Middle-School Principal Charged in Locker Room Recording

By: WebProNews Staff - July 6, 2012

A principal charged with encouraging her daughter to secretly videotape conversations inside a high school locker room could face up to 20 years in prison and a $20,000 if convicted of the crime. Wendee Long, principal of Wayside Middle School in Fort Worth, Texas, turned herself over to authorities on Monday. She was soon released after posting a $25,000 bond, according to MSNBC.

The charges stem from Long’s suggestion that her daughter hide a cell phone in a locker room during an away game to record the actions of her basketball coach, who is rumored to be excessively hard on the team. Although Long’s daughter was in the room at the time of the alleged recording, the incident is still considered to be the same as wiretapping. In addition to the investigation by Forth Worth authorities, school officials intend to look into the incident, as well.

Although such recordings are considered illegal, the principal’s attorney seemed to be genuinely shocked by the charged levied against Long. “Wendee and I are both surprised and disappointed at the actions of the Denton County Grand Jury last week,” Long’s lawyer said in a statement on Tuesday. “Wendee maintains, and I agree, that she has not violated any law. We do not believe anything has taken place that should involve the justice system. However, now that we find ourselves in the system we are confident that Wendee will be cleared of any wrong doing.”

Given that Long has been the principal at Wayside Middle School for over five years, you’d think she would realize this sort of behavior would reflect negatively on her as both a mother and a school official. The fact that she seems to stand behind her actions is a little peculiar, particularly when she’s had plenty of experience working behind-the-scenes within the public school system. I’m definitely curious to see how this story unfolds.

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  • http://plutocrazy.info Len

    I don’t condone the actions of this person or anyone video recording the goings on in a away game locker room. However, the article is one sided. Why did she feel it necessary to walk the line of legality and record the actions of the coach? I suspect the alleged harshness mentioned goes beyond simply being a hardass coach for a school principle to go to this length.

    • Ed

      The coach is her Lesbian Lover. That’s why.

  • Pastblaster

    Evidently jealous of Florida’s idiotic justice system (See George Zimmerman), these people are trying to steal Florida’s thunder by creating this insane charge against this woman. Every teacher, coach or mentor of our children should be held accountable when they are using abusive methods to accomplish their goals. To not only not condemn their abuse but instead validate it via the courts will only lead to these bullies getting worse. Give the principal a medal, fire the coach and drop this ridiculous charge.

  • mznash

    I have always had the understanding that as long as a person in the party being recorded is aware, then it IS legal. Example: if I place a recorder in a room and walk out – that’s illegal. If I am in the room recording a conversation – that is legal. Unless the law is different in Texas, she didn’t do anything illegal.

    • Ed

      She never told the girls she was recording. Where did you read that? In the Republican play book? “I thought I told them” wow.

  • http://N/A Ken Hissner

    Everything was mentioned in this story but what the results were of the taping that brought this about. Strange isn’t it?

  • Britt F.

    I am glad that everyone has an opinion on this. There is a difference between being stern and verbal abuse. How many teenagers do you think have committed suicide over verbal abuse. You want to blame a concerned mother and all that was done was take a recording to see if there was anything going on. Hey to all you idiots out there who feel this was wrong I have 2 words for you……….. !!!!!!!PENN STATE!!!!!!!

    • V-Gurl

      I agree 100 percent.

  • School Counselor

    I think that if it said AUDIO rather than Video tape, this would be a different story. What kind of perv has her kid videotape underage girls in a locker room? If she had concerns about this coach being inappropriate, she needs to contact child protective services. If it’s just about a coach being “too harsh,” (ie, not abuse), she can interview kids and find out if she needs to take action. She’s wrong here. Legally and ethically wrong.

  • TJ

    Hey-At least she identified a problem and tried to do something about it. I have no problem with her doing what she did. As long as her reasoning is on the level, as a parent, I’d absolutely support her actions.

  • V-Gurl

    Oh,please,give me a break. She should have recorded, if it had been reported to the proper officials, nothing would have happened because one thing about the school system is they only care about their images as a whole and there porter would have been looked as a trouble maker. Now that you know what was goin on, what will happen to this coach. Sometimes you need that concrete evidence to prove what actually went on. People are so stuck on stupid these days, I agree !!!!!!Penn State!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo Linda

    ummm…why just away games??? Couldn’t she have just hung out in the locker room with the team and traveled along if she thought there was really a problem? Or, was she too busy? I’m sure she has time now…

  • Ed

    Look at the pic….The face of a true tea partier…Fun times…..

  • laethyn

    So long as it wasn’t an attempt at video recordings .. meh. She was trying to put a stop to a heavy-handed coach.

    I’m guessing said coach is going on her merry way, continuing to be overly hard on her team.

  • Ivwhy

    I understand that some injustice have been done. Did anybody in the room know they were being taped. If the Principal had gone in the lockerroom then the coach would have been on her best behavior so some hard evidence had to be obtained. Now comes the question how should that evidence be obtained. The mother and daughter use a phone with video capabilities. Which comes back to the legalities. Is it leagle to take pictures or videos of young girls in a lockerroom. what happen to the video, who gets to keep it? How do we know it wasn’t forward to some of the girls friends and will end up on youtube, tweeter or facebook or something like that. This is a loose/win situation but I think that everybody looses in the end.