Mila Kunis Prepares For Baby By Staying Active


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Mila Kunis will be giving birth to her daughter soon and while most expectant mothers are resting up the days before delivery, Kunis is trying to stay active and doing yoga as often as she can.

Kunis was spotted having lunch with Kutcher and some of their close friends at L.A.'s Republique restaurant last Saturday and the couple has been seen running errands and attending yoga classes together.

Earlier this week the couple was also seen car shopping at a Lexus dealership, likely looking for a larger vehicle to accommodate their growing family.

A source who spotted the couple out and about together said that Mila looks happy and healthy.

"She looked just great," the onlooker told Us Weekly.

Some people are concerned that Kunis is doing too much running around and needs to be home and resting up for the birth of the baby.

A source close to Kunis and Kutcher said that the doctor is aware of Mila's activity level and is fine with it as long as she is not uncomfortable.

"The yoga and staying active at this level in the pregnancy was also something that was discussed [with the doctor]," a source told Us. "She could give birth any day now, but they talk with their doctor often and there is a constant communication so everyone knows where they are at."

The source also said that Ashton is more than ready for the baby to make her appearance and has everything planned out in terms of the delivery and making it to the hospital when Mila goes into labor.

"Ashton is an efficiency expert," the source added. "He's planned his route to the hospital and the baby bag is packed and ready at this point."

Ready or not the couple's new baby girl will be arriving soon. Hopefully the couple can get all of their errands done soon and Mila will be able to rest a little before she delivers her daughter.