Missing Arizona Mom Remains Identified

    April 5, 2014
    Chris Tepedino
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Skeletal remains found in 1988 south of Phoenix, Arizona, have been identified as Julie Grubaugh, an Arizona mom who disappeared more than 25 years ago.

According to Fox News, Phoenix police say the remains were identified as Julie Grubaugh through DNA technology and that the case is now a homicide investigation.

She was reported missing in November of 1986, and a police missing persons report narrative reads, “On November 2, 1986 at approximately 3:00 P.M. Julie Grubaugh was reportedly dropped off by her ex-husband at the Greyhound Bus Station at 550 East Washington Street in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. She has never been seen or heard from again. Foul play is suspected in her disappearance.”

The remains that were eventually identified as Julie Grubaugh were found in April 1988 in a remote field in Pinal County, south of Phoenix, Arizona.

According to The Republic, a daily newspaper published in Phoenix, via azcentral.com, detectives questioned Julie Grubaugh’s ex-husband, Douglas Grubaugh, but he was never arrested in connection with her disappearance.

Police Detective Stuart Somershoe said there were allegations of domestic violence between the couple, however. Julie Grubaugh had left some of her belongings at work, indicating she was not going to leave permanently, and had no criminal history or history of drug use.

Douglas Grubaugh eventually remarried after Julie’s disappearance and was later arrested after he threatened to kill his wife with a gun, according to Somershoe.

In a 2011 paper titled “Cold Case Investigations: An Analysis of Current Practices and Factors Associated with Successful Outcomes,” three authors of the RAND Corporation write cold cases “are among the most difficult investigators confront. For a variety of reasons—lack of evidence, strained resources, ineffective investigation—a case become cold when initial efforts to solve it prove futile.”

But with new technologies such as automated fingerprinting and DNA, some cold cases have benefited from a new, fresh perspective.

Julie Grubaugh was 25 years old at the time of her disappearance.

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  • McAdoo Buzzsaw

    “There were allegations of domestic violence between the couple.”….”remarried after Julie’s disappearance and was later arrested after he threatened to kill his wife with a gun.”……..HMMMMMMMM……….he sounds like suspect to me….?…?…?

  • Kevin Bethke

    He only threatened. So he must be innocent. Innocent like pigs flying.

    • rxd

      So you would intend to wait till be slashed her throat

      • Kevin Bethke

        Don’t you know what sarcasm is rxd? what a maroon.

  • Kiim S. Ayers

    I hope the cops have other evidence, even something circumstantial they can put with the DNA stuff that will hang together so that the DA can actually file a case and charge the husband – or SOMEBODY. I’ll bet hubby has no real alibi….

  • KRC

    Hello? It’s always the ex-husband who was the last to see them. Yeah, she was dropped off alright. Poor thing.

  • Harry Bailey


  • Not Again

    He lived ALOT longer then she did!!!!!! Get this guy now before he “disappears”. How sad. Another young woman who did not realize who she married.

  • OBG

    Gee, I wonder who could have done it?

  • Lisa Renee Bralliar

    I wanna know what happened to her kids, Seems like her biggest claim to fame was being a mom.

  • ll

    Even if he did do it, the jury has to convict him. Look at the Cay Lee Anthony case, where there was tape around her mandible and her hair was stuck to the tape, and the mystery nanny took the child, and then they said the baby drowned. The jury did not convict….REALLY??

  • Carol Haber-Waters

    Of course that POS killed her, why is it taking them soo long to arrest him, they found her body in 1988, and they still have not arrested him???

  • TamekoTheArtist

    I hope they arrest the husband now!

  • RachelG

    I sure hope the ex-husband is being investigated in Julie Grubaugh’s disappearance and homicide. If anyone had a motive, it was Douglas Grubaugh. How have the children fared in all these years?

  • Mena

    The remains were found in 1988, why ? Didn’t they test for DNA before now.