoke or food.

    • wow

      Yes. Allow children to consume this horrible beverage because da ebil gubment is so much worse. I guess two wrongs do make a right, huh? Man, you’re stupid.

      • PT

        Hello Pot…meet kettle.

      • http://smart.com wowissosmart

        wow is right! Ban the drink! BAN EVERYTHING BAD! Nobody gets anything. There we go… aahhh Murica… always right, never wrong. wow 2016 yall!!!

    • http://twitter.com/d4m_d33zy d33zy

      Mmmmm, dont really see where the Government has done damage to children. Its mostly safety systems in place to keep them safe. Free Baby/Child kare, mother support, free and abundant schooling. I think Parents are more likely to fuk kids up then any Government.. less Parents are teaching anti-government to their kids.. then that person might think Government vs Kids is evil lol

  • PT

    Really???? You think Monster is advertising to children? I see dozens and dozens of children drinking Starbucks than drinking Monster on any given day.

    • http://twitter.com/d4m_d33zy d33zy

      Probably true. I assume they are just looking at the 240mg vs 100mg. Also, the north east part of the US isnt Soda Friendly (political wise) and Monster drink is only a Soda with Caff in and probably more Sugar then a normal pop(Go for the Sugar Free if you drink Energy Drinks). Put simply, it taste better then koffee & boosts u twice as hard. That does seem unsafe for a kid… they should stamp on an age limit for them things anyway.

      • http://yours Bob Levy


  • JT

    The government is already in people’s business too much. I hate to tell people but children are doing much worse than drinking a caffeine based beverage.

    • http://twitter.com/d4m_d33zy d33zy

      Heh. True 😀 …added, the Drink does say ‘Not for Children’. I honestly do think things like this are up the Parents to enforce and inform.

  • JT

    By the way, there is no evidence that the drinks caused that kid’s coma. There could be a thousand different reasons why it happened. That being said — 5 hour energy has been linked to a lot of deaths. But that is an entirely different product. It also has much less water in it and I imagine that lack of dilution is a cause.

    I am not an expert. I believe we should look at the products closely, but on the other hand, I am concerned about just how much government has gotten into our lives. Our government is in our lives too much but as far as helping us —- the do nothing. The only cause us problems.

    Here is what bugs me. The Pentagon lost 2.3 trillion dollars before 9/11 and some people estimate the real number to be around 9 trillion. The FED lost 9 trillion dollars and this was the topic of congressional oversight hearing. Now those number combined is anywhere from 11 trillion to 18 trillion dollars. Yet, the government does nothing about this. An energy drink or the big gulp, they will go after. Finding all that money — they don’t even want to hear about it.

    • http://twitter.com/d4m_d33zy d33zy

      On its cans, Monster says the beverage is not recommended for children, people sensitive to caffeine, pregnant women, or women who are nursing. Maybe a legal age limit should be added.. just like Smokes. Same with the 5 Hour Drinks. As for the kids Coma… may have been an allergic reaction.

      As for the FED, far as I know, its not _real_ US money anyway.. its “Bank” money that the US barrows from thats owned by very wealthy people. As for the Government, dont really think they’re focused on Monsters Drinks right now, so we’re safe on them spending time w/ this. Also, Im sure(like us) they’re able to multitask if they needed todo so. They’d just appoint a Board, which they have already, to look over it and appoint new rules, like the FDA has been doing for quite awhile.. and the Food & Drug industry.

  • http://twitter.com/d4m_d33zy d33zy

    I have to put the blame on Parents with this one. Pops bad enough for kids, I sure as hell wouldnt have my kid drinking a drink thats juices you up x10 and at that age you keep juiced up anyway, if you tired, goto sleep. Thats like letting your child take no-doze pills and java and a bucket of sugar. FYI: Go for the Sugar Free Energy Drinks (o.O)b

  • Pro Writer

    Oh my god, what a poorly written article full of typos and poor grammar!!! “per say” [per se] – give me a break!!! Here are some more examples: “within one day from [of] each other”; “transparent about the ingredients and even then [?] the possible health risks”; “filed a lawsuit on the bases [basis] that Monster drinks”. If you cannot spell or use proper grammar then you should not be publishing articles!!

    • Aaron

      You forgot “but then collapsed into an induced coma.” How do you collapse into something that is “induced” or To bring about or stimulate the occurrence of; cause.

  • Heather

    The parents need to face their responsibility in this. Kids don’t just have money on their own and most of the time it is the parents making the purchases for them.

  • Melissa

    Marketing for children? I rarely see a child with a monster drink. I see quite a few of adults drinking it. As for the kids, I see them drinking soda & coffee. When I go to my local coffee shop down the street, I see so many kids lined up to order coffee. So I don’t know why they say that!
    I know kids drink it, but I don’t think that is the main drink for kids.

  • jason

    i like MONSTER, think most of the drinks taste great. i drink them all the time. never once have i seen it marketed to kids. thats bs, where were this kids parents, telling her not to drink them or any energy drink for that matter. it is a terrible thing when a child dies. but don’t blame the company, not their fault your kid drank them. take some responsibility also. dont ruin a good thing for everybody who enjoys them

  • http://yours Bob Levy

    im so sick and tired of compaies being targeted.when will we hold the PARENTS RESPONSIBLE.instead all these sitty momsand dads who don’t wanna tell little jimmy NOkick little jimmy in the ass and say no.our whole countr is los because PARENTS DONT WANA PARent