Girls Missing Since Sleepover Reportedly Found Safe

    January 27, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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It was supposed to be a fun weekend sleepover at the Tourdot house. Sadly for the parents of two missing California teens, it has turned into a nightmare scenario.

“[The] last thing a parent wants is your kids to go missing,” said father Donald Bolt when he spoke to KABC-TV.

12-year-old Raylynn Bolt and her friend 14-year-old Diana Tourdot vanished from the latter’s Riverside home on Saturday evening, around midnight. Since then, Riverside police and family and friends of the two teens have been diligently searching for them. Law enforcement officials even employed the use of bloodhounds, but no definite leads have turned up so far.

As of Monday afternoon, law enforcement officials are saying that they suspect the two girls ran away from home.

The reason for the shift from potential foul play to the idea of the teens simply taking off is that apparently they have been spotted multiple times in the area.

There’s no known reason for the two friends to run off, but now the father of one of the girls suspects the pair are staying away out of fear of negative consequences for their behavior.

Donald Bolt wanted the young teens to not worry about the repercussions, to just “come home”.

“You guys are OK. I mean, you know, if you guys maybe ran away or something or went to some guy’s house, everything’s fine. We’ve all done it.”

Diana is described as being 5-foot-6-inches tall and weighing 120 lbs. She has dark brown shoulder-length hair and brown eyes. She also wears black-rimmed glasses. Raylynn is 5-foot-7-inches tall and weighs 120 pounds. Her hair is described as dirty blonde, and she has blue eyes.

Persons with information about the teen girls are asked to call 951-787-7911 as soon as possible. In addition, persons can reach Detective Rick Cobb at 951-353-7135 and Detective Jim Brandt at 951-353-7137.

NOTE: At least one person is saying that they believe or know for certain that the girls ran off.


The latest is that Raylynn and Diana have been located. KLTA has learned via relatives that the girls are safe and unhurt.

Image via KTLA‘s Twitter

  • Wow

    Those girls are huge for 12 and 14 year olds. I know grown women who are smaller than them. What are the putting in the food? It is so funny how the Dad knew the girls had gone to a guys house. I swear. We still think it is the 1950s and our teenage girls are innocent. 2014 is nothing like 1950s and the teenage girls look like adults and are doing everything adults are doing.

    • Seriously?

      First of all, they are 12 and 14, you have no business scrutinizing their bodies. Second, they are barely at the minimum weight for their height. Another thing, teenage pregnancies are at a record low – fewer teens are having sex AND more sexually active teens are use contraceptives. The past, especially the 50s, is just ridiculously glamorized. But sure, keep believing the crap the media puts out to scare people.

      Lets just be glad these girls are safe.

      • http://yahoo Viking

        Your "statistics" that you posted regarding teenage sexual activity is weak. Even had you posted some "real" numbers backed by some propeller-heads factual numbers, exactly why are you so quick to go after "wow"'s comments? Why aren't you worried for the juveniles' safety? They are 12 and 14, crawled out the bedroom window with backpacks and enough makeup to make any clown envious, and betrayed their parents'/guardians trust. No matter what destination they may have had, why wouldn't you be concerned? Are you not aware of all the sexual predators in the area? Did you know that there is a suspect driving around looking for girls just like that so he can offer them a "ride"? He then drives his victims to secluded areas and does unspeakable things to them. And yes, teen girls are getting all the education they can handle, their birth control pills and HPPV shots so why worry right? There are more young people than ever loosing their virginity before marriage only to regret it later. I will pray for the safety of those 2 girls. I hope they return home unharmed and then get the ass-beatings they need,

        • @Seriously

          By the way, I know a 14 year old girl who literally goes after guys in there 30s. She wasn't abused in life and she is totally aware of what she is doing. Her exact words were —- why should I go after a guy that has nothing when I can go after a guy who has something.

          So please, spare me that young girls are victims. They are making choices. Choices. Thought out choices.

          • Gabby

            No matter who this 14 year old "goes after". If a grown ass man goes after her, they can go to jail if caught. Ask yourself, is it worth it?

      • @Seriously

        Why can't anyone speak the truth anymore? The girls look fully grown. They snuck out and all of us see young girls going after older men all the time.

        No one deals with reality in this nation. We deal with some made up reality of the way we want things to be and not the way they are.

        Odds are that these girls where going out to screw. Period.

    • http://yahoo karen sheppeard

      Lady get a grip. This isn't the 50's. And it never will be again. You can't stop progress or evil.

    • lisa

      you must not have kids this age… and 5foot 7 120 pounds is NOT huge!!! Focus on the fact that there are 2 teenage girls missing instead of your dumb negative remarks about their size JERK!!!

    • Gena

      My daughter is 13 and 5'7 she is 125..she has done 2 commercials andis a great basketball player for her school!She gets the most rebounds because her height! I know you are not scrutinizing their bodies like someone said..You are just talking in general..my daughter is very tall compared to the girls in her grade and age…90% tile..so yea she looks more like 16..but hey my I am very strict she is not allowed at sleepovers and allowed at movie theaters until she is older like 16..then she'll look 21..ha just kidding

  • http://yahoo karen sheppeard

    I hope they are found safe, my sister was missing for 3n1/2 years. It was horrible. If I was that grandmother I would be a wreck. She seemed calm. I would be scared to death I would never see her alive again.


    some say how girl today look older they look the same from the 59s to the present, some of us look a little older for our age this coming from a person of the 70s and 80s..The good old days was not all that good and tomorrow is not as bad as it seen

    • Lee Anne

      That's for sure! I have pictures of my mother at that age (she was born in 1948), and she sure as heck wasn't fresh-faced and make up free at age 14. I swear sometimes people need to remove the rose colored glasses and wash them. 😛

  • shar

    If Raylynn is being raised by the grandmother than how does her father know for sure what she'd do? That doesn't make sense.

  • your mother

    I've been to Riverside, and I honestly don't blame them for running away.

  • Shadow

    The focus and important thing is that they are found safe and unharmed no matter what. They are young girls not adults, they think like young girls. I pray they are safe and are not harm by the BAD in this world we live in today.

  • a

    Keep letting the MSM raise your kids….