Mom Wrestles Son From Kidnapper: Man Arrested 103 Times

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Noticed this story on Yahoo and thought it would be interesting to share. It’s actually an old story but let us know what you think.

This is another scary abduction story but this one has a happy ending. A woman told police in Charlotte that she was walking beside her 3-year old son as he rode his bike in the park when a man walked by, where he suddenly turned and yanked the boy off the bike by the waist. Luckily, the woman managed to grab onto her son and fought the man over him.

“He just snatched him around the waist, off the bike and that’s when I jumped on, and grabbed Liam and that’s when we were fighting about him,” Camilla McCall said. “The only thing I could think of is, I’ve got to hold on to him as tight as I can.”

The man eventually let go and fled the scene, but police were able to retrieve a box from a local fast-food restaurant which contained a receipt, and, believing it belonged to the man, confirmed their suspicions with surveillance footage at the restaurant. That led to the arrest of 41-year old Jerry White, who has a whopping 103 arrests on his record. While officials say they were mostly non-violent offenses, nearby residents are shocked that he was walking free after so many crimes.

“That is crazy that he is still walking around here in our neighborhood and he’s been arrested that many times,” said McCall.

Fortunately for her, the situation ended well. She and her son were unharmed in the incident; however, White was later released and the charges dismissed due to lack of evidence. He was, however, found guilty of the assault charge.

Image: Charlotte Police

Mom Wrestles Son From Kidnapper: Man Arrested 103 Times
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  • http://Yahoo Nancy

    I haven’t read so much crap in a long time. What does race or economic status have to do with this?? I think the thing we need to wonder about is, will the police keep him this time? Who’s really at fault? Thank God the child and mom are safe. Will the justice system keep it that way? It scares me to think about the answer to that.

    • Chris

      The police and the court are separate. I can assure you the police would love to keep this guy, and many others, in jail. It is the court system that is the problem.

  • Left Coast Chuck

    While 103 arrests may not equal 103 convictions, I feel confident in stating that some of those arrests resulted in convictions. While it may be that the individual — and I notice that he is not named even though he was convicted — has committed no “serious” crimes, with this continued course of conduct, it is only a matter of time until someone is seriously injured or killed. It is only a matter of luck that neither the child nor the child’s mother were injured in this incident. It certainly would have been more on point if the “journalist” had listed the perp’s convictions rather than his arrests. It could have been phrased “with 103 arrests and 4 convictions . . .” or whatever the case may be. This is another instance of weak reporting. It’s too bad we can’t get writers who actually know what they are doing.

    • http://none Kay

      They did name him

  • http://Yahoo Nancy

    Needless to say, I didn’t read he was released, so I guess I answered my own question. Too bad.

  • Mark L

    He would have been stopped a lot faster WITH a gun.

    This is only ONE example of someone winning over the bad guy without a gun.
    There are THOUSANDS of time each and every day where a gun is used to stop a crime. 2100 times on average. This amounts to some 2 MILLION uses of guns, each and every year, to stop a crime in progress.
    And in 9 out of 10 cases the gun isn’t even fired.


  • Arthur Baisley

    If she would have had a permit to carry this could have been his last arrest!

  • Scott

    He was released again. With any luck, his next victim will be the author.

  • JCS

    Hopfully the next victim turns out to be a CCL individual who will do the governments job of getting this criminal off the streets with extreme prejudice.
    Arrested 103 times, Charlotte police are doing their job yet the Prosecutor seems to have failed miserably in his.
    That City Prosecutor needs to find another job ASAP.

  • dave

    Amanda, if a crazy guy started to stab your “most amazing kid ever ” and I was standing 10 feet away, would you want me just to watch, or take out my legal pistol and shoot the crazy sob ?
    Ya can’t even compair the two. what a idiot !
    oh by the way you’d still have your “most amazing kid ever” around if I was there >

  • Eric Brewer

    103 arrests! How is this repeat offender still walking our streets? Lock him up for good or put a needle in him! Sorry so blunt, but enough is enough!

  • http://webpronews cate lynn

    Arrested 103 times and he is allowed to walk the streets? What kind of a town is Charlotte? Obviously a back asswards town that lets these kind of people walk the streets. Why would he try to abduct this child? For what purpose, Sex? Lock is black ass up.



  • Samantha

    Now he has been arrested 104 times…..and still walking free.

  • mario

    And the government wants to take away our guns,right…

  • CJ

    Too bad Mom didn’t have a gun, the criminals career could have been ended right there.

  • Maggie

    This guy is a detriment to society. If I lived in this neighbor I would be packing heat in wait for this degenerate to touch one of my loved ones. If this tool is allowed to walk around with the general public the system is not working. To all the liberal idiots a GUN would have been a great thing for this mother to have on her person.

    • Karen

      Its obvious the system dosent work. So if the mom had of had a gun end of story. We could stop all these crimes if every law bidding citizen would carry a weapon. There would be no more school shootings , no more of the cycopath just killing because they want to, Crime would dwindle !!!

  • D Miller

    So now we know his name, but where does he live and what park was this at? He will continue to do this so it only right we know more.

  • Lee Parker

    I HATE guns but I reserve the right to have one. If the lady got lucky..wonderful!!!

  • Bob

    103 arrests? Obviously rehabilitation is not working. Execute this piece of garbage before he kills someone.

  • moonhead

    If this is an old story, what is the purpose of rehashing it now? Why don’t you rehash the Jeffrey Dahmner story, or the Charles Mason story, or better yet Jack the Ripper?

  • J

    I love how these guys always get a slap on the wrist. It is like the government loves them because they depopulate and harm the community : A.K.A. they are just doing their job and that tO ‘discriminate’ against them would be wrong. Yeah my friend would still be here had they locked up the guy that took her, kept her hostage in a hotel, shot her up with drugs, took her bank account (and inheritance money).

  • Peter

    Well, if they would just toss him off a cliff into the ocean (cheapest method of execution) we would not have to see if he could make it to 105 arrests.

  • ez

    look guys ive been arrested up to maybe 30 times now and it hurts me that you guys would say those things about a person

    • http://yahoo Irene Hammond

      @ez–30 times is an awfully lot of times!! Couldn’t you control yourself so wouldn’t have been arrested at all??!!

  • http://Facebook Inga

    Charges were dropped due to lack of evidence? 103 times arrest & still walking around. What are they waiting for? This story is
    pathetic. The next time, he’ll probably kill somebody. It’s people
    like him we can use a gun to protect ourselves.

  • brooklyn360

    AN ARREST IS NOT A CONVICTION, but after 103 arrests…. if it walks like a duck, it is probably a duck.

  • John

    Amanda Crum, you put this out there like it is a breath of fresh air. A criminal stopped without a gun. This idiot should have been stopped with a gun long before he hit triple digits. If he had gotten away with that child what do you suppose he was going to do? Tsutor him in his ABC’s?

    You’re an idiot, Crum and an obvious liberal racist loser, just like your leader, Obama. If there is any chance that you feel you have to respond; don’t. You have nothing to say that I want to hear. If it were up to me, you would be locked up with this freak.

  • Steve

    Amanda had to dredge up an article over 18 months old, in order to find one that fit her gun-grabber agenda. For newspaper articles compiled from around the nation with examples of firearms used to protect innocent lives, read The American Rifleman. It publishes about a half dozen examples each and every MONTH.

  • robert rowe

    not only this piece of shit but, the ass wipes that let out should be put down to. yomama has armed gaurds for his kids but doesn;t want your kids protected what an ass wipe

  • Annie

    That s o b once again is walking around looking for a chance to grab another child? Put that S O B in jail once and for all. That creep should be place together with murderers. Women should carry queball with them rather than a gun.

  • jennnyv

    Just think if she did have a gun, this man whose has been arrested and released 103 times would no longer be a danger to little children and society

  • beth

    I cannot believe that this man is out on the street again. The judge in this case could surely have found something to hold this person on. No wonder the police get so aggravated, they risk their lives to get these lawbreakers and the judge just lets them walk.

  • David

    Had the mom been carrying a gun the crime would never have occurred.

  • Maymie

    This is what that man was arrested for one year after the attempted abduction of this child.
    His crimes are not ALL minor and I agree, if the little boy’s mother or a concerned bystander had a gun on the day of the attempted kidnapping, this woman may have been saved.

  • b**ch a$$ reporter

    You dumbass liberal journalist, quit preaching your political views and start reporting valuable news. If the mom had a gun the suspect wouldnt even think about snatching the son.

  • Debbie

    Hmmm, we have a career criminal who should’ve been off the streets about 100 arrests ago, and we have Ms Crum, just one of hundreds of liberal, fact bending journalists with their own agendas. The POS rapist, kidnapper needs to taken out & executed, I personally think cutting his junk off and sitting there watching him bleed to death sounds great. And this “reporter” needs to keep digging through old news to find stories that back up her viewpoints. Here’s hoping that the “most amazing kid ever” has a father with some common sense. Ms Crum, I hope you’re a better singer/musician than you are a journalist.

  • C Gordon

    This disturbs me on so many levels. 1…its not far from where I live. 2…it was a mom and her son, out doing things every child should be allowed to do without fear of some lunatic coming and snatching him/her up. 3…HE WAS ARRESTED 103 TIMES!!!! WHY WAS HE OUT ENJOYING FREEDOM AT ALL!?! Does it take 105 times to be considered a repeat offender? Seriously!?! What is wrong here?? BLAH!

    Just goes to show, you don’t mess with a Mama and her baby.

  • http://yahoo chris

    I like how the reporter emphasizes WITHOUT a gun. A gun would have stopped the next 102 arrests. 103 arrests and he is still kidnapping kids? I can’t think of a better reason to SHOOT THIS ASSHOLE!

  • Mike

    Without a gun you say? Hmm too bad because the number 103 would have stopped growing.

  • http://yahoo chris

    I notice in the reporters bio that she is the mom to “the best kid ever”….If this guy was taking your son away from you, maybe the last time you would ever see him alive, and someone handed you a gun, would you use it?

  • kane

    a gun would of ended this guys criminal career 102 crimes ago

  • Mindy

    Whoa! Calm down everybody! This reporter is only relaying this information in case somebody missed the story. Never once in the article does she say she is against guns. I thought open forums meant just that ” putting the topic out there to see how everyone feels on the subject ” not to persecute someone. (You should know I believe every citizen has the right to bear arms.)

  • Lisa Lisa

    WHO IS THIS GUYS LEGAL AID? I PROMISE those 103 arrests were dismissed just as this one was….due to lack of evidence…. I also promise that YOU paid for his legal aid…. YOU…YOUR TAX DOLLARS! Another LOSER who knows how to play the system and is ALLOWED to!

    • http://webpronews.com Poppyjoe

      Our legal system is created by and run by lawyers. The judge is just a more successful lawyer on a power trip. It is always about money. Ever see a poor lawyer? Ben Franklin said that lawyers would be the downfall of this country – Smart guy!

  • E

    LACK OF EVIDENCE?!?! Um, mom watched him try to take her kid and wrestled him away! Tell me again how they lack evidence?

  • Hmmmm

    A concealed carry couldve solved this problem not only for her but for all of us taxpayers paying for all his arrests.

  • http://yahoo.com elizabeth

    I love how the first line says a crime solved without a gun! lol this is not the proble concerning gun control. The issue with gun control is the criminals that have guns not the victoms. I bet if the woman did have a gun she would have without a doubt shot that guy and i would have too. its the victoms that should be carrying a gun! I am 100% all for the right to bear arms. I am however not all for criminals with violent records to have that right if any at all.

  • Aristeo

    This story is stupid. Without a gun? Sounds like an agenda being pushed. It’s wonderful that the mother got her son back. But why did the stiry have to say without a gun. As to say we don’t need guns. You people dont see it yet, but they are taking our Rights away slowly but surely.

  • m. millner

    yeah if she had a gun the bullet in his head would have linked him to the scene of the crime! theres your conviction.

  • RocketJL

    A gun may not be the answer in this case. If a parent carries a gun to protect their children and themselves from criminals, they could accidently shoot the criminal in the head – six times.

    • mike hood

      I can see having maybe two previous arrests and he’s still walking around yanking kids off their bikes, but 103. 103 previous arrests and the judges don’t see it? 103 or is this a typo and its 3?

  • http://www.facebook.com/adamcrealestate Dr Adam Caldwell

    This man MUST be a Politician! Because only a Politician can make over 100 screw-ups and keep on trucking without interruption!

  • KIm Wooden

    Why is he not charged with an attempted kidnapping…Is’nt that a crime….What is America coming too…

    • KIm Wooden

      Who cares if he had a gun or not????A crime is a crime, what are we doing , if your carrying a gun you go to jail and if not your free “AGAIN”…WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CRAZY!!!!!Thank God this child is safe…

  • http://Yahoo John Benoit

    Every single American needs to be armed. Self defense laws like stand your ground need to have the strongest form of law. City rounds in a gun of your choice. However a gun should be the last resort. Mace and pepper spray should be used first. How do you cut 39 billion dollars a year from the budget? On the spot justice. Let the citizen deal with the criminal on the spot. Criminals look for a easy target. If there were no easy targets, we could reduce crime by 97% across the country.People are scared to go out at night in some places. Screw the police citizen posse to hunt down and violent criminals that have taken over our streets. In 1881 give or take a year or two. So many people were being murdered that they named the town Tombstone Arizona. 5 armed men permanently solved the problem. With the shootout at the Ok Corral. We could take back the street the same way and solve the problem. When you see your crime, don’t turn your head shoot the criminal in the head. Problem solved forever. In Newtown Connecticut If the Principal had been armed 2o children and 6 educators would be alive. One wack job dead. Terrorism Armed Citizens can solve the problem. Shoot them on the spot, problem solved. Armed citizen’s on airplanes solves terrorism on the spot. Terrorist I am going to blow up the plane. Killed in 6 seconds flat. Cause of death shot 357 times. Thus 9/11/01 never happens. Government cannot solve crime and terrorism, But Americans can solve the problem on the spot. Carry guns forever. John

    • LCWalker

      I agree with you 100000000%!

    • Star

      I agree with you John.

    • keith

      You watch too many movies. The real story of Tombstone and the Earps isn’t remotely what you imply. Likewise, firing a weapon on a pressurized plane is risky at best. Miss the potential highjacker, shoot a hole in the pressurized cabin and you create all manner of problems.

      • Tony

        Remember when psychology would “fix” these problems, and movies etc could “contribute” to society? Now all of a sudden that’s “Art” and the President can’t mention bad movies or television. If he’s got to pay back his elitist friends he should say so, but blaming the people isn’t working. I believe it’s a cultural thing because we have always had guns around and they were just as prevalent and you didn’t have the problems you have now.

    • brenda

      I have no interest in carrying a gun around. I do agree that as a responsible American citizen I have the right to own a gun and carry one, if I have a permit to carry. But, what you said is ‘every single american needs to be armed’. I don’t want to be armed. I can also think of numerous people that I do not want walking around armed. I know several people who have served our country in Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan and not one of them owns anything more than a shot gun for hunting. Bottom line is guns hurt/kill people. The more and the easier they are available the more people will be hurt/killed. As American’s we should all try to be less extreme and do what the founding fathers really wanted for the United States of America……for us to be UNITED.

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