Miranda Lambert Gets Exhibit at Country Hall of Fame

    March 1, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Miranda Lambert has her own exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum–or at least she will starting in May. It was just announced that the singer and wife of The Voice’s Blake Shelton will be featured front and center in the museum. Her exhibit, called “Miranda Lambert: Backstage Access,” will run from May 16th to November 9th and is expected to draw droves of fans.

“The Country Music Hall of Fame is a place to cherish what country music is all about,” Miranda said following the official announcement. “And I’m so honored to have an exhibit in this treasured hall.”

“Miranda Lambert is one of contemporary music’s most popular and acclaimed artists, and for good reason,” said Museum Director Kyle Young. “She’s a dynamic performer; an emotive and powerful vocalist whose voice is equally at home with lyrics tough or tender; and a songwriter with a deft touch for feeling and place.

“Her numerous hits, from empowering anthems like ‘Gunpowder and Lead’ to introspective set pieces like ‘The House That Built Me,’ are rich contributions to country music’s storytelling tradition,” he continued. “We are looking forward to taking our visitors behind the scenes with Miranda during her amazing successes in 2013.”

Miranda Lambert is the reigning four-time CMA and reigning four-time ACM Female Vocalist of the Year. Her most recent album, Four The Record, debuted atop Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart, making her the first country artist in the 47-year history of the chart to have each of her first four albums debut in that number one position. Mama’s Broken Heart is just one hit single from that album. You can see her perform it in the music video above. Lambert recently released her new single Automatic, which is the lead track from her upcoming fifth studio album.

Blake Shelton must be incredibly proud of his wife–in general, of course, and now even more so for her upcoming exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

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  • musicfan1

    Nice article but Miranda is Blake’s wife, not his husband. :)

  • kim

    Why not Jerry Lee Lewis & Ronnie Milsap??? I like Miranda Lambert, but Nashville doesn’t make any sense to me. I guess Jerry Lee & Ronnie aren’t married to the right people. Ha!!!

    • TexasMusician

      Ronnie Milsap definitely deserves to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Jerry Lee Lewis never really contributed anything to Country Music. He had a short stint as Teen Idol Rockabilly artist (plus plays a mean piano… but so do his cousins Mickey Gilley and Jimmy Swaggart) in the 50’s. He spent the 60’s bitter and drunk and then thought going country in the 70’s/80’s would revive his dead career. He had 2 chart songs and then played shows as a glorified oldies act. I saw him play in San Antonio and he was definitely not Hall of Fame caliber.

      • walterbrob

        There is a laundry list of people that revived their career “Goin’ Country”

  • OregonDude

    Who is Miranda Lambert?

  • jack01

    Miranda is a good singer but not,country hall of fame caliber.

  • Michael Hill

    Can you say “Bimbo”? Sure you can.

    • TexasMusician

      Bimbo because she is a decent Texas girl who can write, play and sing? Or because she is a woman and you just don’t like the females?

      • shadow15

        Former alcholic drunk, that’s why WE consider her a bimbo!!!!!

        • TexasMusician

          WE?? are you a part of the female – woman haters club?? I will be willing to bet you are good ole Baptist or Methodist. You know where hypocrites end up, don’t you? A LOT worse place than (key word) FORMER drunks.

  • TexasMusician

    She is not being inducted. It is only an exhibit meant to draw in visitors. Don’t get your undies in a bunch! :)

  • TexasMusician

    Miranda Lambert is actually one of the few new artists that has maintained some of the authentic country sound. Someone mentioned Ronnie Milsap and although I agree he is a great musician and songwriter with a slew of great hits, he did a LOT in the 80’s to make country music as “pop” as possible. Just listen to Any Day Now, Stranger in My House and She Loves My Car. It wasn’t until the Neo-Traditional movement when his career was fading that he cut the songs Houston Solution and Ray Price cover Don’t You Ever Get Tired of Hurting Me to try to “join the club.” It was too little, too late.Thanks to artists like him, Kenny Rogers, Eddie Rabbitt and Barbara Mandrell (and many others) real country music almost became a thing of the past. Although Miranda Lambert’s style is modern, Many of her songs have a very traditional country sound. WAY TO GO, MIRANDA!

    • joyce

      Yeah, we need all the traditional country music singers we can get these days. I am so disappointed at all the music out there they call “new country”. Miranda does have some real country sound at times, but I think she is more admired because of being married to Blake, and because she is pretty, AND very talented. And she appeals to the younger crowd who obviously don’t appreciate good old country music.

      • TexasMusician

        Hmmm…. one might think that was the case since Blake Shelton has become a household name due to his involvement on The Voice. However, if you look at music, Miranda Lambert is much more accomplished than her husband. She has been receiving industry awards since 2005 and has added up about 40 of them. Blake Shelton didn’t receive any awards until 2010 (after he and Miranda were together) and has about half the awards his wife has earned. Even though Blake released his first album in 2001 and had a few hits, his career didn’t really take off until he got together with Miranda. As for traditional sound, Miranda Lambert is much closer than Blake who was quoted as saying “nobody wants to listen to grandpa’s music” and has become more and more pop with “sure be Cool if You Did and Boys Round Here”. It would be very easy to make a case and prove that more music lovers who are not interested in reality TV admire Miranda Lambert for her songwriting and performance and could not care less about Blake Shelton’s Twitter feeds and position as a judge on a reality TV show. But that is just my opinion.

    • walterbrob

      Eddie Rabbitt was way underrated. I would take those songs from the eighties over what is being dredged up now anyday.

      • TexasMusician

        Country music pretty much stinks nowadays. Which is why I don’t understand folks beatin’ down someone actually trying to stay a little close to traditional sound.

  • kim

    Jerry Lee Lewis’ first song was “Crazy Arms” a Ray Price song. Jerry Lee Lewis was singing country way before the 70’s. I am both a Jimmy Swaggart & Mickey Gilley fan (his counsins) but they can’t play the piano like Jerry Lee, even though, they are very good. I listen to Jimmy Swaggart regularly.

    • TexasMusician

      I really like the old Jerry Lee Lewis stuff but I also know that he was not considered a country artist in the 50’s Ray Charles played, sang and even released many country inspired tracks and covers but he was not a country artist. My point is that in order to be in the Hall of Fame, you should have made an impact on the genre. Jerry Lee was very relevant to the roots and evolution of rock and roll but not relevant at all to the growth of country music. One would be hard pressed to name a relevant country artist (of any decade) that was inspired or influenced by Jerry Lee Lewis. However, Jerry Lee was inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame back in 86 because of his contributions. Great musician and stylist but not really country.

  • kim

    Do you know what was on the flip side of “Great Balls of Fire” 45 rpm? It was “You Win Again” a Hank Williams song. (You can’t get more country than Hank Williams Sr.) I know this isn’t for the Hall of Fame; but I feel like both Jerry Lee Lewis & Ronnie Milsap belong in the Hall of Fame. Both of them, sound more like country than any of this new “so called” country.

  • opinionated

    hmmm… 10 years to get hall of fame in country music. 40+ years for some groups and still not in the rock n roll hall of fame.

  • Trip Trap


  • Susie

    Go Miranda, you are Awesome, the ones that put others down are just jealous. I love to enjoy the accomplishments of others. But I don’t think I could live their lives, so it takes a strong person to deal with being a celebrity.