Miley Cyrus: Cover Shoot Is “Edgy”

    April 30, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Miley Cyrus recently had a big cover shoot for Elle UK, and she says the look they gave her is full of punk-rock edge and shows off a different side of her personality.

Apparently leather bustiers, denim short-shorts, and shaved hair isn’t considered “edgy” anymore.

The 20-year old actress and singer said she was excited to do the shoot, as it was her first major magazine cover.

“ELLE UK is really cool and it is a little different. I think it shows a different side of style that I feel is really me,” Miley said. “It’s a bit punk and a little more edgy. It’s really cool to be able to shoot this as I haven’t had the chance to do much for the UK like this yet. ELLE is a really cool magazine and my first big cover.”

Rocking smoky eyes and a platinum mohawk, Cyrus got to choose several different outfits to pose in and said that was the most difficult part.

“It’s like doing an album where you don’t want to cut the songs you do like but you have to choose,” she said. “It’s like there’s so many options and outfits and pictures, you feel like, ‘How do I know this is the one I’m really wanting?’ I’m glad I don’t have to edit through the pictures.”

Image: Elle UK

  • http://yahoo Michael E. Thompson

    She is a hypocritical, lying little bitch, who thinks she is a diva.
    Disney made her a child star, “Hanna Montana”. That was the biggest role she will ever have in the entertainment business. Everything she has, is because of Disney. She thought people were wanting Miley Cyrus. She has made an idiot and a fool out of her name. She will gradually fade away or die of a drug overdose. (Prediction).

  • Dave

    was trailer trash, is trailer trawh, and always will be trailer trash.

  • Mica


  • Ryan Eichelberger

    I don’t know how she can even walk around in public anymore her life is a mess an the way she cuts her hair is embarrassing If I were her family or friends I would seek professional help for her she needs it badly

  • Damnmyeyes

    Whoopee…don’t this just speak volumes about American culture…heeyuk!

  • Sandy

    Usually I do not take the time to post to things like this, but I have to agree with Dave. How ungrateful. As a parent of two daughters who were loyal Hannah Montana fans, it is really a disappointment that someone so talented is now such a poor role-model for young girls. You don’t see other Disney Channel stars (Demi Lovato, Selana Gomez) dressing and acting like this.

  • http://nationalshowtickets.com Deb of National Show Tickets

    I think she looks great, she is maturing and getting out of the teen idol stage and growing to be a beautiful lady.

  • Bob Jarrod

    I remember when that dude was pretty.

  • sasou

    everybody make mistakes and i don’t know why you keep judging other are you better

  • milla

    Why are people putting her down for growing up? Are you the same person you were at fifteen? She doesn’t want to be defined by her childhood. She wants to be seen as an adult, this is just how she’s chosen to do it. It is her life. I personally think what she is doing is brave. Actresses like Demi and Selena are playing to the same age group they were when they first began on Disney. While Miley is growing along with the girls who first watched Hannah Montana around seven years ago.

  • JohnII

    she said she’s finally able to wear what she wanted to. so when she was 15 she wanted to dress this way. what a shame smh. she had a good thing with disney but just about everytime she is in the news she is digging deeper and deeper of becoming the next lindsey lohan if not already become one. oh well she made her bed and now she has to live with it. next their’ll strap her to the bed so she cant do anymore harm. she needs help

  • http://newbizshop.com derek

    I told everyone in my family when she hit 18 you will see her put on less cloths and end up doing adult films or show more skin. Just think about all the kids who watched her on t.v. when they little and looked up to her.