Missing Girl Dragged By Hair: Search Called Off

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Police have temporarily called off the search for a young girl after a lack of evidence forced their investigation to a standstill.

Officials in Los Angeles say witnesses saw a man, around 18 to 20 years old, take a girl who appeared to be 13 years of age from a rec center after an argument, which escalated until he struck her and then began to drag her up a hill by her hair. Investigators say they’ve received no reports of a missing person and the only things found during the search were a pair of leggings and some shoes.

“My hope is that this was a dispute that was resolved in some way, but we have to treat everything like it’s the real deal,” Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said at a news conference.

The massive search area was covered by officers on foot and on horseback, and included search dogs and even helicopters. Nothing was found to suggest foul play, but the clothing is worrisome to the witnesses, who say they saw the man begin to remove it from the girl as he dragged her into nearby brush.

Police have released sketches of the suspect and victim and have checked hospitals and schools for someone who matches the description, but have so far come up empty-handed.

Missing Girl Dragged By Hair: Search Called Off
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  • Corinna

    I agree! Seems like the only way cops understand others if it pertains to killing this child. Then what? Will they let him go as they did the man in Stella Mo. Let him go for saying he did a bad thing by killing his step daughter. This makes me so freakin mad. Why dont they act upon it and not give it the second notice of what the 7734 is going on. Im sorry! I would have took my purse (wich is heavey with junk) and hit the sorry no good jackass. Sorry for them words, but to me even that is too good for him. Grrr!

  • Megan

    What frustrates me about this story is the lack of location reported. You can’t just say this happened in “Los Angeles”. That means virtually nothing. How about pinning it down to a specific city within LA (i.e. Granada Hills, La Crescenta, Compton) or a neighborhood. Then those of us in that area can keep an eye out.

  • karmel

    Really people??!!! No one had a phone and took a picture or video…what were you thinking? You should go out and looke for this girl yourselves since you are the ones that know what she looks like. Shame on you for not rescuing her.

    • eevee


  • janet

    Are you kidding me? 18 y/o dragging a 13/yo into a bush tearing off her clothes? Search called off? I bet if it happened to a 13 y/o in some small town USA the FBI would be called. C’mon L.A.!!!

  • Kim

    Well the LAPD sure doesn’t sound all that concerned! WTF! They’re lucky its not one of their kids!

  • Yesenia

    My question is this… in Boyle Heights, East L.A. – NO ONE BOTHERED TO CONFRONT THE YOUNG MAN AS HE WAS DRAGGING THE GIRL AND AS THEY SAW HIM UNDRESS HER??? I say BS… That happened in the hood someone will get the nerve to do something… also, is it only me, but I see a resemblance in the sketches.

    • Rachel

      thats a good point yesenia there is a resemblance

  • Crystal

    My hope is that this was a dispute that was resolved in some way, but we have to treat everything like it’s the real deal,” Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said at a news conference.

    (WTF!) Is this how their dealing with things now of days!!!

  • Ashley

    Is it just me or does the sketch of the girl look alot older than 13? Looks like a grown woman to me.

  • sgomez

    Sadly a lot of people decide not to help someone or get involved because it is something that they are either desensitized to or they fear getting involved will risk their safety too.
    We can all sit in the safety behind our computers and judge these people for not doing something in the face of a dangerous situation but not being there we can really only speculateas to why they didn’t.
    Also we should remember that the police hold back informtion to weed out suspects and we don’t know everything.

    (before I get chewed up for my response I would like to point out that I myself am a victim of a violent crime where others knew what happened and did not help me so I have experienced this type of thing first hand)

    • gvr

      sgomez – I can really agree with what you posted. I guess we all just want someone to step up and really help when a bad thing is going on. I understand, being a victim myself, but I am a survivor now. I refuse to let the bad stuff control me. People are afraid that harm will come to them and that is why they don’t intercede. As a survivor, I will intercede for the sake of another. I’m not afraid.

  • Rulove

    This time last year a girl was taken in East LA at a drugstore. In fact there have been a few young girls taken, but because they are latina girls. Nobody cares.

  • vigilante

    That’s what you get out of l.a. no good cops just like whoever lives there oh yea crack

  • http://msn ruserious

    what have we become how the hell you watch this and not call police asap get together every man in the center and stop a crime you are guilty as witnesses of the act for not acting
    For Real People

  • Daneva

    why would someone just watch this? They dont even help the girl. They should be jailed.

  • litllady

    Dear God! I hope and Pray this child is found safe from harm!!!!

  • Ominous

    Can’t necessarily blame the cops in this circumstance. If there isn’t a persons missing report then they have no leads. The girl could have been older than thirteen but in this day and age maybe she is and is dating the guy; therefore out of “love” did not tell anyone of the incident.

    • http://yahoo Jeffry Rayman

      Does it really matter of age ??? Get your fact’s correct, before mmaking stupid comments !!

  • annie

    I feel the group of witnesses that were standing there watching this vicious attack go on should have got together and tried to help this poor female by attacing him as a group and call the police. I so hope and pray that this poor girl is alive.

    • Linda

      Annie – I couldn’t agree more. The reports didn’t say if anyone tried to help. I don’t know if anyone tried – but don’t just stand there – do something. Anything yell run towards them… I pray she is alive too.

  • LInda

    The title says Missing girl , but no report of a missing girl has been made. Hopefully she is ok though.

    • http://yahoo Jeffry Rayman

      Sorry, but you are wrong !! Just like the PD !! Who should contact the FBI !

  • Twyla

    usually the apathetec witnesses at least pull out their camera phone and tape it

  • Anonymous.

    What if it is one of those couples who get into serious role playing, that just had sex, and were oblivious to their surroundings. If so, even the people accused don’t know what’s happening and they think something has happened to someone else when it was really just them, role-playing.

  • Lillard

    Blow It Off
    Fucking Mexicans and their Machismo Bullshit Drama. 13 years old and Beef with her baby’s Daddy. Maybe another Bean in the oven. Get The FUCK Off ADC,Get The FUCK Out and back to TJ, ASSHOLES.

  • Brenda

    I hope all is safe and this is not true and if it is true I hope its resolved tomorrow. Everytime I post on something on a missing person they found them so heres my post hoping they find her safe and sound.

    • http://yahoo Jeffry Rayman

      Keep going .. never / ever give up !

  • gvr

    OMG! Just heard the news piece about this situation. the police are encouraging the “abducted victim to come forward”. The dogs got her scent from her clothes and followed it to an intersection then lost it. How the h… can a victim come forward if she is abducted? Have the cops lost their minds?

    • http://yahoo Jeffry Rayman

      How correct you are !!

  • http://yahoo Jeffry Rayman

    Why in god’s name would the PD call off the search ??? What is needed is the FBI – BAU .. if they say no … okay … but they won’t!!!

  • Artum

    So NO ONE went to help this little girl? All these god dam witnesses just sat by and watched this entire thing happen and NO ONE did a dam thing? Fuuck people.

    • chris

      my thoughts exactly.
      that is the problem with this world…
      call the who?
      see that act…

  • Tina May

    So no one reported a missing person and the PD is searching for a “missing” person. Why not look for children who are actually missing

  • http://yahoo sugamorgan

    What if they made up this story.Like the black girl who set her self on fire said the kkk did it.??????????

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