Mitt Romney Goes Gangnam Style in This Parody

    October 3, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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South Korean rapper PSY’s megahit Gangnam Style has permeated our culture and been infused with almost everything imaginable. We’ve seen Hitler Gangnam Style, Skyrim Gangnam Style, Gangnam Style meets Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Kim Jong style.

Hell, we’ve even seen Google’s Eric Schmidt dancing with PSY himself.

But now, the fad has hit American politics.

No, it’s not actually Mitt Romney doing Gangnam Style, but instead a clever parody that highlights some of Romney’s less-attractive features in the eyes of voters.

Sure, it’s a bit biased against Mittens – but hey, it’s hump day and this is pretty funny. Here it is, Mitt Romney Style (via CollegeHumor) [NSFW language]

Of course, this comes to us on the day of the first Presidential debate, set to kick off at 9pm ET. This year, you can stream all of the debates live on YouTube as well as on your Xbox 360 via the new Elections Hub. The latter is even interactive, allowing viewers to answer poll questions throughout the duration.

  • James Steelhaven

    Dang, if this song isn’t catchy. Still voing for him though.

    • Lucy Locke

      Why? You hate the 47 percenters too? You hate Medicare? You hate Social Security. The man will ruin our country with his “plan of action” without details. You are to blame for being the bum you will become in your old age. And when I see you on the side of the road begging, I will ask you who you voted for. And if you voted for Romney, I will laugh. You are such an intelligent person, making an informed decision.

  • Lisa

    Why is it when Pesident Obama kisses his wife in public all hell break lose but when a man whose wife has definitely said that she would be worried about his mental state if he were to become president, start acting like a horse in public,”awwwww he is just being Mitt”.

  • Bill Riddle

    Mitt sucks,lies an excapes from paying taxes like we havt to. Wow how could anyone vote for him?

  • Joanne Smith

    I am heart sick to think that the good people of the united states will be voting for a president who has ties to companies in China, will not come to the aid of 170 long term workers in Illinois a Bain Capital Company, all their jobs sent to China by Novermber 6, 2012. He claims not to know about this, he claims no ties to the Bain companies, yet he will reap millions in dividens to store away in the cayment islands, and swiss banks. Shame on the people. It is no wonder he will not show his income tax for most investments have been from his China connections.

  • Lucy Locke

    Well, I couldn’t agree more. Americans are turning a blind eye to the truth! I’m scared about my future now — more than ever. I was counting on two things like most Americans: one. Medicare. two. Social Security.