Middleton Gold Digger Video is Tasteless and Boring

    July 2, 2012
    Chris Gabbard
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This Chinese tourism video imagines that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, only married Prince William for the money. The video was created by the Chengu Association for Cultural Exchange with Foreign Countries to promote Panda Cabs in the city of Chengu.

Kate, Prince William, and Queen Elizabeth II (played by Colette Mularkey, Simon Watkinson, and Amanda Bellamy) stand out in the rain in London. William and Queen Elizabeth are trying to hail a cab while gold digger Kate Middleton complains that she didn’t marry into the royal family to be taking taxi cabs.

The video is being taken down all over the internet, so if the video above doesn’t work you can check it out here at the Daily Mail.

Middleton: “I just don’t understand why we cannot take the royal limo. I didn’t marry into royalty to schlep around in a taxi.”

William: “But darling, granny is right. The commoners want to see us tightening our belts and all that.”

Middleton: “Rubbish, people want to see that they can be like us if they just work hard.”

Queen: ”Like you did?”

It is anyone’s guess as to what the city of Chengdu’s cab service has to do with the British Royal family. Normally this kind of thing would be done as just an off the wall comedy sketch for a commercial, but this one is not funny in the least. The lines are delivered so poorly, that it’s hard to even spot the jokes. The actors certainly look like their counterparts, but that is the extent of their usefulness.

The video has seen a lot of criticism in England. Writer Keith Harrison is quoted in the Daily Mail as saying “Hmm, the same nation that believes dried, ground tiger penis to be a medicine has the right to ridicule our monarchy?” If it had been done its job well, and made people laugh, perhaps Britons would have accepted the commercial as light hearted ribbing of their royal family. But it didn’t, and the commercial comes off as an over critical and tasteless jab against the monarchs.

  • Jeffrey Stafford

    Love it, nor would it surprise me.His father only married Di Spencer to bring new blood into the family. Afterward she was surplus to requirements and cast aside. That’s how the Royal family works.

  • kathleen

    This is old world Marxist disinformation….pathological envy. How many millions of ‘gold diggers’ of its own people did Communist China exterminate?

    We hear about the Holocaust victims but nothing about the millions of intelligent and hardworking people the Soviet Union and China who were slaughtered.

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  • Ali

    I don’t see what’s so wrong with it. Everything this video says is probably true of her anyway. She’s only in the family for the publicity anyway.

  • Alex

    It is funny and it is true, you can see right through that cruel and twisted grin Kate has – if William were a plumber or teacher she would have never given him a second look. That monarchy is a sham, bunch of inbred well-dressed welfare recipients. They do not perform any official governmental functions, yet the people contniue to pay a tax to keep them living in the lap of luxury, its the biggest scam going!

  • maria.yanez@mail.com

    video is right on point!! Kate is sadly just a commoner as are her parents. The genes and breeding are just not there. Sad that the royal family with their traditions and great history would be polluted in this way as after all any “heirs” Kate produces, may as well be just another person on the street. Kate DoLittle is the ultimate social climber; she has bagged William and now feels like a true aristocrat; actually feel sorry for William as I feel he’s actually a really great guy that’s been taken advantage of and actually feel bad for the Queen who has worked so hard to bring some respectability to the Monarchy.

    • Carol

      Maria, are you serious? The Queen worked so hard to bring respectability to the Monoarchy by allowing Charles to marry Muttface? And what about Fergy and her twit daughters? Kate may be a Commoner but she was far from poor….her family runs a multi-million dollar business and has for YEARS, long before Kate and William even met. She could have continued to live a priviledged life without William…..and without the publicity and invasion into her privacy. She’s classy and just as Diana did decades ago is breathing some young fresh air into the stodgy Monarchy, including William who was becoming quite boring like his father until Kate lit up his life. Better Kate than some of the trash that Wills younger brother is dating!

    • linda

      Hmmm do you have mucho bucks and wear a different outfit everyday with a beautiful hat to boot? Ohh…you must not work either..just sit on your dead ass everyday collecting the bucks/legal or illegal coming in. Go to hell Maria.

  • Sherry

    It is a shame that we can not leave people alone. Even if they are rich or poor. This is a couple that love each other very much. Maybe if we left Princess Diana alone, she might still be alive.

  • hard

    Chinese are filthy people. I watch them doing thier laundry on the shower floors of my gym all the time. Gross people.

  • Philip

    Its only too funny that a chinese company makes a commercial about gold diggers. There is not a chinese person alive that would sell their soul for $10 dollars. China and its people are nothing more than liars, theives, and crooks

  • Dennis

    It’s a funny video Whats the big deal.They are rich and they probably wouldn’t take a cab and they made this video kind of with a joking situation. Why don’t people have a sense of humor.

  • Ellen

    I don’t know why I continue to read all this trash these pseudo-intellects submit….most of them are laughable!!!

  • linda

    Why do people keep bashing these two? Let them alone. To mock these two individuals is disgusting. I’m sure if you asked either one of them for food for a month, it would be on your table. They are down to earth and Diana would be so proud. She taught her sons that others in the world are not as wealthy as they were. Diana did her best and it is showing. I admire Kate and William.

    • manuel

      Agree! Why can’t these stupid Chinese mind their own business?

  • linda

    Maybe he should have married a drug dealer mom with about 10 kids with different fathers and 300 pounds. OHHH and welfare to boot. Yeah…every man looks for these broads.

    YUKKKKKKK…don’t think any of you little tikes think he was ready for any of you. Maybe if you had a PhD and were able to comunicate with anyone.

  • Jenn

    Stupid Chinese!

  • Jen

    WOW! The video is not that bad, but it is disrespectful to the Duchess. I think everyone has good points in their reviews but the fact is, if William loves her then why should it matter what we think. I do believe they should start showing a little more affection in public because they are starting to look unhappy as a couple when you see them in public. I know there are rules and what not about that stuff but they are young and in love and that’s what will keep the people interested and not down her back all the time about being a gold digger or more attracted to Harry! LOL. Even though Harry is a doll and it would be hard not to be attracted!! Give the girl some slack I think she is a respectable young lady who has done nothing this far do deserve some of the things she’s been blasted for. I would rather see her on the Throne with William than some of the other members of the royal family. lONG LIVE THE QUEEN, WILLIAM AND KATE!!!

  • seni

    actually, when Kate married William, i was worried about her middle class family who were left in an insecure environment. The Royal family could have provided them a more secure place to live where they can get good protection as well. I hope people will think of the security and not the money.