Mila Kunis Tiring of Divorce Drama

    September 22, 2013
    Shana Norris
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Mila Kunis is growing weary of the ongoing divorce drama between her love interest Ashton Kutcher and his estranged wife Demi Moore.

Kunis and Kutcher, who co-starred in That 70’s Show from 1998-2006, began dating in early 2012. Fellow That 70’s Show alum Laura Prepon recently told US Weekly that she’s not surprised the couple is dating.

However, Kutcher is still attempting to finalize his divorce from Demi Moore. Kutcher and Moore married in 2005 and separated in late 2011. Kutcher filed for divorce almost a year later, in December 2012.

Some sources report that Demi wants as much as $25 million from Kutcher.

That’s a large sum of money, even by Hollywood standards, but apparently Kunis is tired of the ongoing battle. She’s urged Kutcher to “just give Demi the money” so she and Kutcher can move on with their lives.

Kunis and Kutcher appear to have no qualms about appearing together in public. They were recently spotted holding hands as they walked through SoHo.

Prior to that, they were in Safed, Israel attending the funeral service of Kabbalah Chief Rabbi Philip Berg. Kutcher is one of several Hollywood celebrities who embrace the Kabbalah faith. In fact, he and Moore were married in a Los Angeles Kabbalah center.

Kunis is currently busy promoting her upcoming movie Third Person, in which she stars alongside Olivia Wilde, Liam Neeson and James Franco. She spent the summer filming Jupiter Ascending, a sci-fi action flick co-starring Channing Tatum.

Kutcher recently starred in the title role of Jobs, a biographical drama based on the life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. He also stars in the television sitcom Two and a Half Men, filling a role that was created after the 2011 departure of Charlie Sheen. Along with Jason Goldberg, Kutcher heads Katalyst Media. Their latest project is Forever Young, a reality television series that debuted on TV Land in April, 2013.

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  • HALO101st

    I do not get the impression that Mila has an over abundance of patience for that sort of thing and even less tolerance for b.s.
    I hope giving her credit for normal feelings is not too much of a reach for Hollywood types.

  • Elle

    She can do better unless she wants to mired in his marital/divorce drama for years to come.

  • jane

    There is NO such thing as ‘Kabbalah FAITH’. Either you are Jewish or you are not. Kabbalah, in it’s most simplistic explanation, is Jewish Mysticism. That’s it. Only the most revered scholars study it as it is too much for the average mind to understand.
    Why am I bothering to even write here…. it’s finally annoyed me
    enough to say something. Sort of like shouting into a void.

    • jack

      you’re the smartest whore I have ever met jane ,thank you for lowering yourself to educate us .

      • kayla

        jack has a small penis- thats why he resorts to sexual name calling

        • Meyer Lansky

          Jane: Well isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black. Grow up.

          • Meyer Lansky

            Edit: I meant Kayla, not Jane.

      • Petal

        Did you actually say that, Jack, and if so, why?

      • Petal

        Was that really necessary, Jack?

  • sean

    Demi should stop clinging to what obviously doesnt want here they have no kids and should stop making an ass of herself. no matter how well she keeps herself she was too old for him to begin with and she just looks so painfully desperate. people change feelings change ,.move forward with dignity ,.your good name is all your truly have in life,.ruin it by acting like a knob gobbler and you have nothing ,..she made money he made money ,.move on everyone take their own and go already,..shes justa spoiler,.mila and ashton are better for each other,..demi should find a man her own age and live respectably ,..

  • Hmm

    Why in the world does Demi Moore need $25 million from Ashton. The woman is crazy yes, but she also is more than capable of earning her own money. He never held back her career.

    Such greedy women out there. Greedy greedy women.

  • Petal

    Demi must be full to her hairline with spite.
    Why else would she behave this way, without dignity, good manners or, apparently, the ability to see that she’s making a fool of herself? If Ashton did give her the money, that would shut her up; he can move on and she can afford as much Botox, filler and cosmetic surgery as she wants. “He left me; he’s gonna pay” – it’s just not an attractive scene, Demi; grow up.

  • http://yahoo Joyce

    I think Demi Moore is a selfish individual. She married a child compared to herself. Let him go and have a life so he can have children with someone who is young enough to still have them. She had her life with Bruce Willis and they had their children together. Give Ashton the same honor and glory that you had. Oh! by the way Demi stick to people your own age and maybe your relationships will work.
    Face reality that your getting old.

  • Joe

    Kaballah is NOT a Faith. It’s a sect of “new age mystics” who leech off the Jewish Faith.

  • patricia

    I think it is ALL Too MUCH DRAMA!! Demi get a LIFE~! When you choose to
    date a Boy NOT much older than your own daughters, What do you expect?
    We all knew it would not last, Especially when her age caught up to her!
    Made your bed,now you got to lay in it… Let it go Move on!!

  • sarah

    There is NO SUCH THING as “the Kabbalah faith!” Kabbalah is the inner dimension of the Torah. The Torah was given to the Jewish people. There is a Jewish faith, not a “Kabbalah faith”!!!!!

  • jaybird369

    This is getting truly ridiculous!!!!! I can clearly see why Mila is getting fed up with BOTH Ashton and Demi and all of their divorce drama. To me, Ashton is nothing but an overrated and untalented has-been moron who is just dragging his feet (or whatever) in the divorce drama because he doesn’t wanna give Demi that $25 million. Ashton is nothing but a punk-ass PLAYA who is just using Mila and stringing her along. Mila deserves better…WAY BETTER!!!!!

  • Jill

    I’m not sure what’s sadder…this ridiculous situation or the fact that any of us (myself included) bother to comment on it. We really need to stop paying so much attention to celebrities. There are bigger fish to fry, people.

  • http://yahoo denise

    They do look good together. Mila has turned into a good actress, Ashton on the other hand is no Charlie.